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What Are Some Good Common Cold Remedies?

I've been sick for the past two days with a nasty cold. I really don't want to miss school. I know there are no cures for the common cold. Duh. But does anyone know some good remedies to help ease my sneezing, watery eyes, and nose blowing? The reason i ask is because NyQuil and DayQuil have never really had any effect on me! I really want some relief!

There are quite few. Depends on what exactly bothers you...adequate sleep is crucial, garlic, honey ..added to your diet. Read in: God's Medicine Is Best (herbs, vitamins and minerals) by Linda Wise.  (+ info)

How to cure a severe common cold?

My snowman has a common cold. His throat is soar, he coughs, he is feverish. Unfortunately, all the treatments include drinking hot liquids, which is not acceptable, because he can melt. He suffers agonies. What should I do?

Oh no! Haha. Then get him Zicam... the gel that you can squirt up his nose. You will have to give it to him a few times a day but it will definitely help with the symptoms and he should be feeling better in no time. Ha. :)  (+ info)

How do you stop yourself from getting a common cold?

Since Monday I have been suffering from a sore throat and I have a feeling that I might be developing a common cold but is there a way how I can stop my sore throat turning into a common cold.

For your sore throat - gargle with mouthwash or a warm salt water solution. Repeat as much as possible throughout the day. And no matter how uncomfortable it gets, gargle like it would save your life.

Ive also heard that sculling coca cola helps (well it helps a few of my friends) but I don't think it is a method condoned by doctors.

Try drinking more liquids (water, pure orange juice and hot tea with honey, lemon, and or ginger). Try eating less processed foods and less sugary foods so boost your immune system. A multivitamin will also work a treat.

I always start taking cold and flu medicine at the first sign of a sore throat. And i try to take as much zinc, eccenacia and vitamin c. This article will also help http://maxloh-something2share.blogspot.com/2008/08/how-to-prevent-sore-throat-from.html

Good luck! Hope your feeling better soon!  (+ info)

After a common cold how long does it take for your blood range to go back to normal?

I think you get more white blood cells or something like that because your system is fighting against the virus, so it alters your blood range. When you are better after a common cold how long does it take for your blood ranges to go back to normal?
Any info will be very helpful.

Changes that occur with a simple viral cold are usually so minor that they seldom push the white count outside the normal range.  (+ info)

How would I give myself the common cold?

I'm supposed to go somewhere out of town this Saturday, but I really don't want to visit that relative. I wan't to give myself the common cold so I can skip the visit and miss a day or two of the final days of school.

  (+ info)

How fast can you gEt sick with the common cold?

Today I was with my friend that was sick with the common cold and now a few hours later I'm starting to get sick. Is it normal for the cold to infect my system this early?

yeah a few hours after you come into contact with the virus symptoms appear, however with influenza it could be days.  (+ info)

What is the best way to deal with a common cold?

I hate colds, I have one right now, I mean what can I do to get over it faster, and maybe whatever I can do to make my time having a cold less suffering like, and maybe how to not get sick with a common cold anymore.

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How does getting wet in the rain or exposure to dust cause you to catch a common cold?

Common cold is caused by a virus. How does rain and dust cause you to catch a cold?? I have personally experienced this and found it to be true.

It doesn't. That's a myth.

Dust can cause short term symptoms that seem like a cold, because many of the symptoms of the cold are really your immune system's reaction to the cold. Sometimes your body thinks the dusts is cold viruses, and tries to get rid of it in the same way.

Some people claim if you are out in the cold it can weaken your immune system slightly.  (+ info)

What are myths about the common cold?

I read about so many "cures" for the common cold. I've read that there really isn't a real cure but there are remedies and things you can do that actually speed up and help you get over your cold faster. Is this true or do you just have to let it run its course and suffer through it?

I think if you pamper yourself for a day or so you get over it faster.

Did you know that by the time you have symptoms, you are no longer infectious? In other words, the person on the train sneezing all over you can't give you their cold any more. Strange, but true.  (+ info)

If i have a common cold would it be ok to go see my girlfriend and her child?

I started filling it on Saturday night. I was with her Saturday and Sunday and with her and child on Monday. It is going to be Thursday tomorrow and i am suppose to go see them. I was wondering if anyone knows the chances of her getting it. Even more important the chances of a 4 month old child getting it. I really don't want either one of them sick but want to see them very much. It is probably just the common cold. Slight cough, running nose, and soar throat.

This is the time of year where everyone gets sick. I work @ a callcenter for Roadside Assistance and it's horrible. One person gets sick, it then plays out like the domino effect.

Becareful getting near a 4 month old. The immune system of a child isn't quite as stable as ours.

Get the cough and sore throat under control - then go and visit.  (+ info)

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