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Is it common for schizophrenia medications to not work?

I've tried 2 different medications and they don't work I still hear voices! I am losing hope, is it common to have to try different medications?

Yes, it is nothing to worry about. There are many medications out there to help schizophrenics, but some drugs don't work for some people and others don't work for other people. You have to tell your psychiatrist to find other medications that he thinks would be appropriate for you and keep trying different ones until you find one that controls your symptoms the best with the least side effects. It's all about trial and error.  (+ info)

What are common pills they give you after having your wisdom teeth removed?

Don't worry I'm not going to abuse. I'm having one side of my mouth(top and bottom) removed on Monday. Im 14 years old and was wondering what pills i may be receiving. I don't really like taking pills, and I am still debating if im going to at all. What are the common pills the dentists give to their patients?

Just JACKED UP PAIN PILLS, nothing much more, unless something goes wrong, but no chance of that really happening.

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What are some common and decently priced drinks to get at a bar?

Lately Ive noticed myself getting the same ol drink at a scottsdale, AZ bar (Glass of jack & coke). I would like to try some new stuff out but not sure what is most common and fairly priced at a bar. I am used to paying $5 for a glass of Jack n' Coke. Something that tastes good(something fruit) would be cool to try. Also has to give me a strong buzz. Any suggestions would be cool!

  (+ info)

What are some common cures for a sinus infections without going to the doctor?

I am pretty sure I have a sinus affection, but I would like to avoid going to the doctor. Is there any other over the counter medicines or common solutions for my problem?

Well, you can try some over the counter sinus relief medicines, but if it keeps coming back you need antibiotics. That will require a prescription from a doctor.  (+ info)

What are 3 common factors in people without parkinsons disease?

There are several factors that are more common in people without Parkinson's disease and may actually protect them from the disease. What are the 3 factors and why do they seem to protect these individuals?

Well research shows that most do not smoke or drink- but I hate that one because most people who don't smoke or drink have that in common with every other disease. Those things just make you more susceptible to everything not just Parkinsons.

I can mention at least one thing. Dopamine levels in the brain. A lot of people don't know this but Parkinsons is actually the opposite of Schizophrenia. Parkinsons occurs when Dopamine levels are too low...Schizophrenia happens with Dopamine levels are too high. So if fluctuating Dopamine levels run in your family Parkinson's is a higher risk. Schizophrenics who take too much medication to lower their levels get muscular ticks like those with parkinsons... and those with parkinsons that take too much parkinson medication to lower their levels and control their ticks begin to see and hear things that are not actually there.  (+ info)

What is the common ingredients used in indonesia and vietnam cuisine ?

please tell me the common ingredients used in dishes of the both countries for my school project , THANK U !
please tell me 4 common ingredients used in dishes of the both countries for my school project , THANK U !

Typical Ingredients

Vietnamese cuisine relies heavily on fresh ingredients and the right mix of herbs and spices. Look for the following in any dish you experience in country: Mang (bamboo shoots) are the tender young stalk of a thick bamboo that's usually sliced thin and served fresh, dried, boiled, or as pickles; bap chuoi (banana blossom) is a red flower bud used in salads or as garnish; la chuoi (banana leaves) are used to wrap small portable meals of cakes or meats; and kho qua (bitter gourd) used as a garnish. Ot (red chilis) are a common ingredient and add a real zing to any Vietnamese dish.

Fresh fish is available anywhere in Vietnam -- you're never very far from the sea or a river -- and meat and poultry are locally farmed.

Herbs and fresh vegetables are used both in cooking and as condiments at the table. With most Vietnamese meals, you'll be offered a plate of rau que (raw basil), which comes in several varieties, as well as ngo (coriander) and lettuce. The use of lemon grass, mint, coriander, ginger, basil, and garlic creates light, fresh, and flavorful fare. Vietnamese foods are also part of the intricate system of Chinese medicine, and the many herbs and spices in Vietnamese cooking serve multiple purposes. Ginger and garlic are part of many remedies, and aromatic teas, roots, and herbal poultices come with doctor's orders.

Sadly, MSG (monosodium glutamate) is used widely in Vietnamese fare. In fact, the Agi No Moto ("More Taste") brand from Japan is offered on some local tables as a condiment. If you have a hard time processing MSG (that is, you get headaches, shortness of breath, or MSG "seasickness"), ask for food without it.  (+ info)

What are some common uses of the by-product of garlic that results from extracting garlic tinctures?

I wanted to find out if their are some common uses of the left over from garlic extraction. Also, how would I go about testing this by-product for food-borne illness, and what bacteria would I specifically test for?

It is used to treat bug bites

botulism may occur. You would have to start a culture and view it under a high powered microscope.  (+ info)

What was the common hair style for women in the 1920ies?

I know the rich ladies all had short hair and stuff but I have to dress up as a character from a book for school who lived in a poor town. I wanted to know what was the common hair style for women who were poor.

The bob cut wasn't necessarily for rich people. And anyway, what does poor hair look like? Haha.  (+ info)

Is it a common side effect for your joints to hurt when drinking an energy drink?

Whenever I drink Red Bull and Vault, my joints (especially the ones in my fingers) ache badly. It used to happen with AMP, but after a while, the pain subsided. My friend told me that I was the only one she knew that actually has this joint thing going on. If someone could tell me why my joints hurt and if it is a common side effect, that would be great. Please and thank you for answering.

That would be the caffeine that is doing that to you.

It is a side effect that some people have to them  (+ info)

What are the most common ways to break your wrist and hand?

I'm not planing on doing any of these! I am doing a project for my anatomy class (we're doing a section on the skeleton right now) and I need to know some of the most common ways that people break their wrists and hands.
Thanks :)

I broke my wrist&all 5 fingers by falling on it in a basketball game.  (+ info)

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