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Do kids who use CRT contact lenses have more of a chance of getting corneal scarring?

I am 12 and i just got CRT contacts but i am still worried about the side effect corneal scarring. I clean my CRT contacts like a freek do i still have a chance of getting corneal scarring

Um most likely not ....if you go thtese from a doctor why don't you call them and ask them?  (+ info)

What type of corrective eye surgery is least likely to leave a corneal scar?

Or will scar the least? What happens to eyes that have undergone surgey over a long period of time?

May be caused by injury to the cornea (abrasion, laceration, burns, or disease); depending on the degree of scarring, vision can range from a blur to total blindness
Surface abrasions, although extremely painful, heal transparently (do not leave scars).
Deeper abrasions and ulcerations/lacerations result in a loss of corneal tissue, which is replaced by scar tissue.

Most corneal scars are a result of an abrasion.
One way to get around this (usually in more serious cases) is a corneal transplants.

I would see your optometrist to have him refer you to an ophthalmologist.

hope that helps,  (+ info)

How long until Corneal Neovascularization gets better?

I know after a while, the blood in the vessels goes away and ghost vessels are left behind. What I don't know his how long that takes.

It varies from person to person. It just depends on how rapidly your body heals. Some people heal more rapidly than others. It could last days, it could last weeks. There is no set pace at which the cornea heals.

Ophthalmic Technician  (+ info)

Where in MN could I get a corneal tattoo?

That's a tattoo on the sclera of my eyeball.
I would be getting this for ornamental purposes.

some gangster shop XD anywhere  (+ info)

Has anyone had a corneal transplant for keratoconus?

Was is a full transplant or partial transplant, how long did it take to heal and what vision do you have now?

There have been some recent advances in keratoconus treatment that do not involve transplantation. The new technology is called collagen cross linking. This medical treatment serves to increase the structural integrity and rigidity of the dysfuntional collagen involved in the disease. You might look into this.

http://www.corneaclinic.com/collagencrosslinking.html  (+ info)

What are the long-term effects of a corneal laceration?

My 13 month old daughter just got 14 stitches on her cornea from a diagonal laceration extending from the middle of her pupil to the bottom of her iris. I am wondering if she'll be able to see out of her injured eye.

oh yes, the cornea is one of the most rapidly healing tissues in the body. She will be able to see fine once it has healed up, just make sure she keeps her hands away from the eye, hard to do in a baby, but necessary as she could cause infection and that would lead to scarring and loss of sight.  (+ info)

My coworker has pseudomonas aeruginosa that has caused a corneal ulcer. Is this contagious?

She says that it's not contagious, but her and her runny eyes are in my cube, and it scares me.

hahaha...i have no idea what that even is...but your hysterical - just the way you phrased it 'her & her runny eyes'...lmao. best of luck to you..hehe  (+ info)

what are the chances of getting a corneal ulcer or infection from contacts?

what are my chances, and how do i get them. ?

i REALLY REALLY wanna get contacts but my parents wont let me. cause if i get an infection in one eye, i could go blind. but w/e. can i prevent corneal ulcers or infections?

and also HOW DO I CONVINCE MY PARENTS TO LET ME GET CONTACTS? btw...it would be a biggg uppity for my self estem.


Considering how many people wear contacts and how few have problems shows how safe they are. What you need to do is follow the instructions from your doctor. If you practice good hygiene like washing your hands, don't sleep in the lenses more than your doctor advises, and clean them regularly the chances of getting ulcers and eye infections approach zero..  (+ info)

Can corneal surgery correct my astigmatism in my right eye?

The astigmatism is the result of scarring to the cornea caused by having foreign bodies removed over the years. I am forty two.

This would depend on the nature and depth of the scarring. First course of action would be to undergo PTK, a surface orientated laser procedure to ablate the scarred tissue. Once this has been done, the residual astigmatism can be looked at. This is generally a 2 stage procedure as the scarring is causing a significant amount of the astigmatism - so a normal gap of around 3 months occurs between the 2 stages.

This type of procedure is not going to be offered at the large LASIK chains, you should seek a smaller clinic who undertake specialised corneal work as well as the commoner laser procedures.

The practises that I work for are UK based, but we have a very close association with Dr Paul Hughes in Sydney. His details are as follows: http://www.southline.com.au/www/457/1001127/displayarticle/dr-paul-hughes--1001198.html

Kind regards  (+ info)

Can I continue to wear contacts while I am healing from a corneal abrasion?

My optomitrist said it was ok, but other material I am reading seems to contradict that. What's the concensus?

well your doctor is the one who knows about what you had done and healing time. if your doctor said its ok you can trust them. i wouldnt believe everything you read either. =D  (+ info)

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