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where can I buy a pair of spanking new 'cor-blimey trousers'?

I need them urgently so that I can do some freestyle jaunting.

They will only look 'cor-blimey' if you have the body to fill them.  (+ info)

What is your favorite On-Cor Traditional Entree?

Mine's is the Veal Parmigiana and the Salisbury Steak.

The Ribs, the the Veal Parmigiana  (+ info)

does anyone know how lomg and at what temp to cook ON-COR lasagna. 2 lb family size?

75 min 350 degrees  (+ info)

What is a good side dish for Chicken cor don bleu and salad?

Wild rice and steamed asparagus (just butter) ..... Chocolate Mousse for dessert  (+ info)

Cor blimey i've got an itchy bum, whats going on there?

kk my bum randomly itches, the scratch urge builds, so i give it a scratch, man feels good (lol)!! But then i cant stop from scratching it as the urge increases, so my bum goes sore and it hurts. Also sometimes wen i wipe my ass a lot, theres a bit of blood on the tissue.

Anyone know whats up with me and how can i stop the itchy and scratchy?

Pin worms....Go to the doctor.  (+ info)

Can you think of a name with 'cor'/'kor' or 'cora'/'kora' in it?

I know this is an odd request but the name needs to be specific for an assignment I'm doing.
I would love it if you could find a feminine or romantic name with those criteria.


Corbie / Korbie / Corby / Korby / Corbi / Korbi
Corbel / Korbel
Cory / Kory / Cori / Kori / Corie / Korie

=)  (+ info)

What is the best place to get this tattoo.Love Never Fails I Cor. 13. with a long stemmed rose?

At a licensed tattoo parlor.  (+ info)

I have the sex with one of my Boyfriend who actually was my close relative at the age of 11 yrs. Is it was cor?

it is ok, if u both want it and u were not forced.  (+ info)

what ventricle will be affected by cor pulmonale?

Cor pulmonale is right sided heart failure. Your specific answer: right ventricle  (+ info)

how to get rig of a cor-key? (can't spell it)?

Yesterday i suffered a cor-key in my lower left leg it it's giving me hell! It prevented me from going to school as well because honestly it hurts when I walk.

how can i get rid of it by tomorrow?

I just would love to help but I have no idea what "cor-key" even refers to. Cramp?

Whatever it is, it would be a good idea to check two things:
....is the area red and warm to the touch?
....does it hurt more if you bend your foot so that your toes are more toward your head?

If those are present, you better see an MD. I don't think that's the problem, but those two things are signs of a blood clot.

Have an MD have a look to be on the safe side.  (+ info)

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