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How long should the convalescence period be after a shoulder operation and 3 days at the hospital?

I am asking the question in order to have an idea when a friend will be able to come and visit me, so please don't say ask a doctor ...

That is too hard to tell when everybody is different.

Some people need a week. Others the next day.

To let her know, so you have some idea about what's going on, ask her to ring to make sure still ok, 3 days after you get home.

That way you have caught up on sleep. Pain under control. And rested.  (+ info)

What are the Convalescence requirements for syphilis?

What are the Convalescence requirements for syphilis?

syphilis is a very treatable disease. penicillin is usually used. look at this web site for further info.

  (+ info)

Is it possible spontaneous convalescence from hepatitis C without any treatment?

Some people are exposed to the virus, so they have the antibodies, but they never actually get infected with the virus. Once someone has the hep C virus, treatment in some cases can cause the viral load to become undetectable, but it never completely disappears. However, in some cases, viral load does not become undetectable, and the person develops chronic hep C.  (+ info)

Please Help with a psychotic disorder convalescence: need some tips?

I have my nephew (20 yrs) with a recent nervous breakdown and psychotic disorder (you know listening voices, hallucinations). He is getting well with medication and therapy. Now, as family and friends what are some good tips or activities we can do together so we can help him to recover. First thing comes to mind is sports cause he likes to exercise...what else can we do?
...And also "must not" things to do or to talk to

Since he's interested in sports, why not take him to one of
those skateboarding areas where the boys run up and down
ramps or in one of those cement enclosures? We have one
in a city park and the boys are really talented that use their
boards there. I think it's fun to watch myself.
I would think anything in an outside activity, away from en-
closures would be of benefit. With winter coming on, maybe
there is a ski slope near you he can try his luck on. They
have snow boarding now as an option to skiing. Or just going
down a slope in an innertube you can rent,is another.
You can start him on bowling, or even rollerskating too.
Things where he is physically active with something to challenge his mind, and yet, where he can have fun too.
Keeping him from being idle I would think should be the goal,
without giving him time to dwell on anything from the past.
Anything with a challenge to learning or trying something new.
Giving him something to focus on, and using all of his atten-
tion. The advice on asking him what his interests are was
good advice, as how else will you know for sure? You can
make suggestions and see if he's up to trying something new.
But you can't force him. So maybe what I've suggested can
give you a start. The main thing, is that he doesn't become
frustrated or develop an anxiety from any new activity. That would only complicate matters. Maybe since the leaves are falling now, a hike in a park would be just the thing to clear the cobwebs and have a look at nature. I know where I live, it's a wonderful time to enjoy the color of the changing leaves and feel the coolness in the air. Something like a walk, can really do wonders for your psychie and cleanse the soul.
I hope he makes a full recovery soon. And bless you for
wanting to help in your own loving way.  (+ info)

what are the Convalescence requirements for Genital Herpes and Gonorrhea?

Genital herpes is a virus and therefore is not cureable. You will have it for the rest of your life although actual outbreaks will come and go. The duration of the outbreaks depends on many factors and will vary from person to person.

Gonorrhea is easily treated by antibiotics, meaning it should be completely gone by the time your medication is finished (2 week or so).  (+ info)

Would Charles Darwin in the 1830's have known the meaning of "convalescence of women after childbirth"?

well, he might have known, however we wont know now if he did or not! i studied Darwin in great depth a few years ago, and dont remember ever coming across anything like this? but idk  (+ info)

convalescence after pulmonary embolism?

I had pe last week, and I was wondering how long the convalescence should be. I was in the hopsital emergency room for 2 days and as soon as the blood clot was gone, they told me to go home and didn't give me any time off from work. I took Monday off and today I tried going to work but ended finishing the day at lunchtime, I was so exhausted that I slept all afternoon afterwards. Is this normal? Has anyone every had PE?

Good grief! I have two jobs and I was told that I couldn't go back for 10 days to the (physically) easier one, and six weeks before they let me return to the more strenuous one! Their biggest concern being that, if even if it is a small chance that there is another clot, they didn't want it dislodging from wherever it's at and traveling somewhere else. Did they figure out what was the source of your clot? I.e. recent surgery, some medication, etc... With myself and the others that I know who've had them, the doctors were pretty bent on figuring out the cause before they let me to far out of their sights! I really hope that you go see another doctor!
Any how.... to actually answer you question, I think that it's very normal that your exhausted! For me I think that it was nearly three weeks before I felt completely normal doing simple daily tasks. It's been about 2 1/2 mo. now since I had mine, and I'm still not quite up to par when it comes to doing the most strenuous exercises as in 8 or 9 mi. hikes, but I'm almost there!  (+ info)

knee replacement convalescence time?

how long will i be in hospital?

A few days, it depends on the state of your other limbs and general health. You will then be on crutches and told to reduce the load on the new joint. With any luck the physiotherapists will help you with the techniques to use for getting up from chairs, out of bed, up steps etc. You should also be given exercises to gain the ability to flex your knee and build up your muscles.

You should get a raised toilet seat and use a higher chair for sitting so that your knee is not too bent. If you live alone it would be a good idea to stock up your freezer because standing to cook will be difficult. You won't be able to drive so arranging some help with shopping etc will be good. If you don't have much support available, talk to your gp who may be able to arrange some temporary help through social services for when you come out of hospital.

Hope all goes well.  (+ info)

Convalescence requirements of hepatitis C?

i just need to know it for a health project, so if anyone knows please reply

Low fat diet, no alcohol, plenty of rest, and a good healthy diet.  (+ info)

What should I buy a 13-year-old boy as a get-well present?

My friend's young son is having surgery. I'd like to visit the hospital and offer encouraging words and a small but meaningful gift. I don't know any kids; what does one buy a 13-year-old who has no hobbies----just watches TV and video games----yet faces a long convalescence? I was a reader at that age but I don't think this one likes to read.

Do you know the video game system he uses? There is an awesome game called Call of Duty 2 available in many formats. The playing is fabulous, plus it conveys tons of real information about WWII. A kid could get lost for hours in that game and come out better for it.

I just love books, tho, and think there's a book or two for every kid, especially one stuck in bed.

DK Publishing makes fabulous non-fiction books with big, colorful pictures and limited but interesting text. The topics range from Ancient Egypt to World War II to the Big Bang and everything in between.

Also, this lady: http://www.walkerbooks.co.uk/Marcia-Williams
makes incredible books in cartoon form telling the myths of many cultures. Great stories, plus very enriching.

You're very sweet. Best wishes to the young man and his family.  (+ info)

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