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pliz give me info on Craniocerebral trauma, ie symptoms, causes, treatment and any other info.?

Traumatic injuries involving the cranium and intracranial structures (i.e., BRAIN; CRANIAL NERVES; MENINGES; and other structures). Injuries may be classified by whether or not the skull is penetrated (i.e., penetrating vs. nonpenetrating) or whether there is an associated hemorrhage.  (+ info)

What are levels of trauma and how does a hospital determine to be a certain trauma level?

Like Level one trauma, Level two, Level 3 and Level four..I don't there's a level five?

I watch Discovery health channel and they have shows on there, one happens to be Level One Trauma and they also have Trauma in the ER. Its so fast paced and yet scary but is interesting all at the same time to watch and learn how one assess a patient and handles the method of care. Thanks for answering.

The levels of trauma are in place to prioritise the order in which the patients are to be seen. Meaning that as a nurse you need to have the skills to decide who is the MOST important patient that needs to be seen by a doctor next. In my country being a trauma 1 means you need to be seen fairly quickly, trauma 5 means last priority. There is no "first in first served" policy in an ER, and this is often the thing that gets patients riled. For instance; If you've been waiting 5 hours for your broken rib to be seen to it's going to be an even longer wait if 2 heart attacks, 1 asthma attack, and 1 head injury come in in the meantime.
Another way of looking at the situation is this - ask yourself "who is likely to die first if they don't receive treatment?" Not the broken rib that's for sure....  (+ info)

What do you consider trauma to the belly?

I am 31 weeks along and this morning my dog jumped onto the bed while I was sleeping. She weighs about 50lbs. She landed right to the side of me but her paw did touch my stomach. It didn't hurt at all, but what do you consider trauma to be? A dead on kick to the stomach or a car accident, right? I feel fine, but just curious.

I would say that's not really trauma to the belly, your right a kick a punch something that hit you belly hard and you can feel the pain or it still hurts. I always believe when in doubt call your Dr they know you the best and what's the best for you :)  (+ info)

What is the difference between a trauma doctor and an ER doctor?

What is the difference between a Trauma doctor and an ER doctor ? And how long does it take to become these types of doctors?

Trauma is damage to the body caused by an outside force. As opposed to medical, which are problems with the body caused by an inside source. Sometimes these things overlap, normally that's a safe/simplified way to look at it.

Knowing that. An ER doctor is a doctor that is in the ER ward. Which is where ambulances deliver patients too. They deal with the patients that come into the hospital complaining of mostly anything.

Should these patient need immediate care in a life threatening sittuation, what would usually be consider a "load and go" by EMS, then they are taken past the ER and straight to the Trauma ward. At which point the doctors there will handle the patient.  (+ info)

It it possible that recent trauma can combine with years of serious past trauma to cause a delayed reaction?

Such as a delayed but severe panic disorder, post traumatic stress, or agoraphobia or the like.

Is it common for extreme trauma or torture, spread out over a long time, to just hit you hard all of a sudden years later under the right conditions, like a slow buildup of signs over the years, then... BAM major reaction later?

Absolutely, in fact ptsd and agoraphobia and severe panic disorders usually don't happen until the victim is in a place of relative safety. After living for years in survival mode, in the grips of the 'fight or flight' response, it takes years sometimes for the mind and body to begin relaxing enough to begin the healing process.

As frightening as they are panic disorder, ptsd, bipolar and agoraphobia are the beginnings of the journey back into sanity and reality. Or for the very first time for some of us.  (+ info)

How is unrelenting trauma pain possibly connected to MS?

I fell in a hole last year and injured my leg, the pain went away a few months after the accident and then returned to be on and off...I had an MRI of the leg last month which showed some swelling between the muscle and bone but nothing that should explain some of the other issues with it. Today I'll be having a MRI of my brain and spinal cord as my doctors now believe it to be MS....I've never heard of trauma pain being related to MS, anyone have any explanation or common experience?

My sister has MS. She has had it for about20 years. From being young she used to fall a lot. We said she was clumsy ( bless her) One day , out walking her 2 dogs she fell and could not get up. Luckily a passer by got help to get her home. She was then diagnosed with MS.. I am no doctor but am wondering if that shows that it was there from being a child and then triggered off by the fall all those years ago. I hope I make sense. God bless   (+ info)

How long can brain trauma symptoms appear after accident?

Husband had brain trauma in auto accident in 1966. Can signs of symptoms not show up until 20 years later?

No, usually within 24 hours you will notice problems. 20 years, no way.
Your husband has something else going on. He needs to see a Dr.  (+ info)

How to handle post event trauma especially after the death of spouse?

What can the loved ones of the deceased do and cope with this kind of trauma?

take one day at a time, cry a lot, remember the good times and
keep your faith. Faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain. Get with others in a support group and talk a lot about your spouse. Speak with friends and relative about your spouse, remember that your not alone, many have lost their love ones, such as child and
they all manage to live on. Stay positive and think I have had my spouse for all these years, some people have their child for only a very short time. Think positive and remember that there are stages of
grief it will take you time but life does go on without your love one.  (+ info)

Is it possible to become a trauma nurse right out of college?

I am working towards becoming a EMT right now because I want to work in emergency medicine and will be going to nursing school in 1 year to become an RN. Because I want to be involved in emergency medicine, I want to become a trauma nurse. Is this possible right out of college or do they usually promote people from within?

It is possible for you to work in the ED right after graduating nursing school. Some hospitals prefer that you have experience, however, I just graduated nursing school in December, and there are two individuals who graduated with me that got hired in a level one trauma center. So, yes. Good Luck!  (+ info)

How long after a rape is the trauma to the vagina evident?

This happened in March of this year. The person that it happened to just told us about it last week.

She has used tampons in the past but said when this happened it hurt but she didn't bleed.

My question is, if there was any trauma done to the vagina during the rape (brusing, tearing, etc) how long after the rape is that evidence able to be seen?

Also, if the person who raped her admitted in a instant message to doing so ("I'm sorry for raping you"), is that enough to get a conviction?

Yes, that is enough. Evidence is hardly needed in rape cases anyhow, more then likely the accused will be forced to take a polygraph test. Healing could be complete in three to four weeks. This victim needs to see her OB/GYN. You even knowing she was raped and staying silent can make you an accessory to crime. If she won't tell, you have to. Don't keep it a secret. If she does not have him punished, she will live with a terrible nightmare of him for the rest of her life. No man has the right.  (+ info)

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