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Do you know the extent of trauma a child has been through when adopting through foster care before you adopt?

When adopting through foster care. Do you usually now the extent of trauma the child has been through before adopting?

It really depends. In theory the prospective adoptive parent is supposed to get full confidential disclosure, but there are several reasons it might not happen.

The child may not have disclosed the full extent of abuse and/or neglect, so the state workers may have no idea it happened. Some kids try to "protect" their parents by concealing painful details, and some kids just won't open up till a high level of trust is built-- which means the adoptive family may receive disclosures the child never felt secure enough for in previous temporary situations.

Some social workers may downplay negative behaviours or experiences to try to "sell" the child to a prospective adoptive family. They rarely outright lie, and lying is very against their professional code, but they may make serious matters appear minor while trying to get the child placed. It should be noted that some social workers go the opposite way and play up negative behaviours and experiences to try to scare away prospective adoptive parents who can't handle tough situations, and to prepare them for the worst. You should research any type of behaviours, diagnosis, type of abuse, or type of trauma on your own, and if possible talk to experts in the field, to make sure you understand the full story and likely outcomes.

Sometimes foster families miss an issue. Some have lots of kids to care for and can't really focus on one, some don't really pay attention to the kids at all, and some are wonderful and attentive but still can't be physically present every moment of the day and night. Behaviours and sources of trauma may sometimes have been overlooked or missed by the foster family, and never reported.

You shouldn't let any of this scare you away. Most foster kids can integrate well into a family after the initial adjustment period, and be healthy and happy. But you should also be sure you're aware of the worst case scenarios, because they occasionally do happen. Adopting from foster care requires lots of patience and unconditional love.  (+ info)

Are children responsible for their states of trauma or depression?

Now-a-days you see a lot of teenagers squandering their time and energy fighting trauma or depression...are they to be blamed or are parents to be blamed or is the technology to be blamed?
If you got a reason to blame then state it.

Depression can be caused by hundreds or thousands of reasons. If your looking for someone to pinpoint THE one, its not going to happen.
Chemical imbalances in the brain can be a cause (is it the parents fault due their genes being passed or the depressed for being imbalanced)
Substance abuse
Philosophical paradoxes that haunt the mind and frighten the soul, so one just gives up (becomes depressed)
On and on the list could go

Constructive 'time and energy' put into fighting trauma and/or depression is not squandered, its an effort to shake the blues that has someone down. (by constructive I don't mean the constant "Oh woe is me" bit, I mean hiking, painting, listening to music that makes you feel better, volunteering somewhere, anywhere.. etc times infinite)
Filling your time can help ones energy flow.
Sometimes depression does result in taking medication, or even self medicating.

Bottom line, and answer to your question, parents may be to blame, the depressed may be to blame, today's society may be to blame, you might be to blame. Whose to say, every case is different. Your question is similar to asking 'What causes forest fires and why do you think that?'  (+ info)

If no trauma what causes a spleen to rupture or lacerate?

I went ot the ER with abdominal & chest pain with pressure in the shoulder all on the left side. A CT scan showed my spleen was hemoraging. I had no trauma. What would cause this. Also I had my spleen removed how long till I can work?

It can be caused by blood disease such as hemophilia or blood poisoning, an could also be from infections and fistulas.  (+ info)

Why can't we have uniform standards throughout the country for trauma center levels?

Although the American College of Surgeons has general guidelines on Trauma Center level requirements, each States has differing requirements for trauma center levels. Furthermore, some hospitals feel that they rise so far above the Level 1 trauma center requirements that those hospital's capabilities can not be compared to other Level 1 trauma centers. Should we have another level, above Level !, for hospitals that have tremendous numbers of specialists (including transplant specialists) available 24/7?

federal government make certain laws on medical procedures but the state can make stricter laws that medical professionals have to follow in that state that are higher than others that just follow the federal laws. kinda like how minimum wage changes from state to state because some states deem it should be higher than the federal rate.  (+ info)

My sister was recently in an accident that caused severe brain trauma. Will be be taxed for taking donations?

