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Has anyone ever had corneal edema?

Has anyone ever had corneal edema? if so did it come back? Did the eye Dr. Suggest that you have a corneal transplant?

Yes, I've had it and had patients with it. Usually it isn't a problem that repeats itself. And, even though everyone has different experiences with any problem, I've never seen anyone with long term problems from it.  (+ info)

Eye swollen for 4 months? Is it corneal edema from wearing contacts too long? Not a chalazion or stye?

About a year ago, I noticed some swelling in my left eye
I ignored it for a while until one morning I woke up and it was extremely painful and red
I went to my eye doctor and he said I had a corneal abrasion and should go away soon
After a month, my eye was still swollen and turned red whenever I tried to put my contact in
I went back to my doctor, and he couldn't figure out what was wrong
It wasn't a bump, my whole eyelid was swollen so that my eye looked half closed
The swelling pushed down on my contacts, causing them to sit halfway on my eye and halfway on the white part, causing pressure and the redness
It was only my left eye that was swollen
My doctor thought maybe it was allergies from eye makeup or just wearing my contacts too long
I did hot compresses and used some special eye drops, and after 4 long months, the swelling finally went down

About 6 months after this, I went on a trip to Boston and due to a string of all-nighters, I didn't take out my contacts for 4 nights in a row (which I know is really really bad for my eyes)
I have hard rigid gas-permeable lenses in a very very high degree (my eyesight is around 20/1000) which shouldn't be worn for at most 12-hours a day
Now my left eyelid is swollen in the same way as a year ago again

Does anyone know what I can do to make the swelling go away faster? What is happening to my eye? Is it corneal edema from wearing contacts too long? If it is, why is only in my left eye?
My eye doctor still can't figure out these questions and hot compresses don't seem to be doing anything
**Edit: I am referring to my left eyelid being swollen, not my actual eyeball
If it is problem with my contact lens, is there anything I can do now to make the swelling go down? Will hot compresses help any? And I've heard hot compresses with epsom salts might help swelling of the eyelid?

I'm not sure from your description if you are talking about swollen eye or lids. An abrasion normally refers to the eye and chalazion and styes to the lid.

Assuming you were referring to the lids, what comes to mind is an edge treatment where the left lens is scraping across the lid when you blink and it's making the lid swell. Ask your doctor to have the edges made thinner and incorporate a "CN bevel" where they cut off more material from the outer edge of thick nearsighted lenses.  (+ info)

What's the difference between corneal abrasion and ulcer?

What's the difference between a corneal abrasion and a corneal ulcer?

also, if I use eye drops and my eye becomes super red, is it because the eye drops have become infected with something?

A corneal abrasion is exactly what it says it is. It occurs when something (a finger nail, a pencil, a stick) mechanically scratches the cornea and removes some of the epithelium that covers the surface. It is not an infection.

A corneal ulcer is an isolated (can be large or small though) area of inflammation related to an infection of the cornea by a pathogen. The most common cause of a corneal ulcer is bacteria, although ulcers can occur associated with other pathogens such a viruses or fungi. These are active infections and should be treated agressively by either antibiotics, antivirals, or antifungals.

As to your last question it depends upon what type eye drop you are talking about. It is possible that you may be allergic to an ingredient in the eye drop. Only way to know for sure what is happening is to go in and let a doc take a look.  (+ info)

What can you tell me about having a corneal transplant and lens implant during the same procedure?

A 26-year-old employee of mine has asked for medical leave while he has a "corneal transplant, a lens implant, and possibly a retinal transplant." I have my doubts about his claims regarding these procedures. From what I have researched, retinal transplants are still in the "experimenting on mice" stages, and corneal transplants do not go hand-in-hand with lens implants. I don't want to deny him the time for a legitimate procedure, but we're a very small, four-person operation, and I can't afford for him to take a "vacation" (as he has on other occasions) by using a medical excuse. Twice before he has taken a day off, supposedly to have this done, only to claim the next day that there was a problem with the donor cornea and the procedure had been postponed. I need some expert info on these procedures, please. Thanks.

