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What is the cost of getting an Exposure and Bracketing of an Impacted Tooth?

OKay so I need that done because it's been over a year that I got my teeth pulled out but the adult teeth woon't come in!!! And my dental insurance hardly pays anything, so if it is too expensive here, I may just go to Brazil and get an exposure and brackteeted of an impacted tooth since I have an uncle their who is a dentist.
OH yeah, please answer this hahah=)

The surgical exposure can cost anywhere between $350 - $500.

May get higher if involves an oral surgeon with I/V anesthetic.

The placement of the bracket should be included in the total cost of the Orthodontic treatment.  (+ info)

dental exposure on left canine?

im having an exposure on my left canine next week. how much does it hurt during the procedure with just Novocaine? is it sore after the procedure? how long does it usually take for the tooth to come down once the bracket and chain is activated?

It should not hurt at all when the procedure is being done. If it does hurt you should definitely let the oral surgeon or dentist know so that they can add more anesthetic.

It will probably be sore for about three days afterwards.

I predict it will take about four months for the tooth to be brought in with braces.  (+ info)

is it possible to get rid of root exposure on my teeth without seeing a dentist?

i have root exposure on some of my bottom teeth. it is very sensitive to the touch. is there any way to cure this without seeing a dentist as i have no dental insurance. also, i used to drink a lot of mountain dew and i do smoke. not drinking pop anymore but i do still smoke. could this be the reason for the exposure?

No you cant  (+ info)

infected pulp or inflamed pulp dental question?

i have 2 teeth that were just fixed today the dentist said if it gave me a problem then come back and he would have to do a root canal is there any way to tell if the nevre/pulp is infected or inflamed or are the syptoms the same? thank you

If they were filled today it is too early to tell if the tooth will be Vital or not.
Hopefully your dentist applied an inflammatory layer before restoring the tooth, for many patients this will settle.

A firm tap on the tooth causing pain can help in diagnosing a dying nerve or pain while chewing can cause pressure on any infected tissue (abscess) that may be present

If you do try a sensitive tooth toothpaste like Colgate Sensitive or Sensodyne you can apply this directly onto your finger and rub it around the tooth and gum area being more direct this has a better chance of relief.
Inflammatory Pain killers will help. (Neurofen) persistant pain is not a good sign

Hope your tooth settles!  (+ info)

what happens to the nerves in the pulp after tooth extraction?

What is recommended after 3rd molar(rearest situated) is pulled out?
And can I live the rest of my life without a 3rd molar? I have dental surgery phobia but it feels so weird having one LARGE hind tooth missing and I can't do proper chewing. What happens if food bits land on the extraction site/ get inside it??? Its so scary!!! help!

after extraction, the nerve gets cut. The socket forms a blood clot which helps in healing. The clot forms gums & bone to close the socket which will take some time.
Only the shot will hurt, later it will not be painfu. Take prescribed antibiotics & pain killers.  (+ info)

My nose looks completely different after having tooth exposure. Is it just swollen, or not?

My nose looks completely different after having dental surgery. I am worried incase it isnt just swollen, and will stay like that. Anyone had this before?? Thanks.
My nose looks completely different, its sort of puffy and my mouth is looking slightly puffy after having dental surgery on my two upper eye teeth. I am worried incase it isnt just swollen, and will stay like that. Anyone had this before?? Thanks.
My cheeks & mouth are sort of puffy and a bit swollen after having two of my eye teeth exposed. Is this normal? And how long should it take to go down?? Thanks.

thats really really really odd. I have never heard of that before. Maybe it is swollen, after all, everything in the face is connected some way or another. Good luck!  (+ info)

If you are at the dentist office and the person near you gets x-rays can it give exposure to you?

I'm 2 months pregnant and I went to the dentist the lady behind me took 4 x-rays (bitewings) and I am worried that I got exposure? How to tell? Is that cabinet behind each dental chair a lead barried or no? Please freaking out here! Need some honest answers!


"A pregnant woman should not be exposed to more than 0.5 rad total dose for the entire pregnancy, or 0.05 rad in any 1 month. It's best to avoid x­rays for medical purposes if possible. If you get a chest x­ray, for instance, it exposes your baby to about 0.008 rad."

It would take close to 1000 CHEST x-rays to get to the maximum annual dose . THINK OF IT. A Dental x-ray is smaller than a credit card. It takes about two dental x-rays to equal the size of a credit card. A chest x-ray is equal to about 50 dental x-rays. So unless they did 50,000 x rays today in the room next door, YOU ARE WAY UNDER THE MAXIMUM DOSE for the year.

From Wikipedia
"The dosage of X-ray radiation received by a dental patient is typically small, equivalent to a few day's worth of background radiation environmental radiation exposure, or similar to the dose received during a cross-country airplane flight."

from Physics site
"A typical dental x-ray image exposes you to only about 2 or 3 mrem. The National Council on Radiation Protection (NCRP) says that the average resident of the U.S. receives about 360 mrem every year from background sources. This comes from outer space, radioactive materials in the earth, and small amounts of radioactive material in most foods we consume.

Some typical sources that may expose you to radiation also include smoke detectors (less than 1 mrem per year), living in a brick house instead of a wood one (about 10 mrem per year due to radioactive materials in the masonry), cooking with natural gas (about 10 mrem per year from radon gas in the natural gas supply), reading a book for 3 hours per day (about 1 mrem per year due to small amounts of radioactive materials in the wood used to make the paper), and even from flying in an airplane (about 5 mrem for one cross-country flight because of the increased altitude.) In fact, you receive about 2 mrem per year from sleeping next to someone! This is because all of us have very small amounts of naturally occurring radioactive materials in our bodies.

Obviously, you probably would not refuse to fly on an airplane, live in a brick house, read books, live without smoke detectors, or sleep with your spouse because of the small amount of radiation you receive from these activities. Since your dentist gains valuable information from x-rays to aid you in keeping healthy teeth, it is also not in your best interest to refuse dental x-rays because of the very small amount of radiation you receive from them."

I'm a WORKING PREGNANT DENTIST. We take a LOT OF x-rays ALL DAY. Had two healthy pregnancies while working. Worked till one day before I was due. Never miscarried. All my kids have ten fingers and ten toes.

You're fine.  (+ info)

Is it best to get dental implants (top canines) before or after braces or can i get them while wearing braces ?

i'm also gonna have a surgical exposure for my upper left incisor so does that change anything?

It is essential to get the orthodontic treatment done before getting implants. This insures that the implants will be in the best possible position for good aesthetics and relationship to the rest of your teeth. It is impossible to move implants after they are healed so if they are in a bad position after ortho is completed things would be difficult. Often a removable appliance can be used to fill the empty spots or occasionally teeth can be bonded to the arch wire. We always place implants when ortho is finished and our patient is in retention  (+ info)

I am a dental assistant. And was in the room during exposure and just found out I am about 3 wks along?

without lead vest....

  (+ info)

Is this normal: Child looses a tooth (natural circumstances) and the pulp of the tooth is left behind?

It looked like a piece of loose gum but upon further inspection I see it is, what I think to be, the pulp of her tooth. Common sense is telling me it will eventually loosen up and fall off when the new tooth comes in.

I don't want to mess with it (try pulling it out and stuff) as it bleeds a little when you do this.

Is this normal? Is a dental visit warranted?
It looks like a flap of skin. Its sooo weird.

This isn't the tooth pulp. It's just inflammatory tissue [part of the resorption process by which deciduous teeth are lost]. While it looks gross and bleeds, don't become anxious. It will go away as the permanent tooth erupts.  (+ info)

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