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I have delayed sleep phase syndrome. What can I do about it. I have to function during the day.?

You're one up on me from 7 years ago in that at least you've been correctly diagnosed. They thought I had everything from epilepsy to a psychological disorder.

Eventually they gave me some pretty good sleeping pills which worked for a while but after a month my tolerance got such that I had to go cold turkey. I was awake for four days. I don't use the pills anymore.

This is the only thing that works for me. I hope you have a strong constitution if you try this.

1) Every night at 10pm TV goes off. No radio. No internet. No books. Nothing.

2) Two shots of liquor. I use rum or vodka and a beer chaser. the beers importance is clear in part 4. Set alarm for 1 hour before you "need" to get up.

3) Put a can of caffeinated soda(mountain dew, coke...) on your night stand. Go to bed. Do not get up. Do not move. It won't work on the first couple nights but eventually it will. At the very least you get rest if not sleep.

4) When your alarm goes off the first thing you'll notice is that you have to go to the restroom(beer). This forces you to get up and get moving. Do not turn off your alarm. Keep it on snooze until it's actually time to get up. When you get back to bed drink at least a couple big gulps of that warm soda. You can't drink hot coffee fast enough to get the full effect quickly enough.

5) Lay back down and sleep if you can. Keep hitting the snooze until you are actually ready to get up or you run out of time drinking a gulp of the soda every time.

6) Don't drink more than 2 cups of coffee during the day and don't drink anything caffeinated after 11am.

I'm a programmer and have to be analytical 8 hrs a day. I've been living this way for about 3 years now.

Of course I could be wrong. I have been drinkin'

;)  (+ info)

If you lost all sexual function how do you think you would reacte/ cope?

When I say sexual function I mean: extremely low libido (sexual drive), no euphoric response to stimuli, no physical arousal, delayed orgasm, genital anesthesia. This is what Im dealing with!

Do you have diabetes? These are some of the symptoms. If you dont know then go get tested, make the dietary changes you need, exercisse,and get healthy .
Have your hormones , thyroid, sex,adrenal, cortisol, anddheas levels checked.

Otherwise, if you can do nothing about it, then go zen. Be mellow, practice your faith. no biggie.  (+ info)

If someone were to have a lack of triiodothyronine (T3), could this create delayed development in a person?

What I really want to know is weather or not a lack of the thyroide hormone triiodothyronine, congenital or not, slow the growth process and/or create delayed development? Because I know that triiodothyronine is responsible for a range of function's in the body ranging from growth to body temperature.

Hi- Try these sites below regarding T3 in a person's lab level and the norm. Hope this helped. Good luck! Take care!

webmd.com  (+ info)

how do i use the delay start function in a GE microwave?

cooking: microwave question

I don't Know  (+ info)

How is the graft tension currently set during an ACL reconstruction procedure?

How does the surgeon know how tight to make the graft.
Is there a device used? If not, is there a certain technique?

In the cases I was first assist, we would place the graft, then bend the knee up to perform a lachmans test, then a pivot shift test to make sure that the action of the replacement would provide stability expected from the ACL. To bring in other equipment would be problematic, as it is all sterile on the operation field.  (+ info)

Lighteners that could work on a skin graft?

I have a skin graft on my toe and it is quite dark. I have skin grafts in other areas and they're pretty equal to the skin around them, but this one is different for some reason. Anyways I'm just wondering if someone has tried a good lightener who had a problem similar to mine. Natural remedies are great too. Thanks.

Dermatologists can prescribe creams that will lighten your skin. I've used one successfully, but the name escapes me right now. I'll post again if I think of it.  (+ info)

What is the recovery time on a tendon graft?

I have a torn tendon in my foot. I will be having surgery to repair it and they will be putting a graft in. How painful is this recovery and how long will it be?

I know more about hand surgery, but I'm sure it is very similar. When we do tendon grafts or repair torn tendon it requires an average of 8-12 weeks of total healing time. First you will be put in a restrictive brace, then typically in something that allows you to move but in a protected way, & then you will need therapy. Good luck.  (+ info)

What bone would be used in a bone graft to replace the shaft of the radius?

My mother was just diagnosed with bone cancer and she was told she would need a bone graft in the shaft of her radius. Which bone whould be likely to be used?

It depends on a number of factors such as how much bone needs to be replaced. Another factor would be the training her surgeon has had.

Most commonly, bone grafts are taken from a persons hip. If the graft that is needed is very large, or there is concern that the bone cancer may have traveled to other bones, they may choose to use either an artificial bone grafting material or a bone that has come from a deceased person that has generously donated their bones.

Unfortunately, this is an answer that can only come from her doctor.

The best of luck to you and your family. May your mother have a speedy recovery.  (+ info)

What happens if the graft in your aorta begins to close?

Is it deadly? What is the chance of death?
My sister is mentally and physically disabled and has many heart issues. We were told that the graft in her Aorta was closing or shutting itself from the heart.

The aorta supplies oxygenated blood to the body. If it is becoming narrowed it will not be able to supply adequate blood supply to the organs. If it closes completely it would be incompatible with life as no blood would get to the brain or organs.
This may need to be surgically repaired to reopen the graft.  (+ info)

Is it normal for gum graft tissue to be loose a week and a half after surgery?

I had Gum Graft surgery about a week and a half ago, and I had to get my stitches removed after a week because they became loose. Everything appears to be healing well, but in one area the new tissue is still loose. Is this normal?

No its not, go see your dr asap  (+ info)

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