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What is a simple way to explain Crohn's Disease?

I dont get what crohn disease is. Can you explain it in a simple way so i may understand what it is.

All you need to know about Crohn's:
1- You're ALWAYS in the bathroom or looking for one
2- Pain, like...if you touch my gut I'm going to kill you and do not move because it hurts
3- Your immune system attacks itself which causes the inflammation which causes the pain and the oooo where is the bathroom!
4- Barium shoots through you!
5- You're always are tired

That about sums up Crohn's for you! :P

Pharmacy & Vet Tech/Crohnie  (+ info)

What age can you operate on crohn's disease?

My younger brother has Crohn's disease. He's about 12 now is it safe for him to go through surgery?

Hodel - Not everyone with Crohn's disease needs an operation. Careful diet and medicines, as needed, often give excellent results. If his doctor (gastroenterologist) truly believess that surgery is required, this will be discussed with the family and the doctor. Operating comes only after other treatments do not give the desired good treatment results.  (+ info)

Is There any food restriction for Crohn's disease patient ?

I am suffering from Crohn’s disease and I am taking the medicine of crohn’s disease. Can I eat everything of food such as meet, fish, mango fruit, etc? My age is 24? This disease is curable or treatable? How many years will I alive in this world?

First of all...stop reading all the worst case scenarios on this disease. If you read the more helpful advice above me...the most important thing to know is to "learn to read your body". As opposed to Inflammatory Bowel Disorder, you need to limit fiber during flareups. Fiber, particularly nuts or popcorn can be harmful during flareups.

You will not die from this disease if you do the following. Follow your doctors advice! Get regular checkups and colonoscopies once your doctor tells you. Tell your friends so that they can help you and understand when you will need their help. No need to DIE of embarrassment because of this disease. The fact that you know you have this disorder is a blessing, because it is often overlooked or misdiagnosed.

Don't dwell on the awful worst case scenarios. I'm nearing 50 and was diagnosed at 23. I've had 1 bowel resection, 2 major flareups and lots of minor ones in 25 years. This is a chronic disorder...not a life sentence. You will be just fine.  (+ info)

If you have sex with a condom can you get crohn's disease?

If you are a straight woman and you have sex without a condom can you get crohn's disease (bacteria getting inside you) and if you let a man do you anally with or without a condom can you get crohn's disease? I read that bacteria in the bowels can lead to crohn's and assume that anal sex would lead to bacteria in the bowel. Anyone know the answer to these questions?

The bacteria that cause crohn's aren't going to get there from anal sex.
But use a condom anyway - there's such a thing as AIDS!  (+ info)

What are the chances of getting Crohn's disease?

I've been wondering this for a good... 10 minutes. I would like to know the chances of getting Crohn's disease. I've been searching google, but all it tells me is smoking raises it, tells me nothing about the chance without smoking. I was hoping someone else would know, maybe someone with Crohn's disease.

Thank you!

hi range, I am a Crohn's survivor. You can't catch Crohn's disaease like an STD or a cold. It's an autoimmune illness where the body is attacking the digestive tract as a foreign object and is trying to get rid of it. Medication therapy is used to get things in remission such asa Remicade, Entocort, Humira, 6MP or Imuran.

In order to dx it correctly you need to have a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy, endoscopy if it is in the mouth, throat, stomach, blood work (Prometheus is the test you'd need), experiencing symptoms such as blood in the stool, abdominal pain, nausea/vomiting, fatigue, high or low grade fever, the big "D" or constipation and blood clotting if you area flaring. Smoking will aggravate it as well as birth control (the pill causes blood clots & when you are in a flare the blood becomes sticky thus increasing the chances over 75% of having a DVT, PE, or stroke).

There have been studies done to see if it is genetic. For more information on that, check out the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America site. They have all of the latest information on treatments, studies, medical tests used to dx IBD, etc.

If you still have questions, CCFA has the answers. Good luck.  (+ info)

How can I support a friend who has Crohn's disease?

