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web sites that have facts about how crohn's disease is sometime really parasites?

can anyone give me a link to a credible source that has statistic or has facts about how people diagnosed with crohn's disease often really have parasites?

hi jelly, i am a crohn's pt. It is due to the body rejecting the gut and seeing it as a foreign body due to a weakened immune system.

For more accurate information, check out the Crohn's & Colitis foundation's site. It has everything ranging from testing for CD, treatment, surgery, latest treatments, a live chat and hotline run by health care experts and an open forum you can post this question.

good luck. never heard of parasites as I've never had them and neither have the others I've met.  (+ info)

Can you get your belly button pierced with Crohn's Disease?

I just found out I have Crohn's Disease and I want to get my belly button pierced. Is it possible for me to do this?

Sorry to hear about your diagnoses! I have Crohn's disease and recently had my belly button pierced for the second time(first one grew over). I am currently not on any drug treatments for my CD at this time b/c I am in remission. I did ask my doctor about it before I made the appointment. I would recommend you do the same. Some medications are known as "immune suppressants" and they would not allow your immune system to function properly; therefore; you would not be able to fight off any infections that could occur. I don't think you want to contract flesh eating disease on top of your CD. Not fun!  (+ info)

Once a person begins having Remicade infusions for Crohn's Disease, will they ever be able to stop?

Do Crohn's patients have to take Remicade indefinitely, in order to stay in remission? If Remicade does need to be discontinued, how is that done? Gradually tapering off? Any other Remicade tips? Thank you.

hi elisabeth, i am a female crohn's survivor like yourself.
I was on remicade infusions but had to stop it because it stopped working. If Remicade works, then the infusion schedules will vary according to the pt. and symptoms.

When it first came out, I had the infusion and it kept me in remission for 1 1/2 yrs. Once my symptoms came back, I went in for another infusion. That lasted 1 yr. My 3rd infusion, after a few weeks, I knew it didn't take so I cld my GI and he put me on Entocort. When Humira was approved for Crohn's he cld me and put me on that.

You don't need to taper for Remicade if it stops working. Most infusions are done in an outpt. setting like in a hospital. Plan to spend 7-8 hrs. because the new protocol is premedication w/Benedryl to prevent hives and shortness of breath. Bring a book, ipod, magazine, etc. to entertain yourself as well as something to eat. The nurses will monitor you every 15-20 minutes to make sure there is no reaction.

The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America has a website w/information on the newest treatments, diet info, women's issues, surgery, locating a local support group etc. They even have a hotline & live chat that is run by healthcare workers well versed in IBD M-F 9 am - 5pm. Give them a call and see what they say.

I hope the treatment works for you. This disease is a pain in the butt. no pun intended. Feel free to email me if you have questions. I truly understand your concerns and where you are coming from.  (+ info)

Is there privatized insurance for Crohn's Disease patients? If so, how much does it cost?

I have Crohn's (6 years now) and am currently being treated with Remicade. I need to find a private insurance company that will cover me and hopefully pay a significant portion of the medication costs!

hi, i am a female crohn's pt. depending on if you live in the states or the UK, there should be a support group that can help you. The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America has a website you can go to. They have tons of updated information as well as a live chat and a hotline that you can call and talk to a healthcare expert. They also have a forum where you can post questions to others like yourself.

Hope this information can be of some assistance to you. Best of luck.  (+ info)

Is there a part of your small intestine that tests can not see in testing for crohn's disease?

Is it true that there is a part of of your small intestine that tests can not see or test for crohn's disease?

Yes, there sure is. If you're talking about "scoping" tests. Whether you have a colon or not, it's not possible for a GI doctor to scope you and pass the scope ALL the way throughout your small intestine. I had my entire colon taken out when I was younger, due to it being so diseased, and this is a common surgery for Crohn's and ulcerative colitis. And even with no colon (I have a J-pouch and was originally diagnosed with UC), the GI doc can only go in so far. There is some test (can't remember the name of it), that they don't do much since it's risky and not such an easy thing to do. And it's when they put a scope in your mouth like they do when you have an upper endoscopy done, but they pass it all the way down to your small bowel. That sure isn't a test I'd wanna have done, even being sedated. haha. Normally, when you have an upper endoscopy done, they don't go down that far. I'm pretty sure they just view your esophagus, stomach, etc. And take biopsies of course.

But doctors CAN see all of your small bowel and your entire GI tract on an X-ray, if you get a small bowel follow through done. That is when you drink barium and they take a series of X-rays over a number of hours (however long it takes to get through you), so they can see different areas of your GI tract.

And the one person who answered made a good point with the capsule endoscopy thing. I have never had one done, and they seem useful, but I don't know how common they are in general. I was thinking just now how it would be cool if they could have it where the capsule you swallow for that test is able to take biopsies as it goes through you. haha. That would be pretty amazing. I hope this helps. :)  (+ info)

How can you avoid putting on weight when on a course of steroids for Crohn's disease?

My Girlfriend has been diagnosed with Crohn's deisease and is due to start her treatment which will start with a course of steroids.

She is absolutely dreading putting on the weight that seems to come with this form of medication.

Does anyone know how much weight she can expect to put on and how she can avoid it?

