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Is it possible to get dental work done at a school for dental assistants and technicians?

Ok, here there is no dental school close to where I reside.BUT, there is a school for medical & dental assistants and technicians. Would it be safe to get work done at this kind of school?

No, since dental assistants can not perform restorative procedures... they can only assist the dentist when they do it.

Edited to say that licensed assistants, if applicable in your state, can work independantly and perform expanded duties, but only under the in-office supervision of a licensed dentist.  (+ info)

How can I get dental treatment done in Canada as a United States citizen?

I'm an Iraq war veteran and the VA is refusing to continue a routine (but expensive) dental treatment which began while in the military. I cannot afford a dental plan and I do not qualify for Medi-Cal (California's single-payer health care for the poor). I'm willing to go to Canada to get this done.

Anyone have any resources on how I can get this done through Canada's Medicare?

You need to get a local news station to air your story. The VA should be ashamed of themselves.
Thank you for your bravery in protecting our country.  (+ info)

How do you get dental floss out of your teeth?

My dental floss rips and shreds and then I am more uncomfortable as I then have food and dental floss stuck inthat small space. What won't shred and get rid of this uneasy feeling.

Use a floss that says it doesn't shred such as Glide, Satin Floss, Eze Thru, Eze Slide or Colgate Total floss. Now floss through the problem area but don't try to floss back out simply let go of one end of the floss and pull it through the side with the other end. If this hasn't solved your problem try flossing with a double piece of floss or tie a small knot in your floss then floss with a smooth piece, let go and pull the knotted area through between the teeth and remove everything.  (+ info)

What dental plans are good for single individuals/college students?

I cant receive medical because i am over 19yrs old and i am not pregnant, i think it is the same case with healthy families. Does anyone know of a good dental plan?

I'm not sure where you come from but here in Canada, UBC offers student dental insurance. It covers the basic but not all dental office will accept the insurance.

You should check with your student union and ask if they do provide coverage for students.

Most dental plans are good. It all depends on how much you want to put in.  (+ info)

How much does a dental assistant make in Durango Colorado?

I currently work in Oklahoma City, and I make $48,000 a year as a dental assistant. I am enrolled in school full time in hopes of getting into dental school within the next 2 years, but I would like to move to Colorado. Does anyone know the average salary there?

You can look up here :

http://www.salaryexpert.com/  (+ info)

Are dental bridges and implants comfortable and work properly?

I need as much info I can get. I need dental bridges, implants, or both. I just need to know does the procedure hurt, do they work properly, is it a good investment? I am so young yet have to have some much work done and it is very scarey. Please help.
I don't have any info on dental bridges and dental implants and wanted to know are they easy to install, do they work like real teeth, are they comfortable?Is there any down sides on them?

w00tmaster deluxe - you're very funny! to answer the question, i've had a bridge, had it replaced a couple of times but it lasted many years. as the other guy said you do have to floss under it and can get decay on the anchoring teeth if you don't take care of them.

i now have a couple of dental implants where the bridge used to be. the roots of one of the anchoring teeth had abcessed so it had to be pulled. this was probably due to trauma of some kind (agressive dentistry, or tooth grinding).

but now i have two dental implants, only for 2 months now. they are still healing and the actual teeth have not been placed on them yet. but all is well so far. dentists said implants are better than a bridge and more like real teeth. i will still have to brush and floss around them like regular teeth, but there supposed to last longer than bridges.

after i get the teeth put on the implants, i will have to go to an orthodontist to get my bite fixed because like the other guy said - dental work sometimes messes up your bite alignment. but i think this is not uncommon.

i hope i have given you some information you can use. good luck!  (+ info)

What's the difference between dental insurance and dental plans?

I need to see a dentist and don't get coverage through work. I've googled dental insurance, but dental plans keep coming up. What's the difference? and can you recommend any specific insurance or plan? I live in the SF Bay Area.

They are actually the same. Plan sounds better than insurance in a sales pitch. Most businesses offer employees health insurance plans.

Either one can have restrictions, such as requiring you to go to a specific group of dentists.  (+ info)

Can a dental hygienist tell a dentist to put on clean gloves?

If a dental hygienist notices that a dentist forgot to put on a fresh pair of gloves between patients, would it be okay for her to say something to the dentist (in front of the patient)? What would be the best way to solve this problem? The dentist has done this on occasion before.

I have experienced this in my hygiene career and sometimes it is a careless dentist (or other staff member) and sometimes it is an honest mistake. A couple of ways I have handled this are -

1. said nothing that would alert the patient and handed them a new pair of gloves prior to them getting into the mouth
2. asked them if I could speak to them for a minute outside the room and let them know
3. just made eye contact with the Dr. and pointed to the gloves on their hands to jog their memory
4. held out the box of gloves at them
(I have attempted to do all of these behind the patients head or at least out of the line of site, because who wants to be shown their wrong in front of the patient or staff)

If you think it is a ongoing problem and you feel that the dentist will get upset or be offended, you might opt to hold onto the mirror and explorer (so they can't do the exam) until you see they have changed their gloves and if they haven't, hand them gloves first and then the instruments.Or maybe leave a new set of gloves on top of the instruments on the tray so they can't get to the instruments without seeing them.

If this is a constant obvious problem and their are copious amounts of other "dirty" offenses you might see if you can make some positive changes in the practice or find a different practice to work in. Honestly, I graduated 15 years ago and alot has changed, so if the Dr. you are working for is older they may just not know about the newer protocols. There is an awful lot of new information to take in all the time, but basic cleanliness is an issue that cannot be compromised since some medically compromised patients could be severly affected....Not only are you able, but you must address the issue for everyone's safety. After all, if dirty gloves are going into a patient's mouth, what else are they touching the bathroom doorknob? (that you are going to end up touching with your bare hands?)

Good luck + hope that helps!
JAMRDH -a dental hygienist  (+ info)

How safe it is to go for dental treatment with dental student in dental school?

How safe it is to go for dental treatment with dental student in dental school?I don't have dental insurance and I am going to start dental treatment from next thursday.Is there any risk involved?I am older and close to 50 with High Blood pressure(Taking Diovan HCT everyday to control it)

Probably safer than with anyone else, these new dentist are performing dentistry with a highly skilled and seasoned dental instructor watching over their shoulder, critiquing their every move throughout each procedure. The work may be somewhat slower, but then again, don't you agree that doing something slower lessens the chance of error? You are in good hands with these young dentist’s, they know the work and how to perform it, but they need the practice to aquire the speed before going out and hanging their shingle.  (+ info)

How do dental professionals avoid carpal tunnel, muscluloskeletal strain, and other health issues?

I have not yet entered the dental field, but it is something I am very interested in. During one of the information sessions I attended, our speaker mentioned one male hygienist that started every day of class with 1000mg of ibuprofen to combat the pain in his hands. We were also briefed that back, neck, shoulder and wrist problems were a very real possibility. How prevalent are these issues, and is there any way to avoid it? If you cannot avoid it, is it possible to continue your work healthily?

As a dental educator I constantly stressed proper posture and technique. Some students just would not adopt the proper techneques and I am sure that they will regret it later. Some were severely hunched over working on their patients. After being corrected, I would check back a while later and there they were back to their old posture.
Thus said, some people just have anatomy which is not strong enough for the work required. Not that physical strength is needed, just the ability to do repetitive things for long periods of time. Many dentists I know have back problems etc and many hygienists, even some of the educators I know have problems with carpal tunnel syndrom. Perhaps it is just not avoidable.  (+ info)

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