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As sufferers of personality disorders are often unintentionally rude and have communication problems; is it?

right for a doctor to dismiss them as rude and sulky, without picking up on the real issue.
This happened to someone I know, maybe it was because it was in a small town where there aren't many such cases
And would he be able to sue the NHS for negligence?
UK answers only, please

some people are just mean, "personality disorder" is an excuse for some people to be buttholes  (+ info)

What to do with my articulation disorders?

I noticed this problem while talking.When I tried to say something like pyramid,i have difficulties in pronouncing the words.And sometimes I cannot say the letter R and some words with that particular letter.I haven't have a problem like this before.I was very talkative when I was still in my home country.But since I moved here I had noticed that my communication skills just went low.Is learning or speaking new complicated language like Finnish can trigger this kind of disorder?I also noticed my English language skills,I speaked English fluently before,but now I dont know anymore.I s there anybody who is suffering the same delimma as I have?What can I do to cure my speech problems?


The first thing I would recommend is you make an appointment with a qualified Speech Pathologist. This is a person who specialises in how we make words, the specific muscles used as well as linquistic differences.

They will be able to assess your speech to determine if it is wholly connected with your movement to a new country or a loss of speaking ability.

If it is connected to you hearing different accents causing muscle confusion then they will be able to provide techniques and advice on how to rectify and improve your speech.

If, on the other hand your ability to speak has decreased, then they possibly will be able to identify what, where, how much and possibly why. They would then be able to advise you what you can do i.e. who else to see.

Personally, from what you have said, it sounds most likely you are suffering from confused accents syndrome. I know when I travel I usually end up sounding more like a local and loose much of my 'own' accent. Oh and I cannot emphasise a strong "r" in a word and pronounce some words in my own unique way and my main language is English.

So, see that speech pathologist and put your mind at rest.  (+ info)

What is your experience with speech pathology or communication disorder?

Do you work as a speech therpist or pathologist? Did you or do you see one? I am curious about the field and would love to hear any personal experiences.

my son has autism, and would NOT talk. Now 5 years later, he's fine, but it was the speech therapist that had one of the toughest jobs, I thought. Once my child got into the program, he was talking in 6 months. This was the person that got my son to TALK. What a gift !  (+ info)

Can thought/communication disorders occur at 18 years old stemming from schizophrenia?

For someone who has never had any verbal delays from early childhood, it does sound a bit weird that this would form later in life. However, unless it is part of an underlying illness (shizophrenia), then there would be no logical reason to have developed this later in life. As I am not a doctor (psychiatrist/neurologist), this information does sound factual as it relates to my cycle. Anyway, I would like to know if this could occur as a result of disorganized schizophrenia even thought I dont hear voices, or see people). Just sometimes as I talk, there are internal beep sounds that are sorta disturbing at times as it ruins the flow of the conversation. Any input would be great?
ps: I went through a period of about 8 months with very impaired communication and it has only improved a tad. However, I do notice a significant change from previous years before developing the disorder and a speech pathologist suspected that there was impairment. Its is bothersome though that there is still no underlying condition that hasn't been clinically diagnosed. If its not due to a psychiatric illness, then I suspect that there is some type of neurological problem considering the fact that I get frequent burning pains in my head and facial paralysis, but nothing is taken seriously anymore. Dont even care about treating it, just would like the issues to be acknowledged. Thanks.

These disorders are usually hereditary, Ask a trusted family member about it.

Of course without asking you direct questions, I don't really have enough to go on. It could be as simple as you are talking faster than your mind can feed you the words. More likely though, it's the other way around. In any case there are exercises you can do to overcome this.

Don't read more into it than there is. Talk to a professional, let them ask the questions, and don't assume anything. This way it'll be an easier, faster & more accurate, way to diagnose what problem may, or may not exist.  (+ info)

What mental disorders affect communication?

