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What are the strategies for preventing contamination and cross-infection?

The most important thing to do is you wash your hand... it is a universal precaution in dealing with patients especially in hospital... a 15 seconds of handwashing with much friction will do...  (+ info)

What are the principles for avoiding cross infection?

I assume this is for a skin infection, given your posting area?

Wear gloves when touching infected areas, and wash your hands regularly as a general precaution. You can buy cheap boxes of disposable gloves from any chemist (look in the first aid section), or ask your doctor for a box.

Always keep any cuts or grazes covered.

Don't share towels, even hand towels. Wash towels on a hot wash.

Use a strong disinfectant like Flash or bleach to regularly clean places the infection might have touched - like the toilet seat, the bath etc.

If the infection is on more than one site, or more than one person then change gloves etc before treating each site.

If treating with cream etc, use a different tube for each place if it has to be directly applied, or put it onto a (clean) finger first to avoid contaminating the tube.

Just use your common sense, too - if an infection is on a foot, don't share socks or shoes, and don't allow the infected person to run around barefoot. If the infection is on the face don't share pillows.

If it is a different sort of infection, like an eye infection, make sure you don't touch the good eye after touching the infected eye, without first washing your hands.  (+ info)

Is it against cross infection for a dentist to take his dog into his practice daily?

That's unsanitary and I don't think that is proper. The Dentist should have someone take care of his dog while he or she is at work.

I guess there can be cross contamination of germs when the dog dirties the Dentist all over and then the Dentists works on a patient.

I have even heard of an obgyne bringing his or her dog to their practice daily.  (+ info)

My 13 year old cross collie has a yeast infection?

He has just been diagnosed with an under active thyroid which he is now been treated for but we cannot get rid of the yeast infection. This causes scabs and loss of fur plus the smell. He has used Maleseb shampoo and has also been on antibiotics, but it always returns once the treatment has finished. HELP does anyone know a treatment apart from filling the vets pockets with my money


I am dealing with this for the last year....after having our rescued huskey/shepard for 2 years and a previous vet not testing/catching the problem.

Our dog is about 12 years old. She was in a very abusive home...they kenneled her in a crate too small for her, and frequently dumped her at another family member's house who would just leave her locked in a room with food/water. They REFUSED to trim her nails...as it was "cruel", so she had corkscrew nails, and they are STILL a little longer than normal, but, we have come a LONG way in the last 3 years, and TREMENDOUS progress in the last year.

She was going to the vet last year weekly for baths (first product applied to her coat is KetoChlor...this is the SHAMPOO part of the bath. must sit on the coat for 5 minutes or more. Second part AFTER the coat is rinsed is ResiCORT. this is hydrocortizone rinse....this STAYS on the coat to help with itching. she was weekly with baths at first, then every other week, then every 3 weeks, then monthly). HUGE difference after 3 weeks. (ViraBac makes these products, and I purchased them so I could do the baths at home myself after a few weeks).

IMPORTANT....food. she had to go on a protein/carb source that she hadn't been on before. I had been doing lamb/rice the eukanuba natural when we started with the new vet, and since we already did chicken, and beef is too common for dog food, it had to be DIFFERENT formula. We went with WELLNESS which I HIGHLY recommend. you do not have to get it at the vets office, and they were NOT affected at ALL with the whole chinese corn gluten/melamine poisoning. Initially we did WHITE FISH with SWEET POTATOE. we just did the dry kibble, and when she was extra hungry, we added no salt added green beans (partial can) to her food....she LOVED IT. she did well with that.

After a while, the vet wanted to try to help her lose weight as well, so, thought we MAY be able to switch her BACK to normal protein source/weight management food. poor doggy...she LOST 5 pounds, but...the yeast/staph was right back....itching up a storm, looked miserable, like she was back on deaths door.

We also had the maleseb pledgets (which are miconazole by the way), and they are expensive.

She is on Keflex usually each month to help control the chronic staph which is a side effect of having yeast go uncontrolled for so long, and itching all the time....itching opens the skin, leads to infection.