The lens and the cornea are occationally replaced at the same time. Retinal transplants are in develpment stages still...

Ask him to get a note from the doctor on an official letter head since you aren't sure about his claims.

Most people are able to get back to work with in 7 days after a corneal transplant, though the actual recovery and healing of the cornea can take upto a year.  (+ info)

How much does it cost to get corneal ring implants in your eyes?

I have mild nearsightedness and was considering this option. Does anyone have any experience with corneal rings?

It will vary quite a lot, however it appears it will be as much or more than LASIK which is averaging about 2000 dollars per eye.

"The cost of Intacs is roughly equal to, or more than, LASIK in most centers."  (+ info)

How can corneal Abrasions lead to blindness?

How severe must a case of corneal abrasions be, when left untreated, for it to lead to blindness?
Which are some situations in which a case this severe is most likely? I have heard that infection following corneal abrasions may lead to blindness, is this true?

Most corneal abrasions heal very rapidly, but there are some times when this normal healing could be complicated by infection -

The example that springs to mind would be ulcerative keratitis, which can lead to blindness. It's caused by a normally harmless bacteria called pseudomonas aeruginosa, but if it gets into the cornea and is allowed to sit there (think, putting a contact lens over it), then it can lead to a very rapid (24-48 hours) infection and then blindness.

That's why individuals with corneal abrasions are prohibited from wearing contacts. That would be the only immediate cause - as they do heal quite quickly. Hope this helps!  (+ info)

What medication is used to reduce corneal swelling after cataract surgery?

Which of the following is given to a postoperative cataract client to reduce corneal swelling?
my possible answers are
A. Ibuprofen
B. Acetaminophen
C. Lasix
D. dexamethasone

Im really struggling with this question!!

the answer is D. dexamethasone. its a steroid that helps reduce inflammation.  (+ info)

How can i tell if i have corneal abrasion or an eye infection?

i took my contacts out and one eye is really red and sensitive to light and gets really teary. how can i tell if it's a corneal abrasion or an eye infection and how do i fix it?

From what you are describing it sounds like a corneal abrasion. It is quite possible when you were wearing your contacts a foreign particle could have got trapped under the lens and scratched up the cornea. The symptoms you are describing would be a good indication to go to a doctor/eye doctor asap. http://www.emedicinehealth.com/corneal_abrasion/page4_em.htm

If it was an eye infection you would see discharge of some sort in your eye. Anyways to be safe go see an optometrist or ophthalmologist to check your eyes out, to diagnose and treat the problem.  (+ info)

What are the potential causes of edema in lower leg muscles?

I had an MRI done on my lower leg (between knee and ankle) to look for the source of pain that’s lasted for more than 10 months. Nothing showed up to explain this pain, but the MRI of both legs showed large white specks that the MD diagnosed as edema. What does this mean, and what might cause it? How can I reverse the damage?

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What causes stage 4 pitted edema and how is it treated?

This is the second bout of edema for me. My doctor suggested support hose and gave me script for relieving water retention. This pitted edema is itchy and I can actually scale off skin on my calves. I am 74 and in not terrible state of health for my age, but this has me curious about its cause and treatment.
Anyone out there with a modicum of nursing background, please jump right in.
Thanks to one and all and may you have MANY BLESSINGS.

It is most likely from congestive heart failure (CHF) given your age i would agree with the above poster it could be your kidneys, but its most likely your heart.

I would recommend walking, and buying the hose (make sure you buy a pair that properly fit). The water pill is the only thing that is going to help this. you will need to diurese (pee) off that extra fluid.

The other thing that you may need is an echocardiogram of your heart to see if it is pumping correctly, and a simple EKG to see if all the muscles in the heart are working in in good order. there are conditions with your heart valves, or the number of times your heart contracts that could be causing your edema.

Please stick with the meds, i know it is not fun to have to go to the bathroom all the time.  (+ info)

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