SHe did not have health insurance. We have filled out the medicaid and disability paperwork for Oregon. But since her husband can't work(we're in a trauma center out of state)they need help to pay their mortgage and bills. Can we accept donations without being taxed?

I'm awfully sorry for your family. Traumatic brain injury is truly devastating for everyone involved.
Post your question under "Law and Legal". I think you'll get more answers there.
Google "Rancho Los Amigos Brain Injury Scale", which delineates the predictable stages of recovery from TBI. It's very clear and explains what to expect.  (+ info)

What does trauma cause after tooth extractions?

Ever since I had four impacted teeth extracted, there was a lot of trauma. I have a bruised nerve and my bottom gums are numb. One of the side effects of this trauma was that my mouth, inner cheeks, and gums got all red or irritated with burning sensations and dryness. My mouth literally felt like it was burning. What do I have and how do I treat it?

It looks like at least for your lower wisdom teeth, the tooth and roots were sitting fairly close to the nerve, so your dentist had to be careful when removing these teeth that it did not damage the nerve. But in some instances, it's unavoidable to cause some damage. You have a condition called paresthesia which is numbness which can occur on your tongue, lips, gums and/or chin. It can last a few days to a few months, or sometimes it can be permanent. You should definitely call back your dentist/surgeon for a follow up appointment if it's been several months and there has been no improvement. The numbness coupled with a burning sensation/dryness could be contributed to something else and that should be checked out as well.  (+ info)

What does it say about a guy if he's attracted to girls that have a history of trauma?

A guy friend of mine is constantly attaching himself to girls that have had difficult pasts. The girls usually have been molested, abused, former addicts, etc...He himself was molested at a young age. He doesn't seem to have confidence around confident outgoing girls with no history of trauma. But, he feels comfortable around girls with traumatic histories. His relationships to these girls are loving and caring, but it doesn't seem like he can stand the pressure of being with a well adjusted person with no history.

Why is he attracted to these types of girls when so many well adjusted girls are available to him?

It's called Co-Dependancy. Buy him the book "Co-Dependant No More" by Melodie Beatty... seriously.  (+ info)

Can head trauma cause autism spectrum disorder?

I took my son to the dr recently and my dr mentioned that the severe trauma I received while 35 weeks pregnant could have caused my son's autism...Any one else heard of this?

The core genes for autism were identified two years ago by 137 scientists in over 50 locations in 9 countries around the world.

Since then, more genes have been identified.

All environmental causes and triggers, including vaccines, bad parenting, and head trauma have been ruled out as the cause for autism by these scientists and those that peer reviewed those studies.

Go here for more information: www.mic.mypodcast.com  (+ info)

what happens to the body years after a multi-trauma operation with lots of surgical implants?

I was in a bad car wreck in 2000. I have several trauma-related surgical implants. Also, I do not have a spleen. I have never heard of anyone else having the kind of injuries I sustained. I would just like to know what is happening to my body, and what I can do to prevent further suffering.

The body can take a lot...just look at motorbike racers or jockeys, they often have severe injuries over the years of competitive riding.
Its difficult to comment not knowing what injuries you had. Generally its good to take supplements which help the bones and joints. Condroitin, MSM and glucosamine are all very helpful. Any fish oil or flower oil will also help. People can live without their spleen with no problems. The other areas which manufacture the red blood cells just increase production to cover the loss of the spleen.
If you are having specific problems it would be wise to discuss them with a doctor as the advice I can give is only very general.  (+ info)

What can i do about a slightly dipped (sunken) trauma scar?

I suffered trauma on my chin and a have a disfiguring scar.
That is slightly sunken and looks dark in dim light.

Is there any, collagen filling cream or will i need cosmetic surgery.

Yes, you could get surgery for your sunken scars. The procedure is called dermabrasion.

Also you could do the alternative route, and use an egg facial to help with your sunken scars.  (+ info)

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