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Anyone else with CVID(Common Variable Immunodeficiency)?

Just wondering, because i have it. I was diagnosed about a year ago and I'm on IVIG treatments once a month. They seem to be helping but i still get sick a lot. But i also have really bad asthma and allergies. So sometimes It's hard to tell if I'm getting an infection or if it's just asthma. I usually dont have a fever which makes me think its asthma. So is there anybody else out there with CVID and what has helped you guys?

CVID is prevalent in approximately 1 case per 50,000 population in the US and fortunately I'm not one. Here's some info for you: http://www.emedicine.com/derm/topic870.htm

Hope you're feeling better.  (+ info)

Identify and describe three of the more common opportunistic infections related to acquired immunodeficiency?


1.Thrush is an oral yeast infection.
2.Karposi's Sarcoma is a cancer most commonly found in middle aged Mediterranean men. It consists of skin eruptions & sores.
3.Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) caused by the jiroveci fungus. It is among the most serious of the opportunistic diseases. Most peoples' immune systems protect them from getting PCP.  (+ info)

Anyone know of Primary Immunodeficiency or Common Variety Immunodeficiency?

what can you tell me?

Primary immunodeficiencies include a variety of disorders that render patients more susceptible to infections. If left untreated, these infections may be fatal. The disorders constitute a spectrum of more than 80 innate defects in the body's immune system. Primary immunodeficiencies generally are considered to be relatively uncommon. There may be as many as 500,000 cases in the United States, of which about 50,000 cases are diagnosed each year. Common primary immunodeficiencies include disorders of humoral immunity (affecting B-cell differentiation or antibody production), T-cell defects and combined B- and T-cell defects, phagocytic disorders, and complement deficiencies. Major indications of these disorders include multiple infections despite aggressive treatment, infections with unusual or opportunistic organisms, failure to thrive or poor growth, and a positive family history. Early recognition and diagnosis can alter the course of primary immunodeficiencies significantly and have a positive effect on patient outcome.  (+ info)

Out of 100 people, About how many Have CVID (Common Variable Immune Deficiency), Like I do?

I have CVID and have to get monthly gamma globulin infusions, in fact, I am having one right now. I was just wondering how many people out of 100 have CVID? I know I am one of them.

One in 50,000 to 200,000.  (+ info)

Select the correct statement about immunodeficiency?

A.Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) disease is an acquired condition.
B.The causative agent in acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a virus that recognizes CD4 proteins.
C.Hodgkin's disease is a hereditary immunodeficiency found in children.
D.The most common form of immunodeficiency is graft versus host (GVH) disease.

SCID is a condition that people are born with
Hodgkin's lymphoma is a cancer (not directly inherited, only the proto onco genes are)
GHV is not the most common form of immunodefiency  (+ info)


Are people who suffer from this more susceptible to greater issues with infections, etc., as well as a greater risk of being infected? Does having a cold and then, for example, being exposed to staph or e. coli make the danger worse? If the person has a natural deficiency, how early is the problem identified?

  (+ info)

How common are thyroid or other metabolism slowing disorders?

Everytime I read articles about weight/obesity in America many of the posters indicate how common these disorders are. I'm just truly curious how common is common. Do 1 in 100 suffer from these types of problems or is it more like 1 in 1000? Are there other medical conditions that cause weight gain?

Hi from Mr J. Yes they are very inportant to are body, because they play a inportant roll in ower live hormons, that comtrols the cortazone that make as get fat by have a lot of it, or thin if we have very little in ower body, so see your Dr to ask for help.  (+ info)

What's the difference between the playtex nipples variable and fast flow?

I have a five month old and who uses the medium flow nipples for playtex. She seems to not want to eat after drinking a few ounces and i'm thinking about getting a faster nipple flow. i know the variable one is for added cereal but i'm using just plain formula. i heard that the baby determines how much she wants for that one. i'm just wondering which one i should get. if the variable one is better for her?

I've seen 2 types of "Y" cut nipples for playtex bottles...I haven't figured out the difference other than the packaging though...one says "Variable" and the other says "Cereal"...either way, we use the one that says "Variable" with formula bottles...we use the drop-ins and I found out that the bag doesn't keep air out with the others...so that's why we use the variable...its basically a solid tip nipple...we haven't had any problems at all with it and if he starts dozing off during a bottle I know the speed of the nipple is still working for him b/c it all depends on how hard he sucks on the nipple...  (+ info)

How common is it to be sexually aroused by fainting or unconsciousness?

Some people are turned on by the thought of putting their partners in sleeper holds or inducing unconsciousness on them with the common "pass out game", or are sexually aroused by themselves losing consciousness. How common is this fetish?
I guess I haven't clarified my question very well. I am not asking for dangers. I am not asking for risks. I am not asking for warnings or advice. I'm asking how common such a sexual fetish is.
Maybe I could have received more desirable answers by leaving the "Pass out game" out of the question.

This is not very common but you can look this up in Google under paraphilias or sexual deviations. It is one of the most dangerous obsessions that a teen can buy into and is known locally as "the choking game". Several young people have died in our area from getting addicted to the"rush" that they think they get from choking themselves or others unconscious.  (+ info)

How common are blonde hair and brown eyes together?

Yesterday someone said they thought it was cool that I have blonde hair and brown eyes because it's really unusual. I think it's kind of common though.... So how common is (natural) blonde hair and brown eyes together? Why are some pairs more unique than others, like blue eyes and brown hair? Like isn't there some scientific reasons? My mom has blonde hair and blue eyes, my dad has brown hair brown eyes.
Also, what are your personal opinions on blonde hair and brown eyes? I find them pretty boring.

you should read this blog about it,
there are many answers there.

yes, it says something about purses at the top but just keep scrolling.

& it's odd that you got blonde hair because brown is dominant. and i think it's pretty cool - seeing how your genes are. my hair was blonde and i have blue eyes but my hair gets darker every year just like my mom's did. and i got blue eyes - but my mom had hazel brown.  (+ info)

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