Since I turned 14 or so, I've had difficulty with expressing myself with spoken language. Like I'll start to explain something and not be able to find the right words to use.

I've really been a loner for the past year (I'm in college), and it seems like my writing is also starting to be affected. I used to be able to just easily write an essay or formulate a viewpoint on an issue right away, but now it's a huge struggle even to write a Yahoo question/answer like this. I have an essay due in 2 days that I haven't even started, because whenever I open a document to start, I have no idea what to say.

Does anyone know what this could be?

  (+ info)

Can problems with communication and language impairment be treated through antipsychotic medicines?

I know that schizo is typically associated with hallucinations, but I dont think that is always the case with some forms of schizo. I read up about thought disorder and the information itself was kinda vague and possibly leading me in the wrong direction as it relates to me. However, it did indicate that patients with thought disorder have this type of problem. I feel like this is me all the time as it is extremely difficult for me to communicate through writing and verbal. Dont know what to do.

If you are able to coherently type all of that out in a forum (and find the appropriate forum online in which to post it), you do not have a formal thought disorder.  (+ info)

A friend with major depressive disorder and sometimes he is withdrawn and avoids communication what can I do?

I live far from him like 800 miles but he's my best friend so I try to keep in contact with him as much as I am able to. I try to offer advice and make him feel better I just sometimes think I am not doing the right thing. Any advise?

Since you live so far away, I think it is best to try to stay in contact with that person as much as you can. Really, when you call of write, you are showing that person you care about them, and that is very important with people who have depression. The more he withdraws and avoids contact, he will just keep getting more and more depressed. If you know anyone who lives near your friend, I would strongly suggest having them go visit also. You are do the right thing, and it shows how caring you really are. Keep up the great work! Best of luck to you and your friend. P.S. I am in Arizona, so if your friend is over here, I would be more than willing to introduce myself and try to help in any way. I often get depressed and I know how much that helps me when I am in need.  (+ info)

What are some ailments and disorders that involve the human body's nervous system?

I would like to know what disorders/ailments affect the nervous system for a biology project, and I figured this was the best place to go.

I have autoimmune pernicious anaemia (unable to absorb vitamin B12 in the digestive system) which affects the nervous system as B12 is essential to maintain the myelin sheath around the nerves. If undiagnosed, it can lead to permanent paralysis, be misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's disease (and cause permanent Alzhemier's disease if not diagnosed in time) and MS and is fatal without treatment. Misdiagnosis is common as lab levels are far too low. I have nerve damage in my finger still from being misdiagnosed. I had to diagnose myself.

Pernicious Anaemia:

http://www.drdach.com/B12_Jeffrey_Dach_drdach.html  (+ info)

What are the odds of my children inheriting these disorders?

My fiance and I were in the process of planning our wedding, when he told me his father and aunt have a seizure disorder; presumably from his paternal grandmother, because his father and aunt have different fathers. Now, my fiance also has an aunt (on his mother's side) that has Downs Syndrome. I am concerned about possibly passing something onto my future children. What are the odds of my children inheriting one or both of these disorders?

Down Syndrome isn't something that is inherited, and seizure disorders rarely are. So very low.

If you really are concerned you could talk with a geneticist. But as far as I can tell, there probably is no need to.  (+ info)

What are the effects of nonverbal communication between parents and their teens about puberty?

Where do teens find info about puberty besides from parents?
What are the outcome for the teens?
Is it a negative outcome?
Why isn't there communication between parents and their teens?

i think they dont talk about it because its awkward and their trying to avoid that. the outcome of the teens who learn about it from something other than their parents isnt really different from the ones who learned from their parents. the negative outcome is they might feel that they cant go talk to their parents about the changes their going through and they might feel they cant ask their parents about it.

teens can find out about puberty from the internet and also there are a lot of books about it. a really good one is called " The Care & Keeping of YOU: The Body Book for Girls"
that book is really good it helps me with all the problems i have  (+ info)

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