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corneal ulcer?

i have been out of work for two days because of it i have missed time with someone. maybe i can call them or they can call me. i am wondering how bad can an corneal ulcer get

why didnt you call her at work? she might be wondering if your dropping the ball.  (+ info)

What's the difference between corneal abrasion and ulcer?

What's the difference between a corneal abrasion and a corneal ulcer?

also, if I use eye drops and my eye becomes super red, is it because the eye drops have become infected with something?

A corneal abrasion is exactly what it says it is. It occurs when something (a finger nail, a pencil, a stick) mechanically scratches the cornea and removes some of the epithelium that covers the surface. It is not an infection.

A corneal ulcer is an isolated (can be large or small though) area of inflammation related to an infection of the cornea by a pathogen. The most common cause of a corneal ulcer is bacteria, although ulcers can occur associated with other pathogens such a viruses or fungi. These are active infections and should be treated agressively by either antibiotics, antivirals, or antifungals.

As to your last question it depends upon what type eye drop you are talking about. It is possible that you may be allergic to an ingredient in the eye drop. Only way to know for sure what is happening is to go in and let a doc take a look.  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of a corneal ulcer?

say, u look in the mirror at home, not by a professional but you know, you want to make sure your eyes are healthy. What do you see in your eye if you have a corneal ulcer? a blurry white spot, etc. etc.???

corneal ulcer may cause red eye,blurred vision,small size of pupil,n extreme pain.its caused by sum foreign particle,chemical exposure to the eye or by contact lenses.it can also b caused by viral infection..it can b diagnosed by other signs that a doctor can see using a slit lamp.  (+ info)

Is a white spot in the iris area corneal ulcer?

Yesterday as I was taking my contact lenses off, I noticed a white spot in each of my eyes, and some discomfort after I took the contact lenses. Does that indicate corneal ulcer and if it is, do I need to visit a doctor or can I just buy antibiotics and treat myself?

without a proper diagnosis the issue cannot be successfully treated, and you cannot buy antibiotics without a prescription anyway, besides, how would you know which ones to use? Stop being ignorant, see your doctor. Those white dots could be a good deal more serious than just corneal abrasions which will heal on their own if you leave the contacts off for a week.  (+ info)

what contacts should i use after my corneal ulcer?

i got a corneal ulcer 6 months ago in the beggining of september on my left eye due to i was rushing and washd my contacts with water because i didn't have the water solution that day . the doctor says my eye is healed and i can go back to contacts. i used to use acuvue contacts, shuld i keep using these brand contacts or another one? and how much ?

I would think your Dr. should have advised you on that.

Sometimes a daily disposable is better to use after an episode like
you went through.

You will always be more susceptible now to problems like that and more care is needed.

I really think you should ask the Dr. who has seen the severity of the ulcer what he suggests for you to wear now.  (+ info)

Howlong will it take for Moisture to return to my eye after a Corneal ulcer?

I had an ulcer on my Cornea, a small one, right?

And now my eyes are incredibly dry, and the Optometrist has said I have to take these drops called.. Chloramphenicol which i can taste in my mouth - YUCK. Anyway, please help! I wear contacts and they get dry really easily.. :(
I am currently using eyedrops to keep them Moist but it doesnt rly help..

you likely got the ulceration in the first place from the contacts. Stop wearing them, at least until your corneal abrasion is fully healed. If you still need chloramphenicol, it's because you are not fully healed and that is why your cornea feels dry. I'd also ask the the doctor for some liquid tears, you can apply them as often as you need to thru the day.  (+ info)

can you get corneal ulcer from too much TV or computer use?

i dont really wear my contacts that much. but for the past month, my eyes are always red. its mainly due to watching TV and being on the computer too much. can i get corneal ulcer from too much of TV and comp. use? also, what are the symptoms of corneal ulcer besides really red eyes? my eyes sometimes feel like they are burning too and i wake up with dry eyes which get better within a couple of hours. thanks in advance...

Corneal uclers can occur from more than just overwearing your contacts. But not so much from watching TV and alot of computer use. You could have had something on your contact lens while wearing it, even if you don't wear your contacts all that much.
Has a doctor told you that you have a corneal ucler, though?
Because the only reason I do question it, is because your are right that there are other symptoms of a corneal ulcer (like burning) but you said this seems to get better within a couple hours...
Here's what I think you should try. If you went to a doctor and they did say its a corneal ucler just keep using the drops they gave you as prescribed. If not, then get an over-the-counter eyedrop called Celluvisc (ask the pharmicist to help you find it if you can't find it) Put one drop in each eye before you go to bed. This drop is very gel-like and will make your vision kinda blurry (very normal) See if that helps.
If not and you haven't gone to an eye doc yet then do that.  (+ info)

My dog has corneal ulcer, do I need to wipe the eye before I treat it everytime?

She has got 2 ulcers in one of her eyes and I have the topical meds and well as the liquid meds that I have to give her. I just looked at her it is yellow pussy looking. I have to put more meds in her eyes in about 4 hours. Do I need to wipe the wipe with warm water on wash rag?

no  (+ info)

what are the chances of getting a corneal ulcer or infection from contacts?

what are my chances, and how do i get them. ?

i REALLY REALLY wanna get contacts but my parents wont let me. cause if i get an infection in one eye, i could go blind. but w/e. can i prevent corneal ulcers or infections?

and also HOW DO I CONVINCE MY PARENTS TO LET ME GET CONTACTS? btw...it would be a biggg uppity for my self estem.


Considering how many people wear contacts and how few have problems shows how safe they are. What you need to do is follow the instructions from your doctor. If you practice good hygiene like washing your hands, don't sleep in the lenses more than your doctor advises, and clean them regularly the chances of getting ulcers and eye infections approach zero..  (+ info)

How long out of work with Corneal ulcer?

So I have the bad habit of falling asleep with my contacts in...

as a result I woke up this morning in massive pain pretty much blind...

went to the ER and then the clinic and was told I have a corneal ulcer

forgot to ask the doctor today but I need to know how long would a person typically be out of work with this condition

the doctor claimed it was small but i it is serious

any ideas????

I also have one. go to your eye doctor immediatly. IMMEDIATLY. also, contact a stand by doctor or something. dont wear contacst or atleast a week. my eye doctor said to get these antibacterial eyedrops. they ARE expensive. but they help. GET ALOT ALOT ALOT OF SLEEP. and try to keep that eye closed. put the eydrops in every hour or half hour. and go see the hospital. its worth it its suppose to hurt cuz the nerves are being exposed. thats why the light might hurt it.

i currewntly have the same problem since yesterday. GET HELP. i know it sucks. i hate it. and i might miss the last days of schoooool. CLEAN YOUR HANDS AND CONTACTS EVRRY TIME. i know i learned my lesson now. ;D ahahah. DONT SLEEP IN THEM.


~Alexisss  (+ info)

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