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How do you get rid of recurring conjunctivitis?

It's not an infection, just swelling. It comes and goes. This time it's pretty bad. I'm going to see a doctor today, but I'm curious if anyone has any tips or experience with this kind of thing.
I'm not experiencing any real change in my vision, either. Also, no watering, and no discharge.

yes! try some of these natural remedies if you do not want to pay heaps for a doctor visit and prescriptions!

calendula, chamomile (unless you are allergic to ragweed), fennel and / or bright eye TEAS can all be used as a nice, hot compress. they are great for eye irritation and inflammation.

try the hot compresses several times a day, the microorganisms that cause this can't tolerate heat!

also (this is an easy one!), if your eyes are swollen, peel a fresh potato and grate it. wrap the gratings in fresh gauze and place over eyes. this acts as an astringent and aids healing.

if you have hay fever, have blurred vision and pain, or natural remedies don't help at all within 4 days, go to your doc. it's probably something more serious.

i hope some of these help you. you can use these remedies any time you need to with out having to visit your doc!  (+ info)

My daughter has green stuff coming from her eyes, also has a bad runny nose, is this conjunctivitis or a cold?

Her eyes also look a little glassy. I have her benydryl for the runny nose as directed by her doctor but her eyes just keep getting the green discharge too? Also we are on vacation so if it were conjunctivitis would she be ok until we got home Friday?

Both, the "cold" has probably also caused her eye infection. It would be best if she could be seen earlier to get on some antibiotic drops.  (+ info)

How long does conjunctivitis last?

I have some how caught conjunctivitis (or pink eye, what ever you want to call it), and i was wondering how long does it usually last for, if you take the eye drops? My doctor wasn't very clear about this, and i was really not up to going anyways, so i stupidly didn't ask.

PLEASE please tell me, it's so annoying, all the crap thats coming out is disgusting.


you should probably wait 14 days after the symptoms have cleared up(with a notice from the doctor saying that the child is fine) and also this is important to make sure that nobody else in their household has caught it.
Have the family disinfect all surfaces(Lysol for hard dis-n-fetti for fabric) and spray the air with air purifier, air out and vacuum every 2 days until the 14 day stint is over. I am sure that they will have no problem doing this to prevent further infection in the family.  (+ info)

I am diagnosed with conjunctivitis but there's a huge pimple-like swelling sagging from my upper eyelid?

I know I definitely have conjunctivitis because my eye is turning pink. But the swelling started with a small pimple-like bump on my upper eyelid which slowly grew and grew to the extent that it now slightly sags over my eye. And that is what hurts, not my eye! What is it? I thought it was a stye but it's huge and it doesn't have a white/yellow spot which styes usually have.

Help meee please.

it could be a sebaceous cyst on your eyelid - i have had these before - they are rare and annoying but not dangerous or anything. they sometimes look like styes but they dont pop or get infected like styes do. if it is a sebaceous cyst, you will either need to get it handled by your eye dr or try to handle it yourself. if you want to try to handle it yourself, it would be trying to just pop it like a pimple but understand that it wont just 'pop', you basically just squeeze and squeeze and white stringy stuff will just keep coming out until the cyst is empty -and since its on your eyelid, this might bruise up a bit and be painful - if you go to the eye dr., basically, they will cut the bump open and clean all the stringy stuff out at one shot  (+ info)

What do the doctors give you for conjunctivitis?

I started getting this yesterday, but today I woke up and I knew right away I had it. My eyes could not open and it was all crusty and gooey .. When I go to the doctors, what will they do? Will the prescribe any medication?

yes you will get an ointment that you will have to put in your eyes. i would go asap, this is very serious and very contagious. so keep to yourself so you don't spread the disease. use you own knife, fork, spoons dishes, towel and wash cloth etc.  (+ info)

How long does it take to feel better after being treated for bacterial conjunctivitis?

I tried searching the web on this but couldn't find anything. I know that when you use the antibiotic drops its supposed to burn and itch. But wanted to know if it takes a day or two (or the whole course) to even get some relief. Has anyone dealt with this before and if so please let me know. Thanks.
I just started using the drops today and just wanted to know if anyone like me, that has gone through this before knows the answer. I am asking for early results (less itching, less drainage, less redness). I know it takes a week for treatment.

Maybe at least one week or even longer.I suggest that you should consult to expert for health advice.  (+ info)

How can I tell my dad that I have viral conjunctivitis?

I can’t get the words out to him. Do I even need to tell him? If I do he won’t let me wear contact lenses anymore.

He must have noticed that your eye looks a little strange. It's a common thing. If it hurts or gets worse or doesn't start to clear in a day you should get it treated. I've had it maybe 10 times in 37 years of wearing contacts. Sometimes it cleared up the next day, sometimes I need antibiotic drops and once it was an amoeba infection. That time they started talking cornea transplant but after a few months I was able to return to wearing contacts in that eye.  (+ info)

What should I do about viral conjunctivitis?

Should I soak a wash cloth with hot water and then cover my eye with it for a few minutes? Do I need medicine?

It is a common misconception that there is nothing that can be done medicinally for a viral conjunctivitis. Is there anything that can be done to kill the virus? No. BUT, is there anything that can be done to make you feel ALOT better while the virus is running its course. Most definitely. I regularly prescribe topical steroid drops for this purpose. This does nothing to kill the virus but it suppresses the eye's inflammatory response to the virus while the virus is running its course. This allows the patient to enjoy life and continue with their day to day activities in a much more acceptable fashion. One of my favorites drops to use for this purpose is Tobradex. It combines a corticosteroid (that's what makes you feel better) with an antibiotic to provide a cover for any possible secondary bacterial infection that could occur while the immune response is being suppressed. The virus won't leave your ocular tissues any faster but I promise you that you will enjoy life much more while you are waiting for the virus to get the h$ll out of dodge city.

EDIT: You see. I told you so. Even many eye doctors don't understand this concept. I've already gotten a thumbs down. I PROMISE you though what I am saying WORKS!!!! I've been doing this for 26 years and MY patients are the ones that are happier. If you want to suffer through this then by all means go ahead and suffer. But it simply doesn't have to be that way.  (+ info)

Can fluorometholone eye drops exacerbate conjunctivitis?

Any eye doctors out there? I've been trying to combat conjunctivitis and my eye doctor prescribed me fluorometholone eye drops and an oral antibiotic to kill the bacteria in my eyes. However, I've noticed that these drops are making my eyes infected again. I wake up w/ crustiness around my eyes and a yellow discharge. The swelling is not present anyway so should I just stop the use of these drops?

Keep using the drops. And by the way, I am using those drops now and they are for a viral eye infection, not bacterial. I had an infection about a month ago, and then it went away but my eyes were still painful when I tried to put my contacts in. My eye dr said I didn't have the infection anymore, but that since I did have it before, my eyes built up an immune response so when I put in my contacts my eyes acted like the contact was a foreign body and swelled up and hurt. He gave me those drops and said they would break the immune response. So Monday I can try to wear contacts again and hopefully they will be ok. Point of the story- FINISH all the eye drops because even if you are not in pain, you could still have the infection. Give it a few days and if you still have the crustiness, call your eye dr and ask him. I had a little crustiness for a few days.  (+ info)

How do I treat my 11mnth old with conjunctivitis?

Doctor has given eye cream but there is no way the little un will let me administer it, am I better with eye drops instead of cream? any suggestions?

The majority of mild conjunctivitis in adults and children is self limiting. Simple frequent cleansing with cooled, previously boiled water speeds resolution.  (+ info)

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