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How does dental insurance work if you buy it yourself, not thru an employer?

I can't get dental insurance and I was wondering how much it cost's to pay for it yourself. I need some work done to my teeth and I would figure that it will be expensive. If I just buy it and then go and get like 3000 dollars in work done will it cover the cost's?

You need to talk to an insurance agent and find out what policies s/he can find you that will cover the work you need to have done at a premium you can afford. No other way to know. until you get some quotes and read the policies. (Read the policy before you sign.)  (+ info)

How long will it take for a dental assistant to become a dental hygienist?

I am currently a dental assistant, and since I had a baby, I need/want to make more money. I'm wondering though if since I have some dental background, will I need less school?

If you became a certified dental assistant and got a certificate from a community college then you may have already taken some hygiene related classes. Although it still takes 2 years to get your hygiene degree. Right now there are not many hygiene jobs available. Also most hygiene jobs do NOT offer any benefits (health insurance, vacation, etc) that you enjoy as a dental assistant.
I would advise you find another assisting job at better pay or become a surgical tech or nurse.  (+ info)

Is it difficult to be accepted into a dental hygiene program at a community college?

I am planning to enroll in a dental assisting program in January. It is a 15 week program after which i will become certified. After i am certified and working as a dental assistant, how difficult is is to get accepted to a dental hygienist program at a community college? Any info you can give me about this field would be very helpful! Thank you so much.

Dental hygiene programs are very selective in their admissions. You will need to have excellent grades in your college courses. Don't despair. I've had two da's go on to hygiene school. They took college courses at night at the local community college. Good luck in your career!  (+ info)

Is getting dental care from the residents at the dental clinic at a university hospital?

as good as getting dental care from a regular dental clinic and getting worked on by experienced dentists, especially when it comes to cleanings and filling cavities? I know it is more affordable to have student dentists work on me, but is it just as good? Where I go, they do have experienced dentist supervising everyone.

Do not hesitate to choose a university dental facility for your dental care. The students' work is checked step by step by supervising dentists. The work is very, very SLOW and methodical, but very THOROUGH and will be your most affordable option.  (+ info)

How do you get a dental reception position with no experience?

Hi... I'm going to start school for dental assisting, but would like to get a position working in a dental front office first. Everything I've seen states that they want at least one year of experience, but how can you start a position like that with no experience? Any ideas?

I am an office assistant in a dental office but what I went to school for included all of the office and billing stuff that you do. They may mean that you need office experience to work at the front desk.  (+ info)

How much do dental assistants make and how often do they get raises?

I know that it just depends on what state you live in. I would just like some answers from different people so I can get an idea. I am planning on going to school for dental assisting this fall. Also, is it better to have an associates degree or is the pay the same either way?

It is better to get the Associates Degree. Not only do you have a little more education to help you pass your state or national board exams, you have an extra little edge over those that just have the diploma. Usually the associates degree pays $1-2 more per hour. As far as rate of pay, it depends on what kind of office you have, and what kind of registration. If you have your CDA you will tend to make better as the CDA is a nationally recognized certification versus your local state boards. And, it depends on if you're in a specialists office (pediatric, endodontic, etc) or if you're in a general dentist's office. Finally, it's up to the dentist what he or she will pay. Around where I live it's usually $14-16/hour for a general dentist and up to $20 for a specialist.

Raises usually come once per year, but again, it's up to the dentist.  (+ info)

How long do dental fillings last, and can they cause problems?

I got some dental fillings for cavities 4-5 months ago. I think I felt them right after the operation but within maybe a couple of days I didn't feel anything, and I don't think I feel any difference now. I also periodically get pain where one of the fillings were - I'd feel some pain for a few days and then it disappears for a month or so. Does that mean I need to get it checked again and possibly refilled?

The composite dental fillings(the white ones) last from 3-5 years.May be less according to many things, but not 3 or 4 months.Amalgam or the silver ones can last for 40 or more years, but they come with their own health problems.

You should never ignore pain as it is always a sign that there is something wrong.You need to check with your dentist.

By the way the estimate time that I 've given you it all depends first and for all if the dentist removed all the caries carefully from your tooth first.If he leaves any caries, and then fills the tooth , then he did nothing but worsen the problem.  (+ info)

What exactly is dental insurance and how is it different from medical insurance?

I'm sixteen and just got a job as a receptionist at a Dentist's office and I know I'm not going to get a strightforward and easy answer from digging around the internet so I wondered if anyone here could just give me a clear explanation as to what dental insurance is and how it's different from medical insurance. Thank you!


Dental insurance as the name suggest covers only dental related procedures. It depends on the policy sometimes it is supplemental to health insurance in general or just as a stand alone policy.  (+ info)

What kind of dental professional performs a root canal?

A dentist I am going to has a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery). Is that certification for doing root canals? Or is that the work of an endontist?

All dentists learn to do root canals in school. So, to answer your question, yes, having a DDS certification allows them to do root canals.  (+ info)

What is required to be on the road to becoming a Dental Hygienist?

Hi, I'm a junior in my high school that's interested into becoming a dental hygienist. I'm confused about how to start or what classes to take.

1. Do I choose a college or university that offers a dental program as a major or just attend one for four years?

2. Do I take the classes that's required for a dental hygienist, such as biology and chemistry in a college or university and move on to a dental school?

Ok im currently in college to become a dental hygienist. Im going to a 2 year college and getting all my pre recs done first
1. Math groups
2. Science groups
3. A&P 1 and 2
4. English courses
Then im transferring all my health credits to the school that offers the program.
Its a very intensive coarse..and its not easy but in the long run its good money. But if there is no school close by to you that offers the program
Go to a community college and get all your required classes done first. I do know you will need a High school Algebra, High school Chemistry, and High School biology. I hope this helps you

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