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I have a coach driver who wants to start work for me.he has Crohn's Disease,where do i stand with the law.

he starts with me on thursday this week,he as stated on his medical questinaire he as Crohn's Disease.will this cause any effect on driving abiltys??

If he is applying to work he must have everything under control. Most people with crohns have been on meds for a long time and know how to regulate their systems. He should be fine and have no more propblems than any of your other drivers. If he becomes ill he has the same rights as anyone else. You have already hired him and there isn't much you can do. Had you not hired him because of the disease and he was the most qualified...then you would have a problem with the law.  (+ info)

Is it normal for Crohn's disease to act up BECAUSE of sex?

I have severe Crohns Disease. My Crohn's Acts up severely after sex. There is pain in my stomach and I start to bleed to the point of anemia. I am due for my remicade treatment, but I feel like it does get worse =/ Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anything I can do to make the pain stop?

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I have crohn's disease and I'm having a problem with abcesses. How do I treat them w/o going to the dr?

The past couple of weeks I've sprouted dozens of abcesses and I don't have health insurance so I cannot go to the doctor. I know it's a side effect of the crohn's (I have "moderate to severe" crohn's). Any suggestions on how to treat them, make them go away or stop? I won't have health insurance for another month or so, but they are annoying me now.

First of all, I'm sorry to hear this, since I have had Crohn's for years, and a severe case including having my colon removed when I was 18. It would've helped if you had said where these abscesses are. Do you mean around the butt? A lot of times abscesses are internal, and you can't see them. One warning sign of having an abscess, is having a fever. But if it's a small abscess you might not have one.

It sounds like they must be coming out to the skin or are right underneath the skin around your butt since you said you have "sprouted dozens of them." I assume they're tiny but numerous? Also, the person who said to go to a dermatologist, not to sound rude, but that is BAD information and this person who asked this question should definitely see a good gastroenterologist (GI doctor). And from there, they can see if they can be treated non-surgically, like with antibiotics or draining them with a needle, but not like an actual operation. I'd get to a good GI doc asap, and worry about the health insurance stuff later. Your health is much more important than money, and maybe the doc would be nice enough to not bill you if you explain your situation. But if he works in a hospital setting, it's hard to get away with not being billed at all. But I mean, you can always make a payment plan if you end up getting bills from a collection agency. I'm sure some people have taken years to pay one bill off, paying a small amount each month, like if they didn't have health insurance at the time.

And when it comes to dermatologists, yes, it might be good to see one for a non-Crohn's related skin problem. But for someone who knows they have Crohn's disease and since abscesses can go along with Crohn's disease a lot of the time, make sure to see a good GI doctor. I hope this works out well for you and you feel better soon. :)  (+ info)

how easy is it to pass crohn's disease to your children?

If you have teh genetics for crohn's disease, how easy is it to pass to your future children? The genetics that they have discovered for this, are they recessive or dominant? What are the chances that if one person does not have it but the other does, to pass to children? is it 25%?

hi april, as a female crohn's pt. myself for many yrs., I am the only one in my family who has it. No one else including my sister has been affected by it. I have met some folks at the local Crohn's & Colitis support chapter who have CD and have passed down to their kids.

I suggest checking out the CCFA site where it has more of the information you are looking for including a live chat and hotline run by healthcare experts as well as an open forum where you can post your questions to others like yourself.

The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation has support and educational meetings for the pt. as well as their family to educate them about this illness. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the easier it is to deal with it. good luck.  (+ info)

I have crohn's disease and am vegitarian. What do you suggest me eating? What would be good in my diet?

I was told high fiber foods but need some suggestions of high fiber foods to eat. I tried eating nuts the other week which was a mistake. It was one of the worst pains ever in my stomach. Apparently cashews or peanuts are not good for crohn's. It caused a serious flare up and a lot of pain. Can anyone suggest foods that may be good for me and may even make me feel better?

No! High fiber foods are horrible for someone with crohns. I had surgery about 2 months ago because of crohn's. They removed 16 inches of my small intestine because it was so inflicted with ulcers. Eat foods that are very low in fiber. Fiber will scrape your intestines, thus causing more ulcers, and like me, it can cause intestinal bleeding. Cashews and peanuts are not good because they can actually become lodged in the areas of your intestines/colon that are inflammed. Eat foods low in fiber, being vegitarian does not help, but if you steam (i am talking like steam the crap out of them) your vegetables, it helps to lower the fiber in them. Please take care of yourself and get some expert advice, you do not want to go through what I had to, and to be honest, I have heard of worse.

Low fiber
Make a food log. When you eat log it all and then if you have a problem, try to pinpoint what food caused it and stop eating it. This is really helpful.

Hope this helped. God Bless  (+ info)

Are there any sites out there where I can chat or meet people that have Crohn's Disease?