Thanks for your help.

hi graeme, I am a female crohn's pt. for 28 yrs. dxed at the age of 12. Many gastroenterologists are starting to shy away from steroids, Asacol, and Pentasa due to the serious side effects after a long period of time and the fact that they don't really work to keep a pt. in remission.

Have your girlfriend ask her GI if she is a candidate for Entocort. It is a type of steroid BUT it doesn't have the serioud side effects like steroids--weight gain, moon face, mood swings, bone thinning, & cataracts. It gets absorbed into the area where the inflammation is & doesn't go into the blood stream like prednisone that causes side effects.

Other newer treatments are Remicade, Humira, 6MP, Imuran, or Methotrexate. If her MD is persistent on prescribing the prednisone, she should avoid anything, and I mean ANYTHING that has a very high sodium content. It's the sodium that will cause the weight gain. I learned about this when I was 12 and on it for 13 yrs. until the other meds came out, then I was weaned off of it.

If you go to the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America, there is more information for you to check out including diet, meds, surgery, coping, women's issues, as well as locating a local support chapter (highly recommended for you and her to educate yourselves & meet others in the same boat), plus CCFA has a live chat & hotline run by healthcare experts and a forum where anybody can post questions to others who have IBD (inflammatory Bowel Disease--aka Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis).

The key to this illness is to eat healthy when in remission, avoid smoking, avoid drinking alcohol, (both interfere with treatments & cause flare ups), exercise, and educating oneself.

Definitely have her see if she is a candidate for the better treatments. Good luck.  (+ info)

What's an ideal diet for a person with Crohn's disease?

My husband is 37 and has had Crohn's disease for about 15 years. He has been suffering more lately, and finds that most food that is healthy hurts his stomach (fruits, veggies, red meat, etc.) Does anyone know of a healthy diet (or remedy) that has improved their condition (or someone they know)???? (His doctor has suggested agressive treatments such as remecade, however our insurance will not cover enough of the cost in order for us to afford it)

I am sorry your husband has this awful disease.. It is so hard to pinpoint a diet for a person with crohns because each person is different. I am like your husband and I can not eat fresh fruits, veggies, whole milk and red meat. The best thing he can do is keep a food diary. I can usually tolerate potatoes, cheese, crackers, peanut butter, bland chicken, baked fish, shrimp.. I can eat hamburger meat as long as I get like the one with the least amount of fat. I also tolerate ground turkey instead of hamburger meat - and i really cant taste much of a difference. I am currently not on any meds everyday. I have a couple a take as needed. I have been on remicade and they do offer a program for ppl who can not afford it as stated in a post above..   (+ info)

What is the daily dose of Vitamin C for a female with Crohn's Disease.?

I take daily medication for my Crohn's Disease. I also have to take Prilosec for acid reflux. I am usually always eniemic when it comes to my bloodwork. I have to take Vitamin C to help my body to absorb iron that would have been absorbed, if it wasn't for the Prilosec canceling it out.

1,000 mg twice a day.

If I were you, I would read this:
And this:

Since following a blend of McDougall's and Fuhrman's diets, not only have I stopped taking my diabetes medication, I put the Prilosec away... for good. Maybe it's worth looking into a diet change.  (+ info)

What pain meds can you take to help control the pain from Crohn's Disease?

I have a really bad achy to sharp pain in my lower right side from my Crohn's Disease and I am taking Tramadol and/or Vicodin as needed. Tylenol does not help at all whatsoever and I don't want to become dependent on controlled drugs.

I use a medication called Sertal,When necessary, it's composed of hydrochlorate 10 mg, Clonixinato 125 mg. I give the medical break down because I am in another country and its probably called something different where you are. This really stops the pain from the spasms.

Double coated peppermint oil capsules can really help with the pain.

I find the biggest help is change of diet. Since I have changed my way of a eating I no longer suffer with the extreme pain In the intestines. I've enclosed to link to a website that gives very detailed information on how to eat. It talks about irritable bowel syndrome, but it relates to Crohns disease as well. Study the different pages on this website by think you will learn a great deal.  (+ info)

Who has some helpful advice or tips in beginning to deal with crohn's disease?

I work with someone who has finally been diagnosed with something...crohn's. He has always had colon problems & has been through annual colonoscopies....but he doesn't take very good care of hisself & it tends to put him in the hospital for the night every 5 or 6 months. He is in his mid-20's. What advice can I share with him?

Like most people that will post here, I have Crohn's and I got it in my early 20s.

I would say he should keep a food log and then note how he feels afterwards. That way, he can isolate what foods his body can't handle very well.

Make sure he has a good doctor. My doctor has a team that you have to meet with to cover all your issues. I initially saw him, a GI doctor specializing in Crohns, a nutritionist to help me with my diet some, an endocronologist to see how my bones were and if prednisone had hurt them any, and a psychologist to help me understand the emotional side of a chronic disease. It is total centralized care. My doctors are at Vanderbilt University in TN.

You need to be there for him and treat him just like you would before he was sick.

Go to www.ccfa.org. This is a great site that will provide good information out there. After I was diagnosed, I found a website that pretty much convinced me that I had a year to live. Wrong. There is so much bad info out there.  (+ info)

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