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What is the role of the dental assistant in examining a cleft lip and palate?

I'm doing this report for my dental assisting class and I have to describe the role of the dental assistant in examining a cleft lip and palate. I need good answers.

Cheater :(  (+ info)

How do I become a volunteer dental assistant to update my knowledge in the field?

I am a Certified dental assistant with expanded functions and certified in dental radiology. I have only 2 years experience with a dentist that was old school. He did a lot himself. I learned mostly from the hygienist. Please help! I can't find any web searches.

I would just ask around to local dental offices. When I went to schooling i wanted to learn more, because we didn't get certified, and I wasn't able to get a job, so I volunteered for a dental office in town. I just went into his office, let the receptionist know what I was doing, left my resume and left. He called the next day thrilled that I was willing to volunteer, and eventually hired me on. It was great.  (+ info)

What dental insurance company do you suggest for me?

Why insurance? What if I got no insurance? With dental insurance, I know I can be more secure, but would I save some money?

What dental insurance company do you suggest for me? Please name it/them for me.

I would encourage you to visit this great website: www.healthsavings.ourperfectcard.com I signed up online over 5 years ago and they have saved me thousands of dollars on all of my dental services since. From exams, extractions, xrays, fillings, Cleanings..etc Even my braces. They even had my very affordable benefits active in 2 hours and was able to use them the very same day. Good luck and Hope this helps  (+ info)

What is the best dental insurance for individual?

I need individual dental insurance. I'm thinking to buy HMO, because most HMO programs does not have waiting time. Which insurrance company do you recommend?

health-quotes.isgreat.org - my family have this health insurance. It is affordable and has good coverage for dental issues.  (+ info)

How much should a dental crown cost without insurance?

I've already had a root canal on two teeth in the back, but I think my dentist is trying to rip me off by charging me $1000 per crown and he knows my insurance won't cover it.

How much should a dental crown cost. Not $1k, right?

Without knowing where you live, it is hard to say how much you should pay for a crown. The prices can vary quite a bit from state to state and from city to city. Just a rough idea, crowns could be anywhere between $700 and $1500 approximately.

Call a few dental offices in your area. Some will give you a price, some may not. Before you call, make sure you know the ADA code for the crown. You could also call your insurance and ask what allowance they give for a crown.

The codes specify what kind of crown you are supposed to get on your tooth. There are quite a few options. By giving the ADA code (the letter D and four numbers - should be on your treatment plan), you will actually be able to compare the price. Without the code, once again, the quote may vary quite a bit, because of all the different types of crowns. That would comparing apples to oranges.  (+ info)

What are the benefits of being a dental assistant?

Is it worth it? I'm thinking about signing up for the program, it requires 11 Saturdays to become a dental assistant. Sounds a little short. I've always been interested in the dental field.

There is job security. You work with people, which could be either a positive or a negative. You work in a clean and comfortable environment. It is a respectable profession. Many times dental assistants go on to study and be a dental hygienist. The experience as a dental assistant will help you get into a school to be a dental hygienist.   (+ info)

What Dental School can I become a patient at for free or for a minimal fee?

I need Dental Work done and am considering a student to use me as a patient. Where is a dental school that will provide this service to me for free or at a minimal charge?
...actually, my husband has 3 teeth to be pulled. All broken off at the gums and have all had root canals. Our dentist wants $750.00 per tooth...are geographical area is Northwest Florida. It is cheaper to buy a plane ticket to our hometown in Eastern Oregon to have this done. In fact, I think we found our answer. Thanks everybody for your help...much appreciated.

go to www.freedental.com
This will give you some answers. also it depends on where you live.  (+ info)

How would I get a bachelors degree to become a dental hygienist?

I have to start at a community college, but the one in my town only has dental assistant classes. Are those the same classes for dental hygienists? Well i'm planning on moving in two years to chicago so I will continue my education there. Basically what classes do I take if I want a Bachelors degree to become a dental hygienist.

i went through to be a dental assistant, and it isnt the same thing. hygienists tend to make a little more and do more then assistants (like scaling) there are many community colleges that are starting to offer this. most of them just started offering it within the last couple of years. so you can either wait for one to open up near you, or think about a different career path.

just a for warning, i attended Medix school(a community college) and if you have those near you, they do offer dental hygienist coarse, but please don't go there, the coarse is awesome, but the way they run things there is horrible.  (+ info)

What are the disadvantages of a fixed dental bridge?

I have lost my four teeth from the front row in an accident.I am now 21 year old.I need a permanent replacement for my teeth.Currently i cant afford a dental implantation.So i go for a bridge.All i want to know is will this bridge lasts for a long time? Any discomforts(Shaking,Byte problems)will come? Can i replace it with a dental implantation in the future?

Fist of all by getting a bridge your Dentist will use the two teeth next to the missing as abutments, most likely they will be perfect teeth that will get adjusted to fit a crown over the teeth to hold the bridge to the missing teeth (the pontics) . to tell you the truth by the time the work is done the price you pay for the bridge will be about the same as the implants.

Now the implants will consist of two sections, so you can pay in two portions. And it takes about 6 months in between so you can save or pay the first part first and then the second part. the benefits of the implant is that you are not permanently damaging perfect teeth. Also the crowns can decay, implants don't even though you need to maintain the health of the gums. If you need to save $$ you may ask your dr to make you a temporary flipper until you have saved enough money for your treatment.
Hope this helps !!  (+ info)

What are common interview questions for the dental field?

I have an interview on Thursday at a dental office for a receptionist position and wondering what kind of questions they would ask in an interview and if anyone has any tips for me. I am a recent dental assisting graduate and this is my first interview and I am really nervous about it.

working in the front office, you get a lot of patients calling with questions and/or problems. the dentist will likely give you a an example of a phone call with a question and how you would handle it. they are really seeing how you interact with people. being in the front office. you are the first person the come into contact with and you are representing their office so you need to be pretty knowledgeable. you want to make sure the patient is perfectly clear about what is going to happen and how much things are going to cost. they will be judging on whether or not you are the type of person that can handle situations make patients feel comfortable and do problem solving. they like to see you asking questions to so think of some things that you want to ask them. i am sure you will do fine. good luck!  (+ info)

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