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Can cranial nerve damage on the left side of the face cause pain on the right side of the face?

Similar to the way the right and left brain work. I am asking because someone I know suffers from Trigiminal Neuralgia (5th Cranial Nerve) on the right side of their face. They've had microvascular decompression done twice to no avail. I'm just curious to know if their could be problems with nerves on both sides of the face and not just the left side.

You've kind-of asked two questions here :

If the left nerve itself is damaged/impinged/neuralgic, it should not cause pain on the right side of the face. The nerve itself supplies the area on the left side, without crossover (essentially).

HOWEVER, it is possible to have primary conditions which may secondarily effect both trigeminal nerves, and so cause pain in both - but this is not the same as one nerve CAUSING the pain in the other's distribution.

The 'crossover' you refer to comes from the way the brain is wired - ie the brain centers responsible for sensation (and movement) are located on the opposite side from the nerve supplying that sensory area. This crossover does not extend to other connections - eg between two peripheral nerves.  (+ info)

How can you do a cranial nerve test on on 12 without the person knowing you are doing it in less than 2 min.?

How can you do a cranial nerve test on all 12 pairs without the person knowing you are doing it. In less than 2 minutes with no neurological checks.

drug the person's beverage.  (+ info)

Which cranial nerve innervates the esophagus?

I need to know which cranial nerves (or spinal nerves) are involved in the esophageal stage of a swallow. Specific question, I know. :) Thanks and a quick 10 points to whoever has the answer!
Yes, Mary, I know about the nerves...I needed to know WHICH one innervates the esophagus, but I ended up finding it on my own. It's the 10th one, vagus. Thanks though!

here are 12 pairs of cranial nerves. These nerves arise from the brain and brain stem, carrying motor and or sensory information.
http://www.pitt.edu/~anat/Neuro/CranialNerves/CN.htm  (+ info)

What are some symptoms if sciatic nerve injuries?

For a couple years I've had a sharp pain in my lower back/ butt cheek. It has gotten to the point I cant do simple things like get out of bed and climb in and out of my car, even sneezing is painful. Went to ER 2years ago mistaking it for kidney stones, x ray found nothing. Does this sound like it could be a result of sciatic nerve damage?

even sciatica should be diagnosed;; again, sciatica is a symptom, NOT a diagnosis;; IF it is sciatica, you need to find out what is causing it;; for now try a flexible cold pack on your low back for 15-20 minutes; & see if it helps, try for a few days;; if this does not help, try the cold pack on your hip;; sleep with pillows between your knees, or 2 pillows below the top leg if you sleep scissored;; sciatica really involves the LUMBAR region & you may get "partial radiating pains" (like just to your glut);; or you may get pain in your glut & thigh & not the low back,, some people state it skips & runs;; you are better off finding the cause than rushing with meds & shots to mask the symptoms;; but if I were you, I would get the back xrayed + the hip;; if nothing, then get the back MRI'd & start from there... good luck!!  (+ info)

What Cranial Nerve is affected when a person has diabetes and blood vessels in the retina are damaged.?

What nerve would be sending less sensory impulses?

The optic nerve.

The entire true answer goes deeper then that, as far as the actual cause, it stems from decreased circulation.  (+ info)

What cranial nerve is stimulated by the drug?

A young woman is brought into the emergency room with extremely dilated pupils. Her friends state that she has overdosed on cocaine.

oculomotor nerve  (+ info)

What cranial nerve is involved when a local anesthetic is given to temporarily deaden the genitals?

  (+ info)

If I have nerve damage to a cranial nerve how long should I expect it to heal?

If it ever heals?? About how many months/years? Thank you.
Its already been seven months since the damage occured.

It really depends on what caused the damage. Sometimes, it never heals.  (+ info)

What cranial nerve was impaired?

Joseph, a man in his early 70s, was having problems chewing his food. He was asked to stick out his tougue. It deviated to the right, and its right side was quite wasted. What cranial nerve was impaired?

IX (Glossopharyngeal)  (+ info)

Is there an operation available for trochlear 4th cranial brain nerve damage?

I am not sure. It would probbly require a nerve graft from some other part of your body if it could be done at all. A neurosurgeon can advise you on your options. Good luck.  (+ info)

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