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conversion disorder?

I believe that my mom has conversion disorder, but im not sure how to let the doctor know since they think they are always right. Over the last 3 years my mom has been in atleast 8 different hospitals and has had all the same tests ran and they are all negative. one hospital did say she was having psychogenic seiziure but not the one she is currently in.
im looking for any help on this subject.

If a doctor says somebody has Psychogenic Seizures (or psychogenic blindness, pain or whatever) is really the same thing as saying someone has Conversion DIsorder.

The billing code is the same. (I work in medical records).

So, one of her doctors already said she has Conversion Disorder. The new doctor may have seen the records from the other hospital anyway.

I have worked in mental health since 1987 and I have only heard of our clients having a diagnosis of Conversion Disorder maybe four times. And three out of four of them were later diagnosed with a confirmed physical condition.

For example, we recently got a new client (teenaged boy) who was diagnosed with psychogenic seizures/conversion disorder some years ago. But years later his seizures were confirmed by testing and now he has a diagnosis of Epilepsy.  (+ info)

Conversion Disorder????

My neurologist just diagnosed me with conversion disorder. In conversion disorder, physical symptoms that are caused by psychologic conflict are unconsciously converted to resemble those of a neurologic disorder.

I have so many physical symptoms. All my symptoms come and go. My left hand has paralysis (on and off), I have tingling in my hands and feet, my head and neck roll in a dystonia way, my hands and feet curl in, twitch and shake.

They've done tons of testing, including MRI's and everything comes out normal. I did have a childhood Trauma but its hard to believe that my mind would be exerting it self this way, but I guess that its possible. He recommended that I see a Neuropsychiatrist who would work with hypnosis to help the situation.

The effects of childhood trauma manifest in many, many ways. Seeing a neuropsych is an excellent idea. Whether s/he uses hypnosis or some other therapeutic technique is up for grabs. Different modes of therapy work for different people.

The neuropsych is preferable to a psychologist because it's sort of like a second opinion on the neuro's findings. Depending on how that goes, you may ultimately want another opinion. But for now, since all the tests came up negative, conversion disorder is a reasonable assumption.

Good luck!  (+ info)

Can anyone explain how hysterical blindness / conversion disorder works?

I was wondering if someone could explain to me how hysterical blindness, also referred to as conversion disorder, works, specifically in terms of blindness? From what I gather the condition is largely mental, but I don't understand how the mental issue can create blindness.

conversion disorder is poorly understood, so it makes it difficult to answer your question. what we know about conversion disorder is that very stressful events (ie life threatening occurrences, sexual/physical/mental abuse) can be so severe that the mind does not know how to process them. Often, the event is so severe that the mind blocks it from the person's memory so it cannot be relived. When this happens, the mind will express the conflict as a physical symptoms (weakness, problems speaking, seeing, hearing, even seizures). doctors often diagnosis conversion disorder when a person's problem (weakness, blindness, etc) does not fit anatomically or they fail certain exam techniques (ie the "blind" person cannot stop the blink reflex when an object approaches because the connections are still present in the brain).  (+ info)

What is the prevalence of Conversion Disorder?

How common do people get Conversion Disorder?

Conversion Disorders are quite rare, and effect at most 5 in every 1000 people.  (+ info)

How does psychoanalytic theory see the processes that underlie development of a conversion disorder?

Conversion disorders are most closely identified with psychoanalytic thought.

  (+ info)

How would one come to the diagnosis of Conversion Disorder?

Say one has the sudden and unexplained symptom of blindness. Would they first go to the doctor, who would send them to a neurologist, who sends them to a psychiatrist? How would it work? And how would they cancel out any other illnesses?

through testing and experience  (+ info)

How can I cope with my conversion disorder?

I am medicated, and it helps but I need some more tips on how do deal with all of this

seeing a therapist ofr counselling would probably help too  (+ info)

I have a conversion disorder any help with ways to stop symptoms?

I have tried see a psychiatrist for thearpy and have been on a number of meds: celaxa, diazipam, fexiril, adivan and propanalol. I have been to three nerologist and a neropsycholigist. I have now had this condition for over seven years and am unable to work because of it. I am also in pain for most of my day and pain meds are starting not to work at all. Any help you be nice. Please no awsners just to get points this is very important to me.

ill try to help out since no one has answered you yet, but i dont know how succesful i will be. One of my family members has a similair dissorder and it has no cure and if your doctor knows that your pain is worsening and is not diong anything about it, then you might want to switch doctors, even though this may be difficult. the depression is hard to treat and i am not sure how to help you with that. but for the pain, ask your doctor about biofeedback. it sounds kinda crazy and insane and weird and tahts what i thought. but it actually helps with intense pain situations. its basically a breathing technique and has no medication involved. for some people it doesnt work at all , but others it has amazing results. with my family member pain meds don't always work, especially when it gets to be night time and they can't sleep. i hope that your doctors are able to help you with the pain and im sorry that it is getting worse. i wish you the best of luck and i hope i at least helped a little bit.  (+ info)

Can someone provide me with information on Psychosomatic Conversion disorder?

A member of my family has just been diagnosed with and I would like to do some reading on it, yet I can't find much. Thanks.

It is a psychiatric disorder where a patient presents symptoms (usually neurological, like weakness, numbness, paralysis) where no physical cause can be found. Often it's the result of psychogenic trauma or crisis.

Google "conversion disorder" and you'll have better luck finding info. Wikapedia has a decent article on it.  (+ info)

Why is conversion disorder important to know?

What do you know about it?

It's important to know about because the symptoms may be mistaken for medical issues when they aren't.

It's one of the somatoform disorders. The somatoform disorders represent physical expression of emotional problems. The real cause is psychological, not physical.

Conversion disorder specifically affects the areas of motor and sensory function that are ordinarily under voluntary control.

Examples of conversion disorder symptoms include, but are not limited to:
difficulty urinating
poor balance
double vision
problems swallowing
numbness in the extremities
inability to speak
hearing problems  (+ info)

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