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hey .
over the past 3or 4 days i've had a really bad cough.
i cant stop coughing all night and most of the day!
it also really hurts my throat!
i've had some medicine but nothing actually works! plz help any suggestions?? 10 points on offer

- Lemsip / hot water and lemon at night.
- Tunes, Lockets, Strepsils, Fisherman's Friend or Rinstead pastilles during the day.
- Meltus cough medicine.
- Plenty of sleep!
- Vick's Chloraseptic throat spray for your throat.

That should sort it all out in a few days. Good luck!  (+ info)


Why do people cough when they have a cold or just in general?

In you trachea just before you enter the lungs is a thing called the carina. Its like the cough reflex. When you have a cold you have mucus... it tries to drain into your lungs and hits the carina that in turn makes you cough. In general when you cough it can be from something going down the wrong pipe (trachea instead of esophagus) and hitting the carina. It helps keep things that don't belong in the lungs out of the lungs.  (+ info)

What is the difference between whooping cough and normal cough?

My 12 weeks old baby has been coughing since a few weeks back. Started with one or two coughs a day. Now she coughs about about 5 to 6 coughs a day. Yeatsrday she had 3 coughs when she was sleeping. Obviously her coughs are more now. Is it possible that its whooping cough or am I just too worried?
She would also sneeze one to 3 times a day sometimes, but the sneezing had been there since a few days after birth so we thought it is quite normal.

If she had whooping cough, she would have a high fever and difficulty breathing. She would cough until she vomited. Sounds to me like the problem is that the air she is breathing in is too dry. Perhaps she has allergies to something in your house.

Take her to a doctor and find out why she is coughing  (+ info)

What cough syrups are sold over the counter containing codeine?

I have a cough and it doesn't really bother me during the day but at night, I can't sleep comfortable at all because I won't stop coughing.

I was prescribed a cough syrup containing codeine a year ago and it worked wonders!
But, clinics are closed right now and I want to sleep well tonight.

I don;t know, but codeine is a cough suppressant

I know in Australia, codeine was recently further restricted due to problems with addiction, so it may be restricted where you as as well and as such prescription only  (+ info)

What cough syrup is best to use when one suffers with asthma?

I've come down with a doozy of a Cold. Sneezing, sore throat, headaches, a very nasty cough! And chills.. Etc.. Can anyone recommend a cough syrup that won't make my chest tight? Thanks.
But the cough is hurting my chest really bad. It's sometimes dry and like a bark and then it's chesty.

Doc never gives cough medicine when wife goe`s
with your symptoms and is Asthma suffer,says
cough syrup is useless.If it`s bad the doc will
put her on Steroids,she will also have a spoon
full off honey and two pain killers.  (+ info)

How can I cure a cough with home remedies?

My mother is coughing for a month and a half. She already visited a doctor and he injected a medicine but it doesn't cure her cough. She has a lot of very sticky flem that is very hard to release by only coughing. It makes her throat hurt a lot by doing that.. I think the flem must be soften to release it easily. What cough home remedies should i recommend for my mother or do you have any suggestions for this problem?

steam inhalation

warm saline gargles

honey to soothe the thraot

avoid cold/oily foodstuff  (+ info)

How do you know when a cough is asthmatic and not a cough due to inhalants?

I started coughing a few days ago, and I've had asthma a long time ago, but my doctor told me it was cleared up but I had a greater chance of getting asthma again. Now for the past few days I've been coughing at the same tone of voice, loud with some wheezing. But is my cough asthmatic or due to inhalants? And since my health insurance is currently a problem, can I get an inhaler without a prescription? Such as commercial inhalers?

You need to be evaluated ... a peak flow measurement would be in order to evaluate your "wheezing" ... you must remeber this test from your prior history ... I would not suggest over the counter inhalers ... Im sorry ... but you need to see your physician ... this is serious stuff  (+ info)

How do I start breathing with Whooping Cough?

I'm not entirely sure if I have whooping cough or not, but when I cough I can't breathe in after I cough, I need to know how to start breathing quickly after I cough? I get a tiny bit of air in, but not enough. I panic a lot if I can't keep calm. Is there anything I can do?

Read this, see if it sounds like that. If it does - you should call the doctor instead of going to see him, he might not want you in the surgery with sick kids and that about:

http://www.ahealthyme.com/topic/whoopingcough  (+ info)

Is it normal to cough up black phlegm after you quit smoking?

I quit smoking a while back ago and every once in a while I cough up some blackish-brownish phlegm. I was just wondering if anyone knows why. I never really coughed up brown stuff when I smoked.

probably. your lungs are finally getting a chance to get rid of the toxins that built up in there  (+ info)

What are the best cough drop/lozenge or any other remedy for coughing and sore throat?

Help! I have lost my voice and I have a horrible cough that hurts. My throat isn't terribly sore but my chest is. I would like some kind of lozenge to help my voice and possibly stop me from coughing. I don't react well to most over the counter medicines and cough syrup...they usually either put me to sleep (even the non drowsy kind) or they just don't work. I would really like some suggestions on home cough remedies and lozenges to help me feel better.

I hate being sick!!!!! I just don't have time for it!
I have a cold
I can't use strepsils....I live in the U.S., they are only available in the UK...thanks though

What's really good is just hard candies, like peppermints or lemon drops. For lozenges, choose one with menthol or honey-lemon. You should be steaming yourself, too. In a warm shower, then with a coolmist humidifier as you sleep.  (+ info)

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