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Trauma in youth can lead to cracked psyche, and other disorders?

Something like a near death experience, almost drowning, etc etc. In youth, can this cause serious mental disorders to occur as the child matures, and possibly doesn't even remember the traumatic experience at all?
i sharpen, did you go through and give negative rating to all but your cracked out answer?

The TRUTH, is that can only happen (if) they try to go through it without Jesus Christ in their heart as their Lord and Savior.

Jesus Christ is the ONLY answer for everyone.

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cumulative trauma disorder?

ergonomics +carpel tunnel syndrome

A common diseases that affect the soft tissues of the body. In itself is not a disease. Also known as repetitive stress injury (RSI), overuse strain (OS), and occupational overuse syndrome (OOS).

Caused due to using muscles and joints after they have become fatigued, or overly tired, increases the likelihood of injury. Overloaded muscles and soft tissues without proper rest have no chance to recover fully.

Rest and relaxation is the front-line defenses in the prevention. Use of Sujok therapy and seed therapy can help manage pain.  (+ info)

Can trauma in infancy cause post traumatic stress disorder thoughout the infants entire life?

I was burned over 90 percent of my body at 3 months old. I was sleeping and a nearby pan of boiling water fell on top of me in my crib. My life has been plagued with nervous disorders, panic attacks, depression and CONSTANT anxiety.

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Do all psychological disorders have something to do with the brain?

I know some are caused by childhood trauma and stuff like that but doesn't the brain have to store those memories and isn't that really the thing causing the mental disorders? the memories? Why can we just make a pill to remove all negative memories. electroshock therapy does it temporarily. i don't understand.

They all lead up to the brain right? all mental disorders? If the brain didn't exist we would have the issues...

I think so, yeah. Even if it were a disorder caused by neglect or something it would still be related to the brain because the brain basically controls everything (and as you said-memories)  (+ info)

Carpal Tunnel Caused by Non-cumulative Trauma?

I need a couple of journal articles that support the link between a single episode of trauma, such as a distal radius fracture, and the development of carpal tunnel syndrome confirmed on EMG.

Cleve Clin J Med. 1999 Mar;66(3):159-64.
J Hand Surg [Br]. 2006 Jun;31(3):256-60. Epub 2005 Dec 20.
Acta Orthop. 2005 Dec;76(6):873-7  (+ info)

Treating sleep disorders due to head trauma?

In 2006 I had a car accident and had trauma to the left side of my head in the area right above where my ear is. I had a hairline fracture in my skull. I had a cat scan done and there was no brain injury sustained. Since my injury I’ve been experiencing fatigue throughout the day and trouble sleeping. Before the accident I use to sleep well with no problems and would wake up the next morning with energy all day. Now I wake up a few times during the night and only get about 5 hours of sleep, once I’m awake I cannot go back to sleep. I’ve been doing some research online and it seems quite common for people to suffer from sleep disorders after experiencing head trauma. Therefore, I believe my fatigue and various other symptoms that I use to never experience before the accident, one being irritability, is due to not getting enough sleep at night. With the research I have conducted, I have come to the conclusion that I have two options: Number one is to treat myself with time released melatonin (I believe my circadian sleep rhythms may have been disrupted), or number two going to see a sleep specialist/or maybe a neurologist instead?

Any advice or tips would be much appreciated.

I don't think it's a physical or chemical thing, I think maybe you suffered some kind of emotional trauma, and that is causing your trouble sleeping. Have you tried going to bed and getting up at the same time each night and day, and ever sleeping during the day? Sometimes your sleeping patterns can go a bit off.
There are also some herbal remedies that you could try like nytol.
I wouldn't self-diagnose and try expensive remedies without consulting a specialist. If the problem continues to go on, then yes, I would see a sleep specialist/ neurologist.  (+ info)

What disorders can be caused by Childhood Trauma?

I have all the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder and I think I have that. But my opinion does not matter. My Psychiatrist at first said I have a Severe and Complex History of Anxiety Disorder but I never told her my feelings. Until last week. Then she said she thinks I have something caused by trauma (Because I told her about my childhood) And that Anxiety is just the tip of the ice burg and she is concerned and that my symptoms are severe.

So what may I have? Is BPD caused by Childhood Trauma?

A lot of different disorders can be rooted in unresolved childhood trauma and yes BPD is one of them. There is no way to actually know what you have until you spend a lot of time getting an in-depth assessment where you're completely open. Don't diagnosis yourself, trust me, most people find some way that they meet the criteria for many many disorders. If you're finding you've been working with your doc for awhile and he's not getting it all, nor are you able to share all you need to you may also want to see a therapist as typcially they have more time to see clients and can work in conjunction with a psychiatrist.  (+ info)

Is it possible for an individual to have all of these disorders at the same time?

Is it possible for an individual to have OCD, bipolar 1, schizophrenia, and multiple personality disorder at the same time? Would this indicate major brain trauma?

The combination of Schizophrenia and Bipolar is actually called Schizoaffective Disorder, so yes those two occur together frequently enough to have it's own name. Bipolar and OCD are also frequently seen together. It would not be common to have all of those disorders but it is certainly possible........... Mental illnesses are not caused by brain trauma but by chemical imbalances in the brain... similar to how diabetes is a chemical imbalance of sugar in the blood.......

I have been diagnosed with Bipolar 1, C-PTSD, DID NOS, and Schizoid PD..............  (+ info)

Can head trauma cause autism spectrum disorder?

I took my son to the dr recently and my dr mentioned that the severe trauma I received while 35 weeks pregnant could have caused my son's autism...Any one else heard of this?

The core genes for autism were identified two years ago by 137 scientists in over 50 locations in 9 countries around the world.

Since then, more genes have been identified.

All environmental causes and triggers, including vaccines, bad parenting, and head trauma have been ruled out as the cause for autism by these scientists and those that peer reviewed those studies.

Go here for more information: www.mic.mypodcast.com  (+ info)

It it possible that recent trauma can combine with years of serious past trauma to cause a delayed reaction?

Such as a delayed but severe panic disorder, post traumatic stress, or agoraphobia or the like.

Is it common for extreme trauma or torture, spread out over a long time, to just hit you hard all of a sudden years later under the right conditions, like a slow buildup of signs over the years, then... BAM major reaction later?

Absolutely, in fact ptsd and agoraphobia and severe panic disorders usually don't happen until the victim is in a place of relative safety. After living for years in survival mode, in the grips of the 'fight or flight' response, it takes years sometimes for the mind and body to begin relaxing enough to begin the healing process.

As frightening as they are panic disorder, ptsd, bipolar and agoraphobia are the beginnings of the journey back into sanity and reality. Or for the very first time for some of us.  (+ info)

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