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Getting tattooed while down with a common cold?

So, this upcoming saturday I'm planning on doing the outline of a tattoo that will cover 1/3 of my left arm and I was wondering if there would be any noticeable changes you could experience if you have the common cold while getting tattooed?

It is nothing serious, just a runny nose, slightly fatigued and a very mild fever.

It's best to wait. Don't take your infectious germs to the shop, and potentially contaminate everyone there. Whether you sneeze or cough, and forget to cover your mouth, you could spread nasty germs. No matter how well we clean our shops, we can't fight against clients who come in sick. If you cough or sneeze while being tattooed, causing your arm to jerk, the lines may get messed up, and the artist would have no liability since you will be signing a consent/release form. No offense, but it's rather offensive to think you'll go in to an otherwise sterile environment and possibly spread your germs. I won't tattoo people if they have a cold or flu, and it's a question on my consent forms. Just wait, common colds last 7-10 days. Call in and reschedule, your artist will appreciate that you did.  (+ info)

What does Eastern medicine say about curing a common cold?

Yes, I have a cold, and I'm doing everything Western medicine says may help - over-the-counter medicines, lots of fluids, and alternative treatments like vitamin C, chicken soup, echinacea , and zinc (though the Mayo Clinic website isn't very positive about those alternative treatments).

I'm curious if Eastern medicine - or just any non-Western medicine - has any other suggestions about curing a common cold?

Yes, however, the terminology is not the same.
What it says is the lack of wei qi or defensive energy which is responsible for the immune system. It is believed that external pathogen influences of cold and wind on a weakened system can result in catching a cold.

First approach is to use Yin Qiao or Gan Mao Ling. There are other products such as Shuang Huan Lian that can help. However, the real benefit is the ability to strengthen immune system through systematic (including diet, exercise, meditation, acupuncture, massage, and herbs) to balance and nourish your body.   (+ info)

What is a common cause of the common cold?

my puppy is really sick and my parents say that its the common cold. i dont know if puppies can get that... but what are some causes cause my puppy has been sick for a few months now.

Dogs can be susceptible to the rhinoviruses as well, though they aren't the same ones that make us sick.  (+ info)

Can taking a good dose of Vitamin C when out in cold weather, help you avoid getting the common cold?

I am just really curious if this can help. From what i have heard, being in cold weather lowers down your immune system, making you more susceptible to getting viruses such as the common cold. ...So does taking Vitamin C when you are out in the cold, lowers the chances of getting the common cold or anything similar?

There is no scientific or clinical basis to indicate that this will work. Some research shows that cold weather itself cannot give you a cold. It is more likely that the common cold is viral in nature and is spread by contact (either physical or airborne).

Taking vitamin C, while good for you, will not have much if any bearing on staving off a cold. Antibiotics may have more benefit.  (+ info)

Can you transfer a common cold through sperm?

Sperm, is a bodily fluid correct? Can that transfer your common cold to your partner?

I'm not sure that'd be so easy to determine. If you were in that close of proximity to someone, they may catch it from your lips or your breath or your cough.

I'm going to go out on a limb and make a guess.
Cause ya can't catch a cold from #1 or #2 or sweat... that I know of. O.o  (+ info)

How come there is no cure for the common cold? If there is, why is there only medicine for the symptoms?

Everyone gets the common cold at least once in their life, but why no cure? Theres a cure for fevers and coughs.

There are hundreds of variations of the common cold. Most are caused by a virus, and there are no cures for viruses (just like HIV)
Therefore, you can only do palliative treatment, treat the symptoms of the cold. Tylenol or Advil for fever and aches, Robitussin for coughs, Sudafed for nasal congestion, etc.
Plus, the viruses can mutate and cause new strains of the same virus. You will never get the exact same cold more than once in your lifetime, unless you have problems with your immune system. Your body builds immunities to colds/viruses when you get sick, and then the next time that virus gets into your body, your white blood cells have a memory of how to prevent it from making you ill.  (+ info)

How do I know if I have a common cold or allergies?

I have never had allergies before in my life. However i know you can randomly start having symptoms at any point in life. So How do I know I have developed an allergy or just simply have the common cold?

It's an allergy if your nasal mucus is clear. It's a cold if your nasal mucus is yellow. If your mucus is green then that can mean you have a sinus infection.   (+ info)

Is it common to come down with a cold in the weeks before labour?

I feel fine at 37.5 weeks, but it seems a lot of friends around me who've had babies seem to come down with a cold/flu just before labour.
Anyone experienced this? Do you know if it's common?

no hun. its just the cold season. not pregnancy related. however we pregnant ladies do tend to pick up colds and other bugs easier at any stage of pregnancy as our bodys are sooo busy that our immune systems suffer a bit!.  (+ info)

Is the swine flu vaccine effective on teenagers who are caught the common cold?

see i got the vaccine today with my sibling, but he's got the common cold. does the vaccine still work? is it still effective?

the cold is a different type of virus from influenza, so the vaccine only protects versus the particular strain of h1n1. Even against other flu strains it does not have any significant effect.  (+ info)

Is it possible for the common cold to last for a month?

Is it possible for the common cold to last for a month, or longer?

No, it's not. 10-14 days max.  (+ info)

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