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How common is it for young children to be diagnosed with hyperthyroidism?

My son just turned 5 yrs. old. He was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. We will be seeing a specialist. How common is it for young children to be diagnosed with it and how do the doctors treat it? I need more info.! Please don't answer unless you know anything about it. Thanks!

Thank you for the question. And a very good question, if I may add.

I'm an internist by training, which means that I care only for adult patients. But, I can tell you with confidence that hyperthyroidism is rare in children. When I I did my pediatrics training in medical school (many years ago), I neither saw nor heard of a case.

However, with that said, the most common cause, statistically, of hyperthyroidism in both adults and children is Graves' disease -- more so in children. Another cause of hyperthryoidism in children could be what is callled a "self-limited" or temporary form of the disease called a "thyroiditis", which is usually caused by a viral infection.

If I may ask, has your son's pediatrician mentioned Graves' disease? Did your son undergo a test called an "thyroid uptake" scan? What have been your son's symptoms?

The underlying cause of the hyperthyroidism ultimately determines what treatment will be needed. If your son has Graves' disease, then treatment with so-called anti-thyroid medications to "cool off" the thyroid gland can be used. Other options include radioactive destruction of the thyroid gland or surgical removal of the gland. On the other hand, if your son has thyroiditis, then use of medications such a "beta-blocker" to temporarily control symptoms may be all that is needed.

Overall, though, your son's prognosis is good.  (+ info)

How common is it for an epidural to not work properly?

I am definitely getting an epidural when the big day comes, but I've heard a lot of stories of epidurals not doing their job! How common is that & what are some reasons it happens?

According to my doctor, 1 out of 100 women will experience a mild side effect or minor complication. Chances of serious side effects or major complications are about 3 in 1000. Some problems such as a headache or back pain occur when the anesthesiologist doesn't place the epidural in exactly the right spot. Other issues, such as a drop in Mom's blood pressure that causes a drop in Baby's heartrate, are not caused by an error and are impossible to predict.

The reason you hear so many horror stories is that people who have a nice, easy time with a procedure are not as likely to tell their stories as those few who have problems.  (+ info)

How common is it to have a negative test and be pregnant?

I have probably the most normal cycle ever, it comes every 28 days, and it has been like that for the past 3 years. I was suposed to start my period Sunday, the 21, and I still haven't started. I've taken two tests and both came up negative.
I'm not under any unusual stress, and i get a lot of sleep and seem to need more. Is it common for this to happen?
Would taking a blood test be a good choice if i still dont start?

I would definitely ask for a quantitative blood test. That will tell you the number off HCG in your blood and tell you if you are pregnant. It is entirely possible to get negatives HPT's and still be preg. If you still haven't started by Mon, I would call the doc and ask to be tested. But be specific on the test,b/c if not they will just give you the regular test which is like a HPT. Good luck!  (+ info)

How common is it to get the skin disease vitiligo?

I have a very distant cousin who has it, and I'm wondering if it's genetic. Also, is this a rare disease, or is it actually very common and just not talked about? I'm African American and proud of my color, so naturally, I don't want to lose it. Not to mention the cost of treatments, and the possible need to bleach my skin to even everything out. I know it's silly, but I'm nervous about it. Does anyone have any information?

1% of the world's population gets this disease so I think it is rarer than other auto immune diseases.but here is a link that may help you understand.
http://www.ask.com/bar?q=vitiligo+skin+disorder&page=1&qsrc=178&ab=2&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.aocd.org%2Fskin%2Fdermatologic_diseases%2Fvitiligo.html  (+ info)

Is it common for people taking prozac or other anti-depressant drugs to make inappropriate comments?

The people I've known who are on prozac frequently make inappropriate comments, sometimes offensive comments, without even knowing they are doing it. The inappropriate comments they make are similar to those that would be made by a drunk or someone on drugs (other than pot). Is this common? Is it a symptom of the drug or the individual's personality having nothing to do with the drug?

if im not mistaken. prozac prevents reuptake of serotonin receptors. serotonin is responsible for mood, so yes it might be possible that the behavior was induced by the drug.  (+ info)

Is it common for pregnant women to experience pain in the lower abdomen during early pregnancy?

My wife is around 7 weeks pregnant (not sure exactly as we havent had the scan yet) and she is experiencing pain the abdomen. She is a little concerned and so am I. Is it common for pregnant women to feel a little pain around that area? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks
She has just told me that it is more like a sharp stabbing pain in her actual lady bits (vagina). Is that more of a concern?

Yes its somewhat normal to feel pain in the abdomen. However....if the pain becomes excruciating, there is any bleeding, cramping or discharge consult you Ob/Gyn. You have to remember that things they are a changing down there. All of internal organs are shifting and stretching to make room for the new addition to the space. My wife just gave birth to our 2nd child 12 wks ago. Her biggest pain came from her tendons stretching. Remember that your ob?gyn is always there to answer your questions>  (+ info)

Is it common to cry during psychological counseling services?

I am planning to seek help because I have been sad for months now and I would sometimes start crying nonstop for hours. I have no one to talk to. It's hard to find someone you trust, and when you do have somebody that you can count on, you cannot tell them either because of how much those people might be involved in the future.

I am afraid that I might start crying again during a counseling session. Is it common to cry during one? I am a sensitive kid and I cry quite a lot. Sorry if it sounds silly.

Counselors have seen it all. When I first started going to a counselor it was because I was feeling extremely low. I had to get a few medical tests done to see if there was a physical reason for it.
I remember the day so clearly...I went to my appointment and all of a sudden I started crying uncontrollably. Everything just hit me at once. I even considered just leaving my family and job and just leaving without planning to ever come back.
The next day I was at my doctor's office and she wrote a prescription for an antidepressant.  (+ info)

Is it common to not experience any pregnancy symptoms before a missed period?

I hear all these women talking about symptoms "days past ovulation" before their expected period.

But then I hear of women not experiencing symptoms until after their expected period?

Which is more common?

My missed period was the only reason I knew I was pregnant. I didn't start feeling symptoms until about 6 weeks along.

Good luck! ;-)  (+ info)

Is it common to miss a period after starting a new weight loss/muscle building pill?

I have been using the GNC X12 weight loss/muscle building pills for about 3 weeks now and I have seen a significant difference in my body and physical performance since using these pills. My only concern is that I have missed my period. There is no way I am pregnant. Is it common to miss a period when begining a new supplement?

I am not sure about the supplement but if you have started or increased your exorcise it can definitely cause your period to be late until you body becomes fully adjusted.  (+ info)

What is the difference between common sense and intelligence?

I keep hearing people say that people with high IQ's tend to not have very good common sense and people with average IQ's tend to have good common sense..is there a connection here? I would greatly appreciate information.
For example, my father has an IQ of 155 and WAS very brilliant in his work (he was a surgeon). However, he got addicted to drugs and let them destroy his life.

Intelligence is (slightly) more objective, and can be measured in various ways. The most famous way is IQ.

Common sense is a slippery concept and usually varies greatly from person to person. One person's common sense is another's idiocy.  (+ info)

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