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what causes acute follicular conjunctivitis?

The causes of conjunctivitis - pink eye are :

Virus infection, accompany colds or childhood diseases such as measles.
Bacterial infection, infant up to 3 days old from a gonococcus bacteria present in mother's birth canal.
Chemical irritation, wind, dust, smoke and other air pollution.
Allergies caused by cosmetics, pollen, or other allergens
A partially close tear duct.
Intense light, such as from sunlamps, snow reflection or electric arc of welding.

Hope the above are what you want.  (+ info)

incidence, morbidity and mortality of Filipino children with acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis?

if you are in the USA you can try the childrens institures in Indianapolis, Boston or houston, these are the big names. Otherwise not any hospital would have this specific data, you will have to look for children hospitals, you may try WHO or CDC websites and see if they have some stats, good luck  (+ info)

how can i prevent from conjunctivitis?

I have a friend, she's very close to me, we always meet in classes an stuff but she's sick right now and i REALLY don't want to be infected 'cause i had Hemorrhagic conjunctivitis this year and it was terrible!!!!! when i was sick she didn't care and was with me at classes always (i really don't know how she didn't get infected at all) and now i fell like i can't get away from her.

Please can someone tell me how can i prevent from getting sick?

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What are the cause and effects of hemorrhagic diseases?

It would be best if you could also include the nature of these diseases and prevention methods. Examples of hemorrhagic diseases would be appreciated :)

put everything about hemorrhagic diseases if you can :) THANK YOU!

A hemarrhagic disease is any disease that causes bleeding.

There are thousands of hemorrhagic diseases - way too much for Answers.

Best you narrow things down a bit.  (+ info)

How common is Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis in patients who have never worn contacts?

I was diagnosed with Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis a week and a half ago. Symptoms began a couple weeks before that. I have never ever worn contact lenses. I'm just wondering how common this is among non-contact-wearers?

A similar condition can be seen in severe atopic conjunctivitis.
GPC is a reaction to protein deposits on foreign objects on the eye. Besides soft lenses, rigid lenses and hard lenses one can see it from prosthetic eyes ("glass eyes"-really plastic) and foreign bodies such as sutures following eye surgery.
Another possibility is you were misdiagnosed when in fact you might have an infectious conjunctivitis with a lot of lid conjunctival reaction.  (+ info)

Can one work as usual with conjunctivitis of eye?

Can one perform day-to-day works and do studies with conjunctivitis? Is it possible to avoid getting it even when some people around are with the disesase?

yes you can work. it won't spread by eye contact but it will spread by the items,material,cloths or towels if you use this thing tell other not to touch them  (+ info)

How long to recover from a hemorrhagic contusion?

I had suffered a hemorrhagic contusion to my left frontal and parietal lobes in a skiing accident.

How long does it take to recover completely from such an injury?

I'm 51 years old.

I did see a neurosurgeon and he said I was lucky as it did not involve any "vital" area of the brain. I'm almost 99% recovered already 4 weeks after the accident so I guess I was very lucky. If I had no helmet on I would be dead. Back of my helmet was crushed!

have you seen a neurosurgeon? Every case is so different, without an examination and appropriate MRI, MRA and neuropsych eval it is impossible to gauge yor progress.  (+ info)

What can I do to help my eye conjunctivitis?

I got eye conjunctivitis from my little brother who had it and it's extremely annoying because I keep getting "eye boogies" on my actual, pupil and all in my eyes , my eyes hurt really bad , and they itch! My little brother is a little over 20 months old , do you think it's okay to use his eye drops? And also , what can I do to sooth the irritation for the night until I get his eye drops tomorrow? Thank you & sorry if that seems a little like a lot , but , it's only 2 questions. Thanks!

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After having conjunctivitis, how long should I wait before putting on eye makeup?

I had a mild conjunctivitis on my right eye starting on Monday morning. Everything seems to be cleared up but I'm wondering how long I should wait until putting on eye makeup.

My makeup is pretty basic: shadow, liner, mascara.
I've thrown away all of the makeup items I used a few days before I got the conjunctivitis to avoid getting all that bacteria in my eye again.

What do you think?

First what I would do is throw all your old makeup away and buy new. You could introduce the bacteria into your eye again, and fight another round of conjunctivitis. After its cleared up though and all your medication is used, you could begin to wear your makeup up right away.  (+ info)

What medication is for Viral Conjunctivitis treatment?

I went to the eye doctor today having had a red, swollen, sensitive eye all day yesterday. I was told by him that it is a viral infection and I was prescribed Besivance. I just read the box and it says it is for treating Bacterial conjunctivitis, says absolutely nothing about any viral treatment... Anyone able to shed some light before I call and ask them a series of questions again? Thanks.

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