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i have cracked tooth syndrome ;( PLEASE HELP ME?

I'm really UPSET and having bad thoughts of being toothless

I think I have cracked tooth syndrome, because i have pain in my teeth with nothing on the XRAY


1. Did medications for depression make me grind my teeth?
2. Is the only treatment Root Canal? That'll cost a fortune


1) Possibly but if you have existing large fillings, your teeth will be weakened and this would be more of a reason.
2) Root canals are not necessarily the answer. Crowns are more of a solution.
Your teeth are far from hopeless.  (+ info)

What is cracked tooth syndrome?

This condition causes tooth pain and sensitivity

Cracked tooth syndrome sucks. It may be the most unpredictable thing we deal with in dentistry. The worst thing is, the only way to ACTUALLY know how bad the crack is would be to take the tooth out and look at it. If it was a huge through-and-through crack, you would pat yourself on the back and say, "Wise move." If it is a relatively superficial crack that vears off to the side of the tooth, you'd say, "Oh rats, we could have saved it." An x-ray will not generally show ANYTHING with a cracked tooth, because the parts are not displaced from each other.

Here's about everything you'd ever want to know about cracked tooth syndrome: http://www.cda-adc.ca/jcda/vol-68/issue-8/470.pdf

If that link does not work, go to this one http://www.cda-adc.ca/jcda/vol-68/issue-8/470.html and click on "Full Text."  (+ info)

do i have cracked tooth syndrome?

i have:
- hurts on left side when i bite down on hard things
- usually its my back (molar) teeth that hurts ( in between the molar and the one beside it)
- hurts when i eat sweets
-i now only eat on the other side of my mouth, cause my left side hurts too much
- took xray from dentist,couldnt find anything
-had fillings on my teeth 2 months ago, they put too much fillings , and when the started to hurt they drilled it and said it was a mistake ( so could it have been because of the grinding?

do you think it is?

The fillings may have not only been deep, they may have been large and the amount of tooth structure left was weakened and a crack developed. Cracks are often difficult to find especially on an x-ray. They are usually diagnosed by placing an instrument, called a tooth sleuth, on different areas of teeth and seeing in pain is elicited when you bite down. If it is found out to be a crack and the crack has not gone into the pulp, the method of treatment is a crown. good luck.  (+ info)

tooth hurts only while chewing... cracked tooth syndrome?

I can't necessarily tell which tooth hurts, but it's probably the one that has a pretty deep filling... could it be the filling that's causing it? That filling is pretty old, about 12 years old actually, and never gave me any problems until now.

Oh yeah, and the pain seems to come and go every few days, even when I chew.
I did go to the dentist and she couldn't find anything wrong with it... not even through xrays.

  (+ info)

front tooth root canal, cracked tooth syndrome?

is it true that some specialists can do a root canal a front tooth and not put a crown on it? can a front tooth that has undergone a root canal get away with a white filling? how long can the tooth go without a crown before it turns brittle and black/gray?

Immediately after root canal therapy, the tooth will become brittle, losing toughness. A live tooth can be pushed 6% of its overall thikness while alive, before it begins to crack. A root canal treated tooth can be push 2% of its overall thickness before it begins to crack. Therefore, it is not a good idea to put crowns on root canal treated teeth. The tooth discoloration can generally be prevented by proper removal of all endodontic products from the inside of the crown of the tooth. The materials should only be in the root. A post should be avoided as well.
A white filling, done properly, is the appropriate treatment. The recommendation for a crown is passe and means the dentist is not up on the latest research  (+ info)

Cracked tooth?

I cracked my lower wisdom tooth on a chicken bone. I have a dental appointment on 15th January and they will not bring it forward for me so I have to wait over two weeks to get it fixed. In the mean time, every time I chew and talk, my tongue scrapes against the crack jagged edge of my cracked tooth and its caused it to get really sore! Any ideas what I can do to stop it rubbing?!?!?! Its driving me mental!

wax. when i got braces, they gave me wax to put on them to prevent irritation in my mouth. try to find some fairly sticky moldable wax (maybe at a drugstore or if you know someone with braces or stop by an orthodontist) and you might be able to wedge it around the tooth.

you could buy those listerine gel things that stick to the roof of your mouth and pop one in every five minutes.

or just chew some gum and wedge it over the tooth.

otherwise, i'm out of ideas.
good luck.  (+ info)

Cracked Tooth?

Does anyone have a story about what their cracked tooth felt like? I am trying to figure out, as well as my dentist, if I have a cracked tooth or not. If anyone has a story they can share about how they determined they had a cracked tooth and what it felt like, that would be helpful. Thanks so much.

You have a cracked tooth. Now has it cracked from the side or the middle. If it has cracked from the side it is just no problem. With a little grinding it can always be filled up with plastic filling and moulded to the same original (or near original) shape. Or has it cracked vertically from the middle? If that is the case what is dentist trying to figure out? He should have taken an x-ray and seen how much of the tooth has cracked and whether it goes all the way upto the root. If there is damage to the root and the tooth is shaking or loose I guess you don't have much choice except extraction. But even if at the root and a little more if the tooth is intact it can be bonded and even capped or crowned. By the way how did it crack? And how much is the width? Well, best luck and best wishes.  (+ info)

cracked tooth?

What can be done about a cracked tooth? It is cracked in multiple places and it sooo painful. I have made an appointment with a dentist, but I am just wanting to know what I should expect.

They may send you to an oral surgeon to have it removed.  (+ info)

Is it possible to fix a cracked front tooth?

I've always been told that I have very nice teeth and I noticed today that 1 of my front teeth were cracked.. If i bite anything medium - hard density then my tooth will break off. Is it possible to get it fixed? If so then how is it done? (filling, false teeth etc). For medical reasons, I'm 17 Male. Thanks alot in advance for your answers.

If all you notice is a little craze line going up and down on the front of the front tooth, and you have no sensitivity on the tooth, it is most likely just a superficial surface crack. These are commonly seen, and never cause any problems and do not make the tooth weak. If it is more severe it can be fixed, depending on the severity of the crack with bonding or a porcelain crown.  (+ info)

What can i do to stop the pain of a cracked tooth?

My tooth all the way in the back has a crack in it and the piece is missing i prolly swallowed it or something..But anyways its been cracked like this for a year and a half now it hasnt been hurting since months till today cause i chewed something really pokie. A chip dug into my gum on that tooth! What can i do to help calm the pain?

Try the first two, I find aspirin helps for minor tooth pain. I don't know what your situation is but pain is your body's way of telling you you need to get something taken care of. I've put off a dental issue for two years and now I think it's starting to affect other things (I have an Appt tomorrow) If you don't have dental insurance, look up a dental school on line in your area, they have reasonable rates and some will give free care if you qualify.
Don't put it off it only get worse.  (+ info)

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