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What happens if you use an ophthalmic antihistamine and don't have allergic conjunctivitis at the moment?

Using an antihistamine eye drop when you either aren't suffering from eye allergies or only minimal symptoms at the moment but have recently. Is it harmful to your eyes?

No, but it will help prevent allergy issues from starting for the duration of the medicine's efficacy. Ideally, you should actually take the drops before you are exposed to the allergens that will cause an issue, to be most effective.  (+ info)

I have viral conjunctivitis, should I stay home instead of going to the office?

I went to my Opthalmologist and he said that this lasts 7-10 days. It's my 6th day now and the medical certificate he gave me covers only up to today but I'm still not okay. My concern is I may be contagious. Should I still skip work tomorrow or until it's better?

Definately talk to your boss about the situation and see what he wants you to do. Make sure he knows you are still contagious.  (+ info)

My eyes are always red I might have conjunctivitis any solution to get rid of it ?

There always red and sometimes itchy. I want my eyes to be white. Is there eye drops ?

Also ive heard this brand called Rohoto but do they come in england work ?

I agree, it sounds like chronic allergic conjunctivitis or dry eye syndrome. I would visit your optometrist though, not your general physician. Your optometrist is better trained and equipped to evaluate and treat your eyes than your gp. There are many different treatments available for allergic conjunctivitis that your optometrist could recommend and will go over with you. Are you a contact lens wearer?  (+ info)

would you apply breastmilk on your eyes if you suspect you have conjunctivitis?

hi! i'm doing a little survey on how many out there believe in the efficacy of breastmilk on treating sore eyes/red eyes/conjunctivitis. thanks!

No. It does nothing for conjunctivitis. If it's bacterial you need antibacterial eye drops, if it's viral there isn't much you can do besides wait for it to pass.  (+ info)

How long should i wait before i start to use the cosmetics after i had conjunctivitis?

You need to throw out any makeup that you used around your effected eye --- mascara, eye liner, eyeshadow and any applicators as well. Using the same makeup will only lead to reintroducing the the infection once again. Once your eye is no longer irritated and your discharge has stopped it is safe to use makeup again.  (+ info)

I have conjunctivitis- Is it safe to wear contact lenses?

I have been wearing contact lenses for about 2 years and ive got conjunctivitis. Is it safe to wear them or is it just that it irritates the eye a bit more? Its either contact lenses or me bieng blind till it passes because i have no idea where my backup glasses are... and if i do keep wearing my contacts, do i just throw them out once the infection has cleared and put in a new set?

Don't wear your contact lenses.

Anything that has touched your eye has become contaminated. You need to dispose of any contacts that you have put in your eye. You need to sterilize any contact container or eye solution nozzles that have come in contact with your infected eye.

Wearing contact lenses during conjunctivitis is a no no....not only for Hygiene purposes but to keep your eye from becoming irritated.

The cause of pink eye is commonly a bacterial or viral infection or a allergic reaction. The pink eye will continue to spread if you maintain to put infected products in your eye.

If it has trouble healing on its own go to your eye doctor or primary care physician and they will prescribe antibiotic eye drops as pink eye treatment.

On a side note: You really need a pair of back up glasses. It isn't health to have contacts in your eyes all the time.

-OD  (+ info)

which is better to treat conjunctivitis in humans, tobramycin drops or sulfacetamide sodium drops?

I took kids to different doctors for pink eye and they prescribed differently for the same infection. Just wondering what the differences are.

Both medications are indicated for the treatment of conjunctivitis. Sulfacetamide is an inhibitor of folate synthesis in bacteria. Tobramycin is a aminoglycoside that inhibits protein synthesis in bacteria. Both agents are exclusively selective for bacteria and do not have many side effects when used properly. There is a small chance for allergic reaction to sulfacetamide because it is a sulfonamide. Tobramycin has toxic effects on the kidney and ears. These effects are rare when administered as eye drops. The biggest difference is physician preference. Tobramycin might be a little more expensive than sulfacetamide.  (+ info)

What are some effective/long-lasting soothing treatments for painful conjunctivitis on the eyelid?

My eye itself is unaffected, but my upper eyelid is heavily swollen and irritated. It's quite painful most of the time and I've tried both cold to cool compress and warm to hot compress, and it helps temporarily, but I'm wondering if there are any other soothing methods, preferably natural ones.

I went to the doctor and he gave me anti-histamine drops and antibiotic drops so I should be getting better in a few days, but still, my eyelid's really sore!

Please help. Thanks.

Conjunctivitis, if limited to one eye, could be viral instead of bacterial, hence, the antibiotic may not work on it. If it is a viral infection, these usually clear up within 5-7 days after first sign of inflammation. The anti-histamine will be good to reduce inflammation. Keep the cool compresses on your eye and be very careful not to cross-contaminate the other eye. And as always, if there is any severe eye pain (different from irritation), you should to to the emergency department straight away as severe pain is not common and could signify a medical emergency. Best of luck!  (+ info)

What is the difference between conjunctivitis and hayfever?

my 10 month old baby has just developed red eyes which have strarted to puss which i know can be a symtom for both, he also has a runny nose but apart from that seems well within himself

it's probably conjunctivitis-- with the puss- I know that the puss can get so bad that the eyes may start to mat shut--to be safe take him to the doctor whatever it is- there is medicine for it and you don't want him to suffer. Babies get runny noses and keep them a lot--teething etc... Also sometimes babies get ear infections when they have other things so be on the look out for that as well  (+ info)

What causes conjunctivitis in babies and children?

My 9 week old son has had it twice now and I'm so worried. How can I avoid him getting it again? I always keep everything spotlessly clean but what else can I do?
Thanks x

Conjunctivitis is caused by bacteria getting in the eye. Babies and children get it frequently because they might slobber or wipe their snot with their hand and then rub their eyes with the same hand. I have noticed (from years working in childcare) that once a child gets it the first time they get it easier after that.

Keeping things clean is great, but unless you are keeping his hands spotlessly clean it will likely happen again. Conjunctivitis is ugly and gross, but it's really not the worst thing in the world.

If you have a dog that likes to lick faces - he might also be to blame.  (+ info)

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