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Dental Caries?

I'm hoping someone in the dental industry can shed some light on this.

I noticed upon close inspection that I have a couple of very light brown spots (not dots but two tiny short light brown lines) in the crevasse of one of my teeth.

I just had a dental check up 6 weeks ago, and all was okay. Could these be new cavities developing, or is it normal to have some discolored spots in the grooves of the teeth?

I'm in my 30's if that makes a difference.

I'm frustrated because I always brush (well) after I eat, and I floss every day too. I already have 9 fillings. Aggh!

Hello...OK, to begin with I strongly suspect that the discoloration has been there all along...Natural teeth are always subject to having a variety of off color spots and streaks...it's usually something that develops when the tooth is being formed...As for the "light brown lines" that is classic coloration that we see...Discolored spots are another matter...while they too can be normal color differences they can also be sub-surface decay...Given that possibility exits, it would be a good idea to have it checked out by your Dentist. Good luck and I wish you well.  (+ info)

I understand there is a differnce between dental erosion and caries.Can a bulimic have caries without erosion?

I have been suffering from my ED for several years and recently visited a dentist. After reading the report I notice that I need 16 teeth restored due to "rampant caries lesions". The report does not indicate any level of erosion. Is this normal or possible for someone with bulimia?

Yes you can have cavities with out erosion but typically the erosion aides in cavity formation. I am sure that if you are vomiting bulimic that you have moderate erosion of you enamel. Treatments: get psych treatment, use fluoride, avoid whitening creams, brush and floss and follow your dentists instructions.  (+ info)

what is the difference between DMFS, DMFT and deft dental caries index?

I would like to know what exactly the DMFS, DMFT and deft dental caries index are and what is the differences between them.

DMFS: is a count of the number of: decayed, missing, filled tooth SURFACES in a persons mouth.
DMFT: is a count of the number of: decayed, missing, filled TEETH in a persons mouth.
deft: is a count of the number of decayed, extracted, filled TEETH in a persons mouth.

So each of the different indices counts either surfaces or teeth, present or absent.  (+ info)

what is the best homeopathic remedy for dental caries in children?

Can my six year old daughter avoid having a filling in her molar which has a dental cavity?

No. Homeopathic remedies won't help this problem because they won't help any problem. Homeopathy is pure quackery of the most ridiculous kind. Listen to your dentist.  (+ info)

How to distinguish pain from dental caries and pain from periodontal tissue?

I would like to know physiological cause, and ways to diagnose the pain above. Thank you.

The differences can be subtle to diagnose yourself. Dental X-rays and examination by a dentist is the best option. Having that said periodontal disease is painless until it progresses to the end stage. Teeth with severe periodontal disease will become loose and can move within the socket like a "joy stick." Then the gum can abscess with significant pain. A tooth with severe caries can be distinguished by the big hole somewhere in the tooth. The hole may be on top or in between the teeth. Periodontal disease becomes worse with age, ie 40+. If you are under 25 I would be wildly speculating caries or some sort of problem with the nerve of the tooth. Having said all this, the difference can be academic. Either can result in an abscess and either can hurt really bad. Either can result in the need to extract the tooth. If this is happening to you it is definitely time to see a dentist for an opinion and treatment. I'll keep my fingers crossed he/she could save the tooth

Oh yeah, physiologic cause: caries>> bacterial infection out of control within the tooth. Periodontal>> bacterial infection out of control within the gum pocket.  (+ info)

Can one get dental caries because of french-kissing?

I've never had problems with my teeth, but i think that my lover has dental caries and I fear I'm going to catch it from him. Is this likely?
He's also a smoker, if that fact means anything?

No, even though caries is an infection of the tooth with bacteria, and they can spread to another tooth, you will not get caries from french kissing. The human mouth contains a natural flora of bacteria that keeps other "bad" bacteria at bay, so there is kind of "no room" for those other bacteria to invade. The bacteria grow on plaque and calculus of the teeth, and break down sugars and carbohydrates to lactic acid, which breaks down enamel, which is what causes caries. That's why it is important to brush and floss regularly. If you don't floss, it's like only brushing some of your teeth.  (+ info)

What are the difference between dental caries and tooth decay?

There is no difference between dental caries and decay. Just different terminology.  (+ info)

What is the primary mechanism associated with the role of fluoride in prevention of dental caries?

a. Fluoride increases calcium absorption which increases crystal formation of teeth
b. Decay is inhibited due to neutralization of organic acids produced by bacteria on the teeth
c. Decay is reduced due to the inhibitory effects of fluoride on growth of bacteria on the teeth
d. Fluoride becomes incorporated into the crystalline structure of teeth making them less susceptible to decay

D  (+ info)

Ozone therapy for the treatment of dental caries?

Any dentist out there heard about it and what are your thoughts.
Haven't heard about it check out this link http://www.ada.org.au/media/documents/Products_Publications/Journal%20Archives/2004%20Archive/December/0412Rick.pdf

I can't speak to that directly, but ozone is GREAT for everything from cancer to AIDS to the common cold. Seriously, it's one of the most healing things you can do for yourself, and you can get an ozone generator off of ebay for under $60 (I just did, and I love it).  (+ info)

Are all members of the resident flora of the mouth capable of initiating dental caries? Please Explain.?

Are all members of the resident flora of the mouth capable of initiating dental caries? Please Explain.

And if you know anything about Snyder test....
1. What is the function of paraffin in the snyder test?
2. What is the ideal time of day to perform Snyder test and WHY?


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