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How does dental deep cleansing work?

to treat calculus or something similar, where plaque has built up underneath the gums?
and does it hurt a lot? How much does it cost to have done?

In a series of four appointments (2 if you don't mind having half your mouth being numb for a couple of hours) they anesthetize one quarter of your mouth. Then with special instruments they go underneath your gums to scrape away the build up of plaque. This stops the gums from receding and even reverses this. If the dentist says that you need it, it means that your gum disease has progressed to the point where the gums will stop holding your teeth, and your teeth will start to fall out.  (+ info)

ten methods to detect dental calculus?

I'm not sure if I can name 10, but I'll list what I can think of....
visual, tactile sensation, air, x ray, swelling, disclosing solution, scaling,......? thats 7 maybe someone else will list some different ones.  (+ info)

Is there an equivalent to getting a free haircut at barber college for dental services like cleaning/cavities?

I get no insurance or public assistance and need to go the dentist badly to get calculus removed so my gums can rise back up

Actually there is at some colleges! I'm not sure where you live (I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada). But my sister is a dental hygienist who just finished her program here at St. Clair College. These students desperately need patients to come in (they usually have family and friends first but they need a LOT of practice patients) to work on and they are monitored by licensed dentists and hygienists who check to see they do a good job. I believe it costs around 25 dollars for the cleaning (might be a bit more if you want to have x-rays done). There is one thing that is a pro and a con at the same time. These students are expected to do a VERY good job so you may have to come in for up to 3 different sessions that can be 2-3 hours each. However, at the same time, you will leave having saved money and your teeth will be remarkably cleaner than if you went to the dentist (because the students have to remove ALL the calculus, not just 'what they can in your appointment time'). At the college here, you simply can go in and tell the receptionists that you are interested in doing this and they will have you put on a list. You can tell them too that you will be punctual and always on time (this is sometimes an issue for students, because some patients don't show up and they will appreciate knowing that you are dedicated to coming when you are scheduled).

I hope that there is something like this in your city! Good Luck!  (+ info)

what is dental calculus?

A hard yellowish deposit on the teeth, consisting of organic secretions and food particles deposited in various salts, such as calcium carbonate. Also called tartar.

Basically it is plaque that has harden and built up  (+ info)

How does tartar/calculus form on teeth? What causes tartar and can tartar cause a cavity?

I just get confused about it with cavities and sometimes it's hard to tell whether you got a cavity or whether you got tartar/calculus which is brown.

tartar or calculus is a form of harden dental plaque. dental plaque is soft and easily removed from tooth surface via brushing and flossing, but if it not removed for a some time like a week, it will become a calculus which caused by the continual accumulation of minerals from saliva on the plaque. dental plaque and calculus contain bacteria which can cause gum disease like gingivitis and periodontitis, and also dental cavities.  (+ info)

Where can i find cheap dental work in Southern California?

I'm under the age of 18 and my parents have horrible dental insurance. Their dental insurance covers less than 10%. I need to find a place that has rather cheap dental work, but not at a dental school. (I need a lot of work done). Thanks.

I would also recommend Mexico because ive been, although like anywhere else you must do your due dilligence.
and get recommendations before you decide.I managed to save around 90% of what it would have cost me.
I had 28 top quality porcelain caps/crowns at a cost of $2400
Quite a saving on the $36,000 i was quoted at home.
For more info see below.

Hope this helps  (+ info)

What is the difference between the Dental Assisting I and the Dental Assisting II course?

I'd like to go to school to become a dental assistant but noticed there are courses for 'Dental Assistant I' and 'Dental Assistant II'. Which is the better one to take?

You don't have to take the second level, but if you do, you get to do more things like polishing people's teeth, take impressions (for mouth guards and whitening trays), you get to learn how to place a rubber dam on people, and in some places you get to apply temporarily fillings, apply sealants, and other things. This means that you will have more responsibility in the dental office.

Unlike with just taking level 1, you must take an exam at the end of your course with an examination board in order to practice your level 2 skills. The Canadian board is the NDAEB http://www.ndaeb.ca/

Also I forgot to mention that level 2 assistants usually get paid about 2-3 dollars more an hour.  (+ info)

What's the difference between Dental Ins and Dental Discount?

I do not have a job and need work on my teeth. My father is trying to get single dental ins for me but he can't find ins only dental discount plans. When we start out they say insurance plan, then when we call to order they say well this is just a dental discount plan. What's the difference?

Insurance allows you to see a dentist who charges, for example, $1000.00 for the crown. You pay $500 and the insurance pays $500. The dentist is paid his full fee. With a discount plan, the "insurance" company pays $0.0 and you pay $500.00. But now the dentist only makes $500.00. Do you think that the dentist that accepts $500.00 as full payment does the same type of quality dentistry as the dentist that accepts $500.00? You can't get something for nothing. Only the government thinks that way.  (+ info)

How much does it cost a dental implant at a dental school?

I know a regular dental implant costs about 3200$ (total cost with crown) but I heard dental schools have cheaper prices.Anyone knows how much is it and are the students reliable?Do they perform under the supervision of an experienced dentist? Is there a dental school in Tampa?

You can generally assume when going to a dental school that the price will be about half of a normal dentist. We have two schools in our area, Detroit, at U of Michigan you have to see a student if you want the cheap price but they dont stick you with the rookie students, and they have actual dentists who come and check what they are doing step by step to make sure everything looks good. At the other school over here, U of Detroit Mercy you can see a student or an instructor as you wish both at half price so it depends on where you go.
I went to U of M for a root canal and though the appointment takes longer, since they have to have the teacher check it out every so often, but it was worth it to save 300 bucks.

I found this on a search...

There are 2 dental schools in the state of Florida - Nova Southeastern is in Ft Lauderdale and University of Florida at Gainesville is in Gainesville. Both should be accepting patients for their clinics.  (+ info)

Dental assistants. What are the most important things the office will expect you to know?

In a few months I will be working as a dental assistant. My classes have gone by so quickly I feel like I haven't really spent as much time as I should had on certain areas, or know everything I should know to be ready for the real job..

What are the most important things the dentist will expect me to know when first starting off? Just little curious I am very nervous! (:
By the way I currently live in Montana if that matters at all.

I'm a dentist.

I can tell you what I expect from assistants.

Basically, it depends. If you've been through a dental assisting program, I'd expect you to know the following:

1. what materials/instruments are used to place amalgams
2. materials/instruments used to place composites.
3. a general idea of what root canals involve and what instruments are used.
4. a general idea of what instruments are used for extractions
5. how to properly set up and clean a room.
6. the difference between "clean" and "unclean" (this is a big problem with dental assistants....some of them don't know that items that touch the floor shouldn't be put back on the counter!!!).

Basically, the doctor with whom you'll be working will train you, as will the other assistants. But since you've been through a course, they will expect you to have some knowledge of what they're doing.  (+ info)

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