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Is conjunctivitis just the medical name for an eye infection?

Or are there many different types of eye infection, and conjunctivitis is only one?

It is a bacterial infection which can be irritated by an allergy - you can also get styes which are small boils at the base of the eyelashes - you can tell the difference by the swelling you get when you get a stye.

You should go to the doctors for both so that the infection doesnt get worse  (+ info)

How many of you have gotten Conjunctivitis as adults?

Just a random question, as I am 21 and have just got conjunctivitis for the first time since I was a baby, I work in childcare and we have had a few cases recently. So anyway, many of you had it or is it more in children?

Many times. Conjunctivitis isn't always from an infection. It is most commonly from a viral infection, but can also be caused by an allergic reaction, or something else in your eye. It's a general condition that is any inflammation of the conjunctiva.

I usually get it from a very small piece of metal flake in my eye that every now and then gets inflamed. The doctor tried to get it out once, but it is in a position that's hard to get to. I can either just live with it (doesn't hurt, just gets annoying at times when it gets inflamed), or have surgery. I'm not to keen on the idea of surgery in my eye, so I live with it.  (+ info)

How do you disinfect eye shadow after conjunctivitis?

have conjunctivitis, and I've had to go through the whole annoying process of throwing out my contact lenses, mascara, etc. But I really want to avoid having to throw out my MAC eye shadows. Does anyone know how I can disinfect them? I've see make-up artists spray something on the eye shadow pots in the store, but I'm not sure what it is... would alcohol ruin them?

not worth taking a chance - here's a rule: don't share makeup - buy new mascara every 3-4 months and before applying makeup ALWAYS wash your hands. When you have an eye infection use papertowels to reduce the risk of spreading germs - change your pillowcases daily.  (+ info)

Can I drink alcohol while using treatment prescribed for conjunctivitis?

I have been sick for the past 5 days. I believe I have developed some sort of conjunctivitis in my right eye, not sure if its bacterial or viral. (Leaning towards viral). I am thinking about going to the doctor, but I wanted to find out beforehand that if I was prescribed some sort of treatment for my eye, such as an antibiotic, would I be able to drink alcohol while I would be using it? Next week is New Years, and I would definitely prefer to be able to consume alcohol. Any answer would def be appreciated. Ty.

The effects of combining antibiotics and alcohol can vary, depending on the specific antibiotic.

Alcohol doesn't diminish the effectiveness of most antibiotics. However, antibiotics and alcohol can cause similar side effects, such as stomach upset, dizziness and drowsiness. When you combine antibiotics and alcohol, these side effects may increase.

A few antibiotics — such as metronidazole (Flagyl), tinidazole (Tindamax) and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim) — should not be mixed with alcohol because this may result in a more severe reaction. Drinking any amount of alcohol with these medications can result in side effects such as flushing, headache, nausea and vomiting, rapid heart rate, and shortness of breath. Keep in mind that some cold medicines and mouthwashes also contain alcohol. So check the label and avoid such products while taking these antibiotics.

Rarely, alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of certain antibiotics — such as doxycycline (Vibramycin, Doryx) — which means a higher dose may be required to achieve the same treatment benefit.  (+ info)

conjunctivitis and contacts and treating a cold?

I think I have conjunctivitis. Lately I have been having horrible allergies along with a cold that wont go away. This morning I woke up with watery eyes and now my eye is all pink/red. It doesnt hurt that much just a little irritated. Can I still wear my contacts or not and is there any home remedies I can do to treat it myself and treat this cold. I currently have a 8 month old that I am breastfeeding so a lot of medicines I cant take like antihistimines and decongestants.

hiya, you can treat conjunctivitus without prescription, i wouldn't wear contact lenses as it would keep the infection in the eye.

use cool boiled water and get some cotton wool, wipe your eye once from you nose out, do not use the same peice of cotton wool more than once, if you do this a couple of times a day it should clear up.

If it doesn't i would recommend a perscription

hope this helps  (+ info)

what is the relationaship bet trachoma and chlamydia conjunctivitis?

im going to have a report on these 2 topics. are they not related or so? i know that trachoma may manifest as chlamydia conjunctivitis. shall i do 2 separate ppt presenations for the 2 diseases or not?

"Chlamydia trachomatis" is the bacterial species that causes both of these, but there are multiple sub-groups called biovars.

Biovars A-C cause trachoma. Trachoma is an infection of the conjunctiva that scars and deforms the outside of the eye and is a major cause of blindness.

Biovars D-K cause the common sexually transmitted disease that most of us know as "Chlamydia" as well as conjunctivitis known as inclusion conjunctivitis.

Biovars L1, L2 and L3 cause a different, less common, sexually transmitted disease called lymphogranuloma venereum.

So the two are caused by closely related but different sub-groups of one bacterial species. The bacteria that cause 'chlamydia' and inclusion conjunctivitis do not cause trachoma and vice-versa. So they are separate but related, whether you do separate ppts is up to you.  (+ info)

How long does Conjunctivitis bacteria last on surfaces?

Hi, I want to know, How long does the Conjunctivitis bacteria lasts on surfaces, because a kid I babysit just had it and I want to know when it is safe to go their house.
By the way I found out that hers is viral... I hope this helps.

Listen, you should probably wait 14 days after the symptoms have cleared up(with a notice from the doctor saying that the child is fine) and also this is important to make sure that nobody else in their household has caught it.
Have the family disinfect all surfaces(Lysol for hard dis-n-fetti for fabric) and spray the air with air purifier, air out and vacuum every 2 days until the 14 day stint is over. I am sure that they will have no problem doing this to prevent further infection in the family. All the best, I hope I helped  (+ info)

I have conjunctivitis can I wear my contacts?

I have conjunctivitis and I have an important meeting tomorrow that I can not miss. DO you think I could wear my contacts? I would need to wear them from 8am -9:30pm. What can i do to maybe get rid of it?

Flush your eye out but you need drops that you can only get from the doc DO NOT WEAR YOUR CONTACTS you contaminate them and you also run the risk of further infection go to the emergency room they can help you with a quick fix...  (+ info)

Can you treat conjunctivitis with out using an ointment? I cant bring myself to use it?

The nurse today gave me Chloramphenicol Eye Ointment to use to treat my conjunctivitis but i just cant bring myself to use it. It seems to tickle my eye when i try to do it lol.

If i just regularly cleanse my eye out and keep up the hygiene thing will it clear up on its own with out the ointment?

Don't wimp out, you can do it and the answer is use the ointment as this is the only way you can clear the infection  (+ info)

Why have I been given Paracetamol for viral conjunctivitis?

Mr dr diagnosed viral conjunctivitis yesterday and said I have a very red throat. She's given me eye drops but also says I have to take Paracetamol, but I don't understand why?

Can anyone help?

Because there is no cure for a viral infection. For example when we get a cold it is a virus so we can only take paracetemol.
When we get a bacterial infection it is only then that it can be treated e.g pneumonia  (+ info)

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