I have just started dating someone that has Crohn's. She has told me some about it and I have looked up alot of things about it online, but I'd love to actually talk to someone that deals with it.

hi, i am a female Crohn's patient. i have dealt w/this since the age of 12. The Crohn's and Colitis foundation of America has a website where you can find information ranging from medications, diet, exercise, surgery, to coping. They also have a live chat and a help line that is run by healthcare professionals well versed in IBD M-F 9 am - 5 pm (EST). Also, on the left side, click on events and chapters, then click on the state you live in. It will show you the nearest CCFA support chapter where you can go to meet others like yourself. The organization encourages family and friends of an IBD pt. to attend their meetings in order to educate themselves.

My husband (then BF) attend the meetings w/me to learn what I was dealing with and what to do when I had a flare up or blockage. That was a Godsend seeing as I had a severe blockage a few months later at his place. He knew that I needed ER care STAT and my GI said that hubby did the right thing....seeking immediate care because the bowel can distend to the size of a basketball and perforate causing serious consequences.

feel free to email me if you have questions.  (+ info)

How does hpv affect men with crohn's disease?

I recently started dating this girl and she revealed to me she had hpv. I myself have crohns disease and am worried about what will happen if we have sex. I read males usually don't have symptoms and are just carriers but because of my weakened immune system am afraid the virus WILL affect me. Can anyone help shed some light on this issue?

very good question, however the answer really depends on alot of factors such as what medications you are on (immunosuppressants and steroids could make this an issue), how your general health is etc. Good for you for thinking ahead and not rushing into a physical relationship without considering the consequences!
I know this sounds lame, but really the best person to ask is your GI or whomever you see for your crohn's since they will have all the information they need in order to give you sound medical advice!
Hope this works out for you two!  (+ info)

My son recently diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. What does it mean when he says his stomach feels bubbly?

He is not in a lot of pain on the 10 scale, like a 2. Just wondering what it means or what he is trying to describe when he walks around holding his stomach and says "bubbly." I have never heard this expression to describe a stomach ache. I do not have Crohn's and all of this is new to me. Should I be concerned or is this one of the norms for Crohn's patients?

i myself am a teen with crohn's. my best guess would be that his stomach is very active and kind of gurgully, almost like when you get hungry. It could also be gas. This is fairly normal and it doesnt nessasarily mean an outbreak. However if he is in the bathroom in excess of 2 or three times a day then you should be worried  (+ info)

Can Crohn's disease cause a blood clot to go to your head?

I went to a funeral tonight for a friend who had Crohns disease and they said that he died from a blood clot that went to his head. He was in an abusive relationship so I was wondering if foul play may be the cause of his blood clot.

hi, i am a female crohn's pt. it is a well known fact that Crohn's can cause blood clots in a pt. especially when they are flaring. I had a stroke 2 yrs. ago and the first thing the doctors told me that when CD flares in a patient, the blood tends to get sticky causing clots.

I did more research and even asked my GI, hemotologist, and primary care MD and they said the same thing. IBD (crohns or ulcerative colitis) can cause clotting when it flares up. Per this exerpt from "Inflammatory Bowel Disease A Guided for Patients & Their Families by Stanley H. Stein, MD & Richard Rood, MD---pg 60
"There is an increased risk for blood clots during the active intestinal inflammation due to an increase in inflammatory cell chemicals that promote clotting. The risk usually decreases w/successful therapy of IBD but may persist in those w/CD who smoke. (CCFA sells this book or check your local library)

In another book, Crohn's Disease & Ulcerative Colitis (Everything You Need To Know) by Fred Saibil, MD--pg 164----It is well recognized that some IBD pts. have abnormalities of the blood-clotting mechanism, resulting in an increased tendency to form blood clots in otherwise healthy blood vessels. There are approx. 13 different chemicals known as "clotting factors", some of which are increased in some pts. with IBD. In addition, many pts. have an elevated platelet count, esp. during flareups of IBD. Platelets are blood cells that are very important inthe formation of blood clots. Certain conditions predispose many sick ppl, w/a variety of acute & chronic diseases, to develop unwanted blood clots. Most of the clots in IBD pts. are in veins. The common locations are in the leg veins, pelvic veins, but veins anywhere in the body can be involved.

For more information, go to the CCFA website. there you can find more information on other side effects of IBD, diet info, medication, surgery, locate a local support group, plus chat online live or call their 800# M-F 9 am - 5 pm (EST). All these resources are run by healthcare professionals well versed in IBD.  (+ info)

which white cells attack the body when one has crohn's disease?

one or more of the white blood cells are harming the body when a person is diagnosed with crohn's disease. Which cells do this attacking of the body. Crohn's disease is an autoimmune disease.

hi, i am a crohn's pt. check out crohn's and colitis foundation's site and post this question on their open forum. You'll get a better response as there are many folks with IBD that can help.

There is also a live chat and hotline that is run by healthcare experts, topics on how it's dxed, tested, latest meds, surgery, diet, etc.

good luck.  (+ info)

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