My friend was recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease. He is taking medication, going to physio, and learning to change the way he eats. Sometimes he is in a lot of pain and is frustrated with his condition. I don't want to baby him, because I don't think that's very empowering, but I want to show him that I take his pain seriously. What kinds of things can I say to him to show my support and to help comfort him?

Thanks for your time

This is coming from someone who HAS Crohn's disease so I hope I can help.
I was diagnosed a year ago and yes, babying isn't the way to go. :) What you can do is listen to what he has to say. Even if all he does is rant about how much he hates it, hes telling you because he wants to be heard. Don't eat foods he used to like in front of him, or drink alcohol excessively in his presence. Honestly, even if its not intentionally, its frustrating. Best you can do is cheer him up with things he enjoys. Like for me, my friends would opt for movies nights that are caffiene-less, popcorn-less and all out tired-high fun (you know when you're REALLY tired but not). Don't constently go on about how he should do 'this' or do 'that' about it. Do be encouraging and a good thing to do is tell him you'll join his diet plan, take sugar pills at the same time he takes his medication and above all wait it out, because once he gets used to the deal, and his Crohn's is under control, you'll be able to find ways to joke about it if he's like me in any way. Don't worry, he may be down now, but you can promise him it'll get better from here. :)  (+ info)

What are the best job's for people suffering with Crohn's disease?

I wondered if there are good job's that allow for good handling of crohn's disease.

hi mark, i've been a crohn's pt. since the age of 12.
People with this illness can do almost anything if they are in remission. We are protected by the 1990 Disability Act. The employers have to make certain accommodations for CD pts. in order for them to do their jobs. They can not fire us based upon our illness.

for more information on it, check out the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America website. They have information on surgery, medications, treatments, diet, and even information on locating a local support chapter. I belong to the one near me & I've even managed to have a few business contacts. You'd be amazed at the # of ppl from all walks of life w/IBD who have successful careers.

Also, CCFA has a live chat & 800 number that is run by healthcare professionals M-F 9 am - 5 pm (EST). You can ask them questions & get straight answers since they are up-to-date on IBD.

My last job was a medical biller at a local hospital I frqeuently go to as a pt. in the ER. My bosses were extremely supportive & come to find out there were 2 other coworkers with IBD so I didn't feel like the odd woman out.

If you ever run into problems at your job due to your Crohn's, contact CCFA. They can guide you & tell you what your options are.  (+ info)

What are the benefits and drawbacks of homeopathic medicine for Crohn's disease?

My daughter was recently diagnosed with Crohn's. She is experiencing some pain in her gut, gets tired and sometimes has joint pain.

My son was diagnosis with Crohn's disease over 2 years ago. the doctor wanted to put him on Humira (after experimenting with several other drugs) which is anexpensive drug with life threating serious side affects. We did some research and wanted to take a new approach to combat His problem. This is what we found out. The liver is producing too much bile that is toxic to the digestive tract. The types of foods you need to eat are those that DO NOT create excessive acid or bile that help in digestion (simply put). The bile is normal unless it is in large quanity or toxic, the acid attacks the food as well as intestinal linings of your stomach
Your body is high in toxins that you need to remove and stop feeding into the problem by the foods you consume and an overactive liver.

