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How can abusing Adderall cause sudden death?

How and why can Adderall cause sudden death if you take more milligrams than prescribed?
Also can this happen to anyone? Even if they have taken more than the recommended dose before?

this shouldn't concern you if you are taking medicine as prescribed by your dr.
Do you take adderall? How does it feel when you take one?
Does it wake you up some? Does it make your heart beat faster?
It is an amphetamine. It can (in high doses, or in people who are susceptible) cause a rapid heartbeat, unmask an arrhythmia or cause an arrhythmia in an otherwise healthy individual. As time goes by, and the bean counters start compiling post marketing data, I think you will see these drugs pulled from the market and plenty of work for the lawyers.
Enjoy  (+ info)

Where can I get an interview on Sudden Infant Death?

I am a 6th grader looking for an interview. I need someone who has been through the tragic Sudden Infant Death. Your identity will be kept but only my classmates will know about you. I am writing a research paper on SIDS and I need an interview in order to complete my paper. If you could give me your e-mail address and I will send you 6-8 questions. Thank you!

I think vaccines and lack of co-sleeping and not breast feeding could have to do with it. Also smoking around a child and drug use.  (+ info)

How high is risk of heart attack (sudden cariac death) if basic hearth tests are ok?

i heard there is still considerable risk of sudden cardiac death although my EKG/ECG as well as Echocardiogram as well as blood tests (cholestrol levels) look good. ....

...reason being plaque in coronary arteries can be high regardless of good results of above mentioned tests.

is it true? if so, how to early detect such risks ?

Sudden cardiac death is a type of heart attack...(25% of all heart attacks-and thats your first sign..i.e.sudden death)the other 75% are various types of heart attacks named after the location of the arteries in your heart that's affected.

A ECG test (at rest) is always done as a baseline for a physical,but it's really not much help in determining a NEW case of coronary artery disease (CAD).
Family history, gender(male),smoker,diabetes and cholesterol are much better predictors for CAD.
The best test's in descending order to determine CAD is:
An arteriogram,where they put dye in your arteries and take xrays,next would be a thalium stress test-(treadmill plus special IV dye),then plain stress test,
*The "heart scans,lifescans" are getting better(these are like superfast "cat scans") The main problem with them is that they detect "old" hard plaque(calcium build up inside your arteries)but they don't detect soft plaque(fatty like deposits inside your artery walls) which can break off and flow downstream and cause strokes or coronary artery blockages..i.e heart attacks.  (+ info)

How does sudden cardiac death work in teenagers?

I'm 16, I have difficulty breathing when I exercise, and I sometimes get panic attacks/dizzy spells. I'm not an athlete, so I don't play any sports. If a teenager has a heart problem, are they still at risk for sudden cardiac arrest even if they don't play a sport/heavily exercise?

Sudden Cardiac Death in teenage years is typically related to either a genetic (hereditary) disorder which predisposes you to ventricular arrhythmias (the cause of SCD), for concern for this just look back to your family history to find if anyone had died unexpectantly - and without a history of drug use - before their 30th birthdays. Typically we find a significant family history with little effort in these individuals that genetic testing is not really necessary.

A simple ultrasound (echo) can identify patients with a dilated or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (a structural abnormality in the heart) which is the other main, typically non-genetic, cause of SCD. In the end, strict control of weight, blood pressure, and good dietary choices will help stave off eventual life-style causes of cardiomyopathies. But if there is any true concern, an echocardiogram would be highly advised for diagnosis for cardiomyopathies.  (+ info)

Do some heart diseases mixed with wrong pills cause a sudden death?

Okay, this is important so please answer seriously. If someone has a left bundle branch block and they take a sleeping pill such as seroquel what happens? Is it possible that if the person is also porphyritic and has a lot of differendiseasesss that prevent them from taking certain pills that it could cause ventricl fibrillationtion or sudden death?

You would have to ask your heart doctor.  (+ info)

How do I help my 18 year old son get over the sudden death of his father?

He had spend quality time with him the night before he passed of a sudden heart attack in his sleep. He did not live with us we were divorced.

If his father was already ill (hence the quality time the night before?) then your son had probably already started the grieving process. Which is a good thing, in a way.

Either way, whenever we lose someone, it hurts and its different every time.

In my experience, boys/men don't necessarily like or want to talk about their feelings. Its not essential that he does talk, but make the offer of counselling available. Just be ready for the fall-out, as and when it occurs. Be consistent. Be there. Be prepared for it not to even happen this year, but next or even a long time after.