The yeast can be in the gastro-intestinal tract as well....so, need to follow the allergy diet.

Well, after they switched her food to the weight control one, and she got out of control, I stopped it, put her BACK on the white fish diet....since she was already on it...didnt work very well. SO, I put her on the Wellness DUCK formula. It is specifically for allergies. She loves that kind too. HUGE DIFFERENCE after only 3 weeks of my bathing her, antibiotics 10 days out of the month, and the food.

She also had ITRAKONAZOLE which is a pill antifungal/antiyeast that she takes 2 days a week....this helps as well. This is usually about $3 a day....she is 100 pounds about...so, yours may not be as much.

NOW, what I did to save money...first, I let the vet know while I was in with him, that money was tight (my husband was going through cancer surgery when this first happened, and I am disabled, so no income)....but, wanted to help the dog. He gave me the antibiotic as cheaply as he could, and let me know to check the internet, as well as canadian pharmacies to see if any of this could be cheaper (I live in the USA).

Let me know that as she got better, I could bath her at home once it got warmer and she wasnt bothering my asthma as much---when she is REALLY BAD, I can tell...I wheeze. The cost of the 2 products to wash her was less the the $50 to give her a bath, which $50 to bath her is 1/3 of what the local grooming place charges!!

I get the script for the keflex written or called in to WALMART....it is a $4 generic script, and since they give us 40, not the 28 or 30 which is the max that walmart gives for $4, it still only costs me $5 or so....a savings of $20 or more a months.

I get miconazole cream from walmart....$5 for a "7 day" treatment tube with the little plastic things that my dog doesnt need (LOL). I asked the vet about this first, and they said it was fine to do....I can buy 8 tubes of this for the price of ONE maleseb pledgets (they look like little stridex wipes) jar.

I SPEND the money on the itraconazole...since it works, and it is worth the money.

I give her benedryl daily to help her with her itch and the obsessive compulsive licking she has developed from having the skin condition untreated for so long.

I spend the money on WELLNESS food...my st bernard (smaller than most...only 150 and he doesnt eat as much as most people think he would...maybe 3 cups a day) eats the same food. Totally...5 cups a day between the 2 of them....about $80 a month....and I get it locally from a feed store near us (agway) so, I could get it shipped, possibly for cheaper.

I use cream cheese to give the medicine to the dog....keflex smells like MOLD....small about of cream cheese spread over the 2 capsules she gets...hides the pills and she will just take them quickly. Same thing with benedryl (which has a bitter taste, so I want to make sure it goes down well...and she dont spit it out and the other dog eats it, or she just doesnt get it and is miserable and tears herself open.)

I keep ZYMOX on hand...ear enzyme treatment....to treat the yeast in the ears, and keep her from tearing her face open while trying to relieve the itch she just can seem to get.

I keep a spray on hand from the vet as well...pump...has hydrocortizone added to an antibacterial (like bactine?)...so, if I get up in the morning and find out she AGAIN tore her face open...I can start treating it, and help her before it gets worse.

REALIZE...dogs ITCH after bathing them...oil and water dont mix. I pretreat her with benedryl. Also, antibiotics and streoids are a wonderful way to INVITE yeast, but...sometimes, you NEED to do antibiotics (like for chronic staph, or to control inflammation/itch).

One last thing...I recently started her on acidophillis chewable wafers. Strawberry, milk free. 3 a day. has bifidus in them. VERY inexpensive, and I got them at cvs...100 for about $7. Helps with yeast, and when on antibiotics, as well as the digestive tract.

All in all...in the last 3 weeks since I changed the food, restarted the baths, and started the acidophillis, HUGE difference.

Just make sure....allergy diet...NO TABLE FOOD. Just about NO DOGGY TREATS!!

I give her "brown rice crisps" (I have a food allergy, so I have gluten free crackers...they are crispbreads made just from brown rice (brown rice is ok, WHITE RICE is NOT!!). when she has had a very traumatic time ....either debrieing her ears, or bathing her, or doing ear medicine, or trimming toenails, I give her small pieces of them....lets her still have treats that are SPECIAL for her, but, ok on her allergy diet, and convienent.