1.) "Foods to eat" : water purified, fish, eggs, potatoes,rice, white bread,meat ground up fine or chewed well, skinless chicken cut fine, tortillas, broth, noodles plain with a little butter, plain yogurt with no extra ingredients, Goats milk or rice milk(rice dreams-Walmart) cherrios rice crispies or chex, plain oatmeal and 'most important' 5x/day at each meal and as a snack, legume's black beans, kidney, pinto, buttered,refried, with no lard or spices except salt to start. Sunshine calcium and D'3, Iron supplements(in moderation)
if you are anemic.
2.) "Foods to avoid!": fruit juice,dairy!,milk (hardest to digest, a cow use 4 stomachs!) chips!,processed foods of any kind, fast food of any kind, soda ,msg,sugar,corn, corn syrup,corn sweeteners,wheat products,sweeteners of any kind, coffee, teas,sauces, read the back labels (you are going to be surprised) for added ingredients any thing thats added, adds to your body's toxic level. NO artificial sweeteners. foods that produce too much acid to break down the foods you eat. No alcohol of any kind NO Tabacco. pork, fatty foods.
3.) 'Foods to eat': in moderation after you stop bleeding and start gaining weight or are having no discomfort : certain fruits,steak,venison, peanut butter or almond butter, more plain oatmeal A multi-vitamin with minerals with 100% RDA (not large dose's of any vitamins and 2x daily ,use shaklee as the bench mark for comparison ) of all of the B's, hard cheese, soy milk,well cooked vegetables" Psyillium powder".
4.)The beans,psyillium powder and oatmeal are a soluble fiber that absorb bile and remove the toxins in your body,then the liver will produce more bile but less toxic(simplified for lack of space).
5.)This is not an all inclusive list and your Doctor will disagree with the elimination of drugs, all removal of drugs should be done slowly if you decide to stop taking them, but they will add to your body's toxic level as you continue take them. which will make your Crohn's worse and make you susceptible to other more serious disease's. I am not a specialist in any field or giving medical advice. I also hired KarenHurd.com at a fraction of the cost to teach my son to diet properly but you can go to her web site and get free information, but I recommend you pay her for a short time to get you healthy and on a routine faster. She has a very high success rate. Stress will make it worst so exercise and relax. Most importantly Faith, Hope, and Prayer, you will get better. God is faithful what ever the results. E-mail me if you have any questions and I can help. I don't know if you have crohn's but changing your diet could help you and most of us in America because of the poor nutrition we unknowingly subject ourselves too. Ibs and colitis is similar but the diet still apply's. Routine and a little bit of self disipline and you will be drug free and have more money in the pocket. You may have other complications with the Crohn's because you are now susceptible to all kind of complication's and other disease's because of the medicine you take!  (+ info)

Is the pain caused by Crohn's disease and endometriosis enough to justify morphine daily?

This girl I know in her early 20's has morphine every day. We fear she is addicted. She always looks and sounds strung out, she doesn't work and is mentally unstable. It seems like overkill to me - I know there are things that can be done for endometriosis, but what about Crohn's? What do you think?

hi, I am a crohn's pt. for 28 yrs. Some crohn's pt. are in severe pain almost daily because the newer treatments just don't work for them so they go under a doctor's care for pain management.

Before you judge this poor girl, she may be suffering w/abdominal pain, fatigue, bleeding, the big "D" or "C". You just don't know unless you've been in her shoes.

Check out the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation's site to educate yourself. There is also a live chat & hotline run by healthcare experts who can answer your questions as well as an open forum where you can post this question to others who have IBD (crohn's or ulcerative colitis).

Don't judge a book by its cover. I know many folks w/Crohn's who are on pain management medications because they are not able to take the newer treatments. Check out the CCFA site and EDUCATE YOURSELF. If things get worse for your friend, then yes, definitely step in and talk to her family into getting her help.

It's nice to know that some people actually care when a friend isn't well.  (+ info)

What test diagnosed crohn's disease for you?

I have been sick for about 6 months now, and my GI doctor hasnt found anything yet. My friend recently told me about crohn's disease. When I went on-line to learn more about it, my symptoms fit perfectly with it. I was just wondering, anyone with crohns disease or anyone who knows someone who has it, what test did they do or how did they diagnose you with this disease?

usually it is a sigmoid and colonoscopy. Your GI should do one before he can confirm diagnosis.
Go here for the full battery of tests that they may need to do to diagnose Chron's:
https://www.livingwithcrohnsdisease.com/livingwithcrohnsdisease/crohns_disease/diagnosing_crohns.html  (+ info)

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