My father-in-law died unexpectedly (also from a heart attack) when my husband was 24 and his younger brother and sister were 14 and 12. He was also divorced from their mothers. For the first 6 months afterwards, he immersed himself in his studies, very successfully. But from then on it was a struggle to remain focussed and realise the need to work.

We're some years past that now and although my father-in-law is very much still a part of our lives, sadly lost, we remember him with love and affection as well as a little anger for leaving us! We try to keep his humour and love of life's quirks and small indulgences alive so that our children can, in a way, know him too.

I am sad for your loss and his, but know that although the pain never goes away, it changes and you learn to cope. Your son will learn to cope, just let him know that you will be there for him if he ever wants to talk, shout, get angry, cry or whatever, whenever.

If it helps, establish a small ritual either on his fathers birthday or the day he died. Light a candle, have a whisky and just remember him. It may open up avenues of communication between you and your son, that otherwise wouldn't arise.

I wish you both well.  (+ info)

A pal of mine has just been diagnosed as suffering from Sudden Death Syndrome?

A pal of mine has just been diagnosed as suffering from Sudden Death Syndrome, question is, should i treat him any different to the rest of my pals?

of course not! He is probably feeling pretty naff anyway. If he wants a kick about, have one. At least if he goes, he'll be happy. How old is he? His parents might be the one who is trying to treat him differently, as in keeping him in and not letting him out etc...

Check out this for more info in the condition - it says he is more likely to die in his sleep, so when he is awake, he would probably like to lead a normal life as possible:
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/medical_notes/424813.stm  (+ info)

how high is risk of heart attack (sudden cariac death) if basic hearth tests are ok?

i heard there is still considerable risk of sudden cardiac death although my EKG/ECG as well as Echocardiogram as well as blood tests (cholestrol levels) look good. ....

...reason being plaque in coronary arteries can be high regardless of good results of above mentioned tests.

is it true? if so, how to early detect such risks ?

being a heart patient myself i wouldn't think it to be high. i suffer from the same disease, and it would be my thought that if your cardiologist thought you were at high risk they would have recommended you to get a pacemaker/defibrillator
which would be a help should that occur. i have one but have been a heart patient for the last 14 years. have 9 stents and have had quadrupole heart bi-pass, and one heart attack.
my thought to you would be that if you start felling chest pains
get to an e-r right away or call for an ambulance. the ambulance would probably be best. take two 325 mg. aspirin
those tests you were given are Pretty good at showing weather you're in trouble or not. ask them weather or not you should carry nitroglycerin tabs with you at all time just in case. if they say it's not a bad idea ask them to prescribe them that they come in a four pack of 25 tabs per bottle. that way you can keep some in different locations just in case. that's what i do.
OHHHHH i didn't mention all the medications I'm on. it's a lot.
stress is one of the problems. have you done a stress test?
if you have and nothing showed up your probably o.k. at this time.
good luck.  (+ info)

How do I move forward after the sudden death of my fiance?

The man I love died suddenly of heart failure, this has been a big shock for me and I have had a really hard time dealing with it. My family has told me to "get over it" but I cant. I am trying to find out if life will ever get any easier again and how do I find the ability to move on?

Losing someone you love is one of the most difficuklt things to cope with. Just saying "get over it" is probably the most insensitive advice that anyone can give (however, often people say that simply because they don't know what else to say, not because they don't care). If you are not an atheist, turn to God. It was tragedy that brought me to that point. However, even if you are religious, loss of a loved one can be completely overwhelming.

So, from a phsycological perspective and from personal experience, here is my advice...First and foremost, believe me when I say that although nothing can comfort you now, it will get better with time. Second, remember the wonderful times that you shared and feel happy about those rather than regretful of the time you didn't have. Finally, don't dwell on the fact that you miss him. You loved this man very deeply. Undoubtedly, he taught you things about yourself and about life that you will never forget. Remember those things and honor his memory by living your life as he would have wanted you to. One of the best ways to get over depression is by getting out and doing things for other. It's hard to get started sometimes, but it really does help. And finally, know that my heart goes out to you, and my prayers are with you.  (+ info)

How does stuffed animals increase the chances of sudden infant death syndrome?

If there are toys in the crib, on the opposite side of the crib will that affect the baby? (the baby wont be sleeping on the same side as the stuffed animals are. the toys will not be near him). also are bumpers bad to use in the crib?

burping a baby too hard causes sid? (something i just read) is this true?

Well, if your baby is not moving around yet, then the stuffed animals should not be able to suffocate. however, my daughter started moving around very very early, so why risk it? Sids is not caused from burping a baby too hard. If you burp a baby too hard, its because you're frustrated, and you shouldnt be near a baby if you're that frustrated. Good luck  (+ info)

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