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What are natural ways to eliminate dental plaque?

When I say a natural way I mean: No Dentist!

I have a check up in about 10 days and I want to make sure my teeth are in tip top shape.

How do I eliminate dental plaque?

You brush and floss!! Couldn't be easier than that.

Plaque is the soft white stuff you can scrape off your teeth... tartar is the calcified plaque and is embedded in your tooth. This is why you need to go to the dental hygienist on a regular basis.
The thing about trying to remove plaque right before your dental appointment (as opposed to brushing 2xday and flossing at least 3 x week)... is that as dental professionals, we can tell what your oral health and oral health habits are just by looking at your oral tissues.... gums, tongue, cheeks etc. You can't fool us!!  (+ info)

Does bread cause dental plaque to form more quickly and in a greater amount?

It could be my imagination but it seems that my teeth collect more dental plaque when I consume bread.


Scroll down to the heading 'dietary factors'.
The article states that bread is a known contributor to tooth decay because it's full of starch which leads the plaque bacteria to produce acid. It also mentions that there is a link between carbohydrates and tooth decay.  (+ info)

How and why does dental plaque form on human teeth?

Does dental plaque come from the foods we eat or is it produced by the human body itself?

If it's the latter, why would our body produce something that has the potential to harm us?

If you think about it, our body produces other equally disgusting things [E.G. ear wax] that we rid ourselves of in an effort to maintain hygiene.

Cerumen is beneficial in that it prevents insects from entering the ear canal, so it makes sense that our body would produce it.

I see no benefit to dental plaque, however.

your body does not produce plaque!!!
It is mostly from food that hasn't been removed from your teeth. Think of it as the "left over" film on teeth because you didnt get it off.
No person on this earth is exempt from plaque! Even after a teeth cleaning there will certainly be some residual plaque left over on your teeth. So the issue is not rather or not you have plaque but how much you have. Some ppl have very low plaque indices while others have very high indices. This becomes a problem because the combination of plaque and an acidic environment cause the tooth to break down ( tooth decay AKA CAVITIES). The best thing I can tell you is to brush and floss after meals or as much as possible to help eliminate plaque build up.  (+ info)

Is there any way to eliminate pre-existing plaque without dental work?

Plaque can be removed through extensive dental cleaning, but for those unable to afford steady dental services and are lacking flossing skills, is there any technique used to eliminate the plaque that's already on the teeth without having to go to a dentist?

I'm a dental Hygienist and I learned in school that the waterpik was outdated and did not work well. Then I got into a practice where many older patients where using them. These people had arthritis and I knew they weren't flossing and their gums looked GREAT. What they did was use a waterpik every day with half peroxide to half water. Plaque, the white soft bacteria film causes gum disease and this is what the waterpik with peroxide killed. You won't remove the tarter but it's the bacteria that does the most damage. Try and save your money (save all your change) and get a good scaling!! ALSO the medical community is relating gum disease BIG time to heart attach and strokes!!  (+ info)

is there a dental tool i can buy to remove the plaque behind my teeth?

i don't have a problem with the front of my teeth, just behind my teeth, where there's a build-up of plaque i can't seem to remove with my tooth brush. there has to be some sort of dental tool i can use. i don't want to wait until i see my hygienist in 4 months. i want to take care of the problem myself.

If you cant remove it with your toothbrush than it is tartar. You can by a scaler from walmart. But in order to completely remove it you need to go to the dentist before it builds up. Trust me I just had my tartar removed through a process called scaling and root planning. My mouth had to be numb for it. It was not a pleasant experience.  (+ info)

What can change the texture of dental plaque to make it more noticeable?

I'd like to know what a person can put on their teeth to change the texture of plaque deposits to help them find it with their tongue (instead of dyeing the plaque red with a chewable tablet).
I'm looking for something that a person with a visually impairment might be able to use - so changing the color of the plaque is not useful in this case.

i know there is a type of listerine called agent blue, its ment for kids but it does turn the plaque on your teeth blue so u can see it, its ment as an aid for brushing  (+ info)

What's the best dental products for plaque fighting?

I've always had trouble with plaque build up on my teeth(especially on the bottom). Suggestions for plaque preventers and get rid of plaque? in mouth wash and tooth paste?

The best way to jumpstart your plaque battle is to schedule a deep cleaning appointment with your dentist. They'll tackle the plaque and start your teeth off with a cleaner slate that will allow you to take better care of your teeth going forward.

The best toothbrush I personally use to battle the plaque buildup is a Sonicare toothbrush. Sure, it might seem a bit expensive to invest on a toothbrush at first, but trust me...this toothbrush works wonders and by far competes against all the manual toothbrushes out there. The first time I used the Sonicare toothbrush, my teeth surface was squeaky clean and smooth.

For toothpaste, anyone will work fine. Look for one that has plaque fighting capability. Make sure to floss regularly. And for mouthwash I use scope or listerine.

But ultimately to keep plaque at bay you have to have good oral hygiene and a really good toothbrush (Sonicare). The last time I went to the dentist, the first question he asked me was if I had a sonic cleaning toothbrush because he could tell. My teeth had barely to no plaque at all. In fact, he didn't even need to clean it because it was so well maintained.

Good luck!  (+ info)

What the difference between dental plaque and tartar?

Which is worse or detrimental to good oral health? Is one or the other a precurser of peridontal disease, gingivitis, etc.?

plaque is saliva, cellular debris, and bacteria tarter is basically calculus. calculus is hardened or mineralized plaque. both plaque and calculus can and will lead to gingivitis is not removed. which then turns into periodontitis then periodontal disease. plaque can be removed if you simply brush your teeth properly and floss. however, calculus has to be removed by a hygienist or dentist.  (+ info)

Is Dental Plaque different than the Plaque that builds up in your arteries?

If so, what's different?

yes, the dental one is bacteria, while the artery one is blood fats like cholesterol/tryglycerides.  (+ info)

How can i know if i have a tooth problem?How can i remove dental plaque?

What are the symptoms of teeth infection?

bad breath is a symptom, tooth aches. floss once a day and brushing at least 2 a day. and going every 6 month to the dentist for check ups and cleaning helps too.  (+ info)

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