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How common is it to get pregnant because of a cyst on your ovaries?

How common is it? I havent had my period for 3 months.

because of s cyst? impossible. with a cyst, likely. take a test.  (+ info)

What common stores have colored contacts i can buy without prescriptions?

What i mean by common stores is stores like target or wall mart, and what i mean by without prescription if you don't know (just in case) is where it doesn't work like normal contacts, so i would just be able to buy it then and there and not have to wait for it to be delivered.

Only optical stores or optometry offices are legally allowed to sell contacts, and they all require a prescription.

Many Walmart stores have an optical department in them...but have to follow the same laws...contacts are sold only by prescription.  (+ info)

How common is it for someone to require medical treatment for various objects stuck up their anus?

Would the doctors laugh at you or is it a more common occurrence.

If they laughed at you, they'd be fired. It's shockingly more common than you'd think, based on the number of people leaving their "symptoms" field blank and then choosing to walk around my waiting room rather than sit down.  (+ info)

How common is it to have an abnormal pap 6 mths following a colposcopy?

The colposcopy followed an abnormal pap and then an hpv test. The results of the hpv test concluded a high-risk type of hpv was detected. The colposcopy concluded mild dysplasia. The first pap following the colpo was abnormal still. I wondered how common that was only 6 mths after a colpo.

Usually it can take up to (or more than) 2 years for a pap smear to come back with normal results. Till then, make sure you continue to see your doctor every 3-4 months until instructed otherwise. This is VERY important because if cervical cancer develops and is diagnosed early on, the survival rate is extremely high.  (+ info)

How common is it to be allergic to both Bactrim and Amoxicillin?

These are the only antibiotics I have ever taken and I have been severely allergic to both. How common is that?

The most common agent in antibiotic class with embedded risk of hypersensitivity reactions are penicilins, like amoxycillin; the sulfas are following, like sulfametoxazol, main component of Bactrim(R). In fact, in all population hypersensitivity adverse event is very rare, for penicilinc is only 1 in 100.000 prescriptions. But, make sure that you are allergic to both or just one of them.  (+ info)

Which common household items would be the best thermal insulators to keep food cold?

I want to keep frozen meat cold without a cooler. Bubble wrap has been suggested to me, but I don't have any. What else could I use that would provide the best insulation?

I have tin foil, freezer bags, wax paper, plastic wrap, newspaper, and various other common items.


Hi. The thing to remember is, it isn't the material that you are wrapping around the meat that keeps it cold, it is the layers of air that you trap. The more layers of air the longer it will last.
Lots of layers of newspaper are best but you need a layer of something clean and waterproof between the newspaper and the meat.
Once you have wrapped the meat in newspaper put the wrapped parcel in a plastic carrier bag or bin-bag and tie the handles to make an airtight sack. This will keep your parcel clean and tidy and will stop condensation forming in the outer layers of paper.
The colder the meat is to start with the longer it will take to thaw so freeze it at your lowest setting. Including some frozen cool packs inside the newspaper will help considerably.  (+ info)

How common is it to fracture your tailbone during labor?

This woman I know gave birth about two weeks ago, and she fractured her tailbone during labor. She is trying to get a lawsuit on the hospital, which I think is dumb. Is it common to fracture your tailbone during labor? Can having an epidural increase your chances? And is it a body thing, or can it really be the delivering doctor's fault that her tailbone is fractured?

I've only heard of one other case - I don't think it's that rare. Since doctors don't have a 100% way of knowing the baby's size or in what position it can come out (some babies can turn right at the end or come out with a hand beside their face, like my little girl did) it's impossible to make sure nothing at all goes wrong during labour. I doubt she'll win her case!  (+ info)

How common is it to be allergic to nickel?

I'm allergic to nickel. Not majorly I just get nasty reactions around my earlobe if my earring hooks are nickel. Is this common?

Very common. I'm allergic to it also. I've always had to tape my jeans where the back of the button touches your jeans and stuff like that.  (+ info)

What is the most common length of jewelry for a healed monroe piercing?

I want to buy jewelry for a healed monroe piercing on Ebay and most lengths of the shaft I see are 10 mm. Is this a common length or is a shorter length usually required? I know not everyone needs the same size, but generally what is the most common length, or what do you have?

Yes, this is the common length.  (+ info)

How common is Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis in patients who have never worn contacts?

I was diagnosed with Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis a week and a half ago. Symptoms began a couple weeks before that. I have never ever worn contact lenses. I'm just wondering how common this is among non-contact-wearers?

A similar condition can be seen in severe atopic conjunctivitis.
GPC is a reaction to protein deposits on foreign objects on the eye. Besides soft lenses, rigid lenses and hard lenses one can see it from prosthetic eyes ("glass eyes"-really plastic) and foreign bodies such as sutures following eye surgery.
Another possibility is you were misdiagnosed when in fact you might have an infectious conjunctivitis with a lot of lid conjunctival reaction.  (+ info)

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