Hope this helps, and sorry for how long it is.  (+ info)

I'm a daoctor/ My specialiti is Infection deseases.How can I get job in Red Cross?

first learn to spell and then apply... thanks for the 2 points  (+ info)

how will you reduce the risk of cross infection?

To advise on ts question one would have to know where the risk of cross infection came from.  (+ info)

If you tarred everyone with the same brush would it cause cross infection?

Ewww you mean you wouldnt dip into Dettol in between times?! I just had my tea and feel quite sick!

On the real front I think tarring all with same brush shows a harsh side of your own personality and a closure of all other opinions except your own..and altho you are a meglomaniac you arent that bad really :0D  (+ info)

infection and cross infection?

what are the principles and causes of infection and cross infection. struggling with coursework atm and cant find anything in my books or on google xD

Many of the micro-organisms that cause illness usually live on us or in us harmoniously causing no harm. We all have millions of different types of bacteria living on our skin, in our throats and in our large intestine. Many are beneficial to us. They also protect us by keeping out external bacteria that could cause disease.

However even these beneficial bacteria can cause harm if they are where they shouldn't be. Bacteria living harmlessly on the skin for example can cause problems if they enter a wound. Also, some micro-organisms that live harmlessly on some people can bring about disease if they come into contact with others – some meningitis causing bacteria for example.

We have viruses living with us as well. Some reside in our bowel whilst others like Herpes viruses stay dormant in our cells only becoming activated when our immune system is low or the body is stressed in some way. They then appear as shingles, cold sores or genital herpes depending on type.

This symbiotic relationship can break down for a number of reasons resulting in what we recognise as a disease state. The skin is our first defence against infection; when intact it keeps micro-organisms out of the tissues. The skin is also covered with a thin film of oil and this prevents certain types of bacteria infecting the skin.

Mucus, the viscous fluid that coats the inside of the nose, throat, airways and genital tract is another defence against infection.

When micro-organisms break through these barriers to infect our tissues other types of defence come into play. Phagocytosis, part of the inflammatory process, involves white blood cells engulfing the invading bacteria. This process is aided by antibodies. These are proteins which coat and kill micro-organisms.

Cross infection is the physical movement or transfer of harmful bacteria from one person, object, or place to another, or from one part of the body to another (such as touching a staph-infected hand to the eye). When this cross infection occurs in a hospital or long-term care facility it is called a nosocomial infection. Community-acquired infections are those contracted anywhere except a hospital or long-term care facility.

Cross infections are caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites that may already be present in the patient's body, or they may come from the environment, contaminated hospital equipment, health care workers, visitors, or other patients. A localized infection is limited to a specific part of the body and has local symptoms. An infected surgical site, for example, would exhibit an area that is red, hot, and painful. A generalized infection that enters the bloodstream causes general systemic symptoms such as fever, chills, low blood pressure, boils all over the body, or mental confusion.

Cross infections can occur from surgical procedures, catheters placed in the urinary tract, intravenous fluid sites, or when moisture droplets from the nose or mouth are inhaled into the lungs. The most common cause of cross infection is the failure of health care workers to wash their hands after taking off latex gloves or before donning a new pair. The most frequent types of cross infections occurring in facilities are urinary tract infections , pneumonia, surgical site infections , and blood stream infections.

When we are stressed, malnourished, have an underlying medical condition and our resistance is low we are more likely o succumb to infection.
More details on the links.  (+ info)

hygiene what is cross infection, direct contact infection, indirect contact infection and secondary infection?

I have just started training as a beauty theropist and need to find out the answers to this question

cross infection is when you transfer one infection one one person to antother, to stop this wear gloves, wash hands after each customer, this keeps you protected and other customers  (+ info)

"Cross infection in general ward"?

As an Administrator we are required to investigate:-
"Cross infection in general ward"
How to proceed?

  (+ info)

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