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How can I heal up a dental fistula without the tooth being pulled?

I have a pus draining fistula on a tooth where a bridge is anchored on. Antibiotic treatment hasn't helped. Are there any natural remedies?

Nope, no natural remedies will cure a badly-infected tooth.

You have a fistula because the tooth above it is serving as a reservoir for the bacteria, and no natural remedies can get in that tooth, kill all the germs, and seal it off so it won't be infected again.

The only way to get rid of the source of the infection is to either do endodontics treatment, or get the tooth pulled, depending on the specifics of your situation (to be determined by a thorough evaluation by a dentist).

Hope this helps.  (+ info)

What is a dental fistula? and can it be treated with antibiotics?

I have one over one of my teeth one that has been extensively worked on and previously broken with a short root.

Could this infection be treated with Antibiotics? I can't afford to have more work done in that area.
Edit I have had 2 Apicoes on it before plus crown lengthening and the tooth broke...

A dental fistula is a kind of tunnel in the gum that conducts pus. The more common name is a gum boil.

This is usually treated by draining the pus, and then disinfecting the area and filling the tooth. If the tooth cannot be disinfected, the dentist need to remove tip of the root, which icalled an apicectomy. Sometimes it is necessary to take the tooth out.  (+ info)

Can a dental fistula remain untreted?

I had had an aponevrosis on atooth several years ago. Last year a fistula was created on the gum below it. There is no pain at all. Do I have to remove the existing aponevrosis and create anew one?

it depends. ask your doctor.  (+ info)

How is a dental fistula occuring after apical resection treated? By what specialty?

Had apical resection, 2 years ago. Since that time I have gum pain right above my 2nd premolar. When I rub my finger on my gum in that area there is a very small, tiny, hard area. I do not see any drainage from that spot. I have shown it to my dentist and he has taken some films and says it is scar tissue. But the pain and pressure continue periodically -- not always. Thanks

A periodontist would be the person to treat this.  (+ info)

dental, dentist: In what cases is a pulpotomy indicated instead of a Root Canal?

I have a fistula between my gum and tooth #3 due to a dental mistake. The tooth is still alive (not grey). I would like to keep it alive, even if there is a minute chance.

I was reading that in children, a pulpotomy is preferred to a root canal because it keeps the nerve alive. I am very interested in a pulpotomy! I am curious as to why my dentist didn't mention this option at all (actually a dental student), and secondly when is it a viable treatment option?

I am not concerned about money; I just want to keep all my teeth alive.

In baby teeth, there are no long roots, really, for the nerves to "travel". In a pulptomy, the dentist is only removing what is inside the pulp chamber. A root canal is necessary to remove the nerves from all of the roots. Adults can have pulpotomies on adult teeth, but they are only temporary. Eventually, the dentist has to remove the rest of the nerves from your roots. Your best bet is the root canal, which can be absolutely painless, if your dentist anesthetizes you good.  (+ info)

Is pain associated with a Dental Fistula?

I have a somewhat large white bump on my lower gum, below my lower right canine. There is no pain at all. Its something I just noticed, and it's rather hard, almost tooth-like. I do grind that side quite a bit when idle. Wondering could it be the tooth putting pressure on the bottom out of overuse, or could it be a dental fistula. I have not been to the dentist in a very long time, but have never had any work done in that area. I made an appointment, but the earliest available time is in over 2 months.. I am worried this may be something I should urgently attend to

You should call your dentist and tell him you are in pain and you have an abscess, they will see you right away. It does sound like you have a fistula. You probably wouldn't have any pain with a fistula. What a fistula is is an infection in your mouth that is draining. It doesn't hurt because the infection is able to seep out of that bump you see in your mouth. If that bump gets clogged then the infection has no way out and you would be in alot of pain. Just because you aren't in any pain right now doesn't mean it is ok to walk around with an infection in your mouth. It could wake you up tonight with pain. Hopefully not though.
At least ask your dentist to put you on and antibiotic until he can see you. It will greatly reduce the chance of the tooth bothering you. More than likely you will need a root canal to take care of the infection.

Good Luck and I hope that tooth stays calm for you until you can get to your dentist!  (+ info)

what is a dental fistula?

A fistula is a little channel that comes from an area of infection and comes out of your gums. It is a little drainage canal that the pus drains from. If it plugs up the infection would build up and pain and swelling would get worse.  (+ info)

gumboils dental fistula abscess?

there is something whitins, not really raised or round looks like a pimple/scar it hurts, i had it for a few days and i donno if its a canker sore or bumboil, my gums beneath the white thing seems darker than the rest of my gum, im hoping its just canker sore because im only a teenager and i dont want to lose my teeth. I also read somewhere that if its a canker sore it would be more sensitive to acid, when i use mouthwash it hurts a lot? can anyone help me? im going to dentist tom

You have a dental abscess, dear. There's a problem with the tooth below the spot, and you will need the dentist to take care of it. It doesn't mean you are going to lose the tooth at all, but there is trouble that needs attending to. Don't go messing with it at all. Keep up with the brushing and flossing. If it hurts, you can take Motrin or Tylenol, and use Ora-gel to help numb it a bit. Canker sores generally affect the cheeks and lips inside the mouth. Just see the dentist tomorrow and do what he/she recommends.  (+ info)

What role does a fistula play in the circulatory system?

I guess what I am trying to ask is, if someone who is on dialysis, has a fistula inserted in his forearm, how does that play into the circulatory system? How does the circulatory system function when a fistula is present? What does the fistula do exactly?

the fistula is much like a central line -- the dialysis patient by the means of a fistula or connection is able to have the machine for dialysis plugged into the body and circulate and filter the blood ,,,, as the patients liver is not able to function and do the filtering inside the body == therefore the ""shunt"" or connection for the dialysis filtering machine .... the fistula is like a connection that goes two ways =the blood is removed from the body -- filtered in the machine -- then returned to the circulatory system  (+ info)

When is it suitable to use a Fistula Plug?

I have a fistula which manifests itself on the lower part of my stomach (not precisely sure from exactly where it originates internally). Am doing some research on the Cook fistula plus, but all examples seem to show a fistula very close to the anal opening (both ends) whereas mine is not. Does this preclude it from being an option for me ?

when a large butt plug just wont do...lol..  (+ info)

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