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I have a full-back length hair and i dont know what kind of hair dos i can do ...can anyone give me suggestions for long hair dos ??


You need to let the top of your hair grow out. It looks like you have a mullet.  (+ info)


whats a good way to think clearer because im really confused sbout stuff and dont know wat to do about it becauase i dont know how to make out my thoughts ? lol =(()

lol simple
Me Ü  (+ info)

What is muscle confusion and does it really work?

I've heard about this muscle confusion thing from a friend of mine. He's been doing the P90X Program and they talk about it a lot. I also saw and ad for this program called Athlean X which talks about it. Does it really work? Anyone try either workout program?

  (+ info)

Best bottles for breastfeeding baby to minimize nipple confusion?

I plan on breastfeeding but I would like to pump and use bottles as well so that my husband can be able to feed the baby as well. What are the best bottles to use to minimize nipple confusion?

my daughter has never had a problem and i started using bottles when she was 3 weeks. I used playtex vent aire, and the drop in liner kind(they use the same nipples) now I use avent  (+ info)

What is the best or most lifelike bottle to feed my baby with to avoid nipple confusion?

I am breast feeding and need to find the most natural or lifelike bottle for my baby to avoid nipple confusion.

Good for you on the breast feeding. After a few kids I really believe they know what they are doing and will try to get milk out of your earlobe if they are hungry enough. I really would not worry about it, after 80 plus years of bottle feeding I have never know any baby to go hungry when offered a bottle.  (+ info)

Can a bottled up problem and confusion lead to depression?

But im confused, what if this bottle up problem and confusion is already depression?!?! How can i distinguish?!?

I have to disagree. Depression is NOT just feeling sad. That's a load of bull shit, excuse my french. I have depression. I can't feel anything. I feel no emotions, no feelings, I don't even feel sad. And yes, bottled up feelings and emotions can definitely build up and cause mental distress..this is why i'm suffering from depression and anxiety now and it sucks. You need to go talk to somebody, figure out what's going on and what's causing it..I'm not going to lie, it's going to take time and effort and it's going to be tough but at the end, you'll be happy you went and talked to somebody. You'll feel better. I don't feel better yet but I have hope. Hope you're okay..if you ever need to talk, feel free to email me @ [email protected]. : )   (+ info)

Does anyone have any information on Albuterol causing confusion?

I have searched but have not been able to find confirmation that Albuteral Inhaler causes confusion. My dad says he has a drug book that says it does but all the info I have found from the product insert to limited research I've done on the web does not support this. If anyone has any experience or can point me to a website or other research to confirm or refute this it would be so very helpful.

Thank you!

I've never heard of that. I work in a Pulmonary Doctor's office and I educate people daily on the proper use and side effects of all the pulmonary meds and that isn't one of them. It can cause CNS stimulation however, so perhaps some people interpret that as confusion.

Albuterol is a Beta agonist ( you've heard of "beta blockers" ? This does the opposite as those ) and it can cause heart palpitations and nervousness among other typical symptoms associated with high doses of this class of meds. There's a new isomer of Albuterol called Levalbuteral (trade name Xopenex) that's supposed to be clinically just as effective but have lower side effects than the older albuterol....just an FYI

Have a blessed evening :-)

P.S. I would be careful what I read concerning side effects and or safety of any medication- subjective symptoms vs. clinical trials are two different things. Unless the FDA has stated a certain effect, I would take the information with caution. You can find anything you want to if you put it into a search engine and look for it. Just because someone reported on a website that they experienced confusion while on a medication, that doesn't mean it's a known side effect that was testied in a controlled, double-blind setting.  (+ info)

Is there a bug about that last weeks and causes headaches and confusion?`?

My friend and I have both been suffering for weeks with headaches, vertigo and confusion. We are both very lathargic and cannot focus, we don't have a temperature just feel continuously giddy. Both of us have been told it's stress but we're 5 minutes apart in England! Surely 2 people can't get the same symptoms at the same time?

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Is the a way to reverse nipple confusion?

I have been bottle feeding as well as breastfeeding my 1 month old, but he's mostly been on the bottle. Now when I try to breastfeed him, he gets so frustrated. He latches on but only for seconds at a time. Does anyone know if there is a way to reverse nipple confusion? He

When my son was born I have breastfeeding complications and by the time my milk came in he was too use to the bottle. My doctor told me not to confuse him and to keep him on the bottle because he was already use to it and could get frustrated. If you want to keep with breastfeeding, just pump. But ask your doctor about if there is a chance he could go back to the nipple. It shouldn't be too hard to try and train, but he would have to relearn things. Your doctor could help you out with this.   (+ info)

Is there any disorder that causes this kind of confusion?

I am an otherwise healthy 19-year-old male. Lately I have been experiencing extreme confusion and absent-mindedness. I can barely follow a conversation, I constantly make faux pas, I feel fatigued, disinterested and blunted. Any ideas on medical/mental explanations? Feel free to keep asking questions. It is also hard for me to express or feel affection recently.

Have you been experimenting with street drugs?

Have you been getting enough sleep and following a regular sleep pattern?

Have you been on any medications?

Any of these may have side effects.

See a doctor.

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