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Is cervical dysplasia the same thing as cervical warts?

Just seems to be the same thing to me??? Is it?

They are actually very similar. The difference it that warts are caused by low risk strains and cancer is caused by high risk strains. BOTH high risk and low risk HPV can cause cervical dysplasa. But if it's caused by the warts strain, it's not really precancerous. If you have warts on your cervix, very often your pap smear will come back showing dysplasia. In the early stages, the cells look the same under the microscope whether you have low risk or high risk. The only difference is that low risk HPV can become warts and high risk will never be warts, but it might become cancer. Though technically the cancer causing strains can cause flat warts. Flat warts are really the same as having dysplasia, though they don't look like typical warts and are usually just called a "lesion", not warts. If you want to know whether you have high or low risk HPV, ask for an HPV test. The HPV test most commonly done tests for high risk strains only. so if it's negative, you have low risk.

Good luck!

Does that make sense? Sometimes I think I'm bad at explaining stuff. ;)  (+ info)

What are the best vitamins to treat dysplasia and prevent cervical cancer?

There is a naturopathic treatment for cervical dysplasia, concentrating on boosting the immune system:

Vitamin A
Folic Acid
B Complex
Vit C
Beta- Carotene

Here are some links with more info:


http://www.dcdoctor.com/dc/il/drnick_net/p/__cervicaldysplasia.html  (+ info)

Has anyone ever had cervical dysplasia while pregnant?

Please answer only if you had experienced this or know someone who did. Is this common in pregnancy? Will this regress after delivery. I am 38 have two children and never had an abnormal result until now. I am 11 weeks pregnant and very excited yet scared to death!!! I only had a pap test and from that the doctor said it was a very mild dysplasia. Thanks alot for any help.

I had mild dysplasia during my first pregnancy (which resulted in a miscarriage but was NOT due to the dysplasia).

While it is scary, since your doctor 'caught' it early, it is very treatable.

I had to have a colposcopy done where they looked into my cervix and took some biopsy samples. It sounds more painful than it is. I finally had to have cryosurgery (freezing) of the cervix to clear it up. It hasn't come back since then, eight years ago. But I do get checked annually for fear of a 'relapse'. (And the cryosurgery did NOT hurt either, just felt a bit warm)

I think you'll find that it's much more common than you think. And you, and baby, will be just fine under the care of your physician.  (+ info)

How long did it take for your cervical dysplasia to go away?

How'd ubget rid of it
It's been 2 1/2 years n it won't go away!

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Does mild dysplasia really go away on its own?

I was told at planned parenthood I had mild dysplasia. She said it was nothing serious because it typically clears up on its own. She told me to come back in for another pap in a year. Has anyone had any experience with this?

It can go away on its own, but if it turns into moderate dysplasia they will offer surgery. Mild dysplasia can come and go, so make sure you never miss your annual pap. It can lead to cancer, but it almost always takes several years before that happens.
I wouldn't wait a full year. I would try again in 6 months, to ease my mind.  (+ info)

Does HPV progress from infection to mild dysplasia quickly?

My girlfriend has mild cervical dysplasia (pre-cancer) on about 25% of her cervix, and we have been together and monogamous for 11 months. If she truly got it from me, which I guess is possible (though I've asked exes and none of them have had abnormal paps) is it at all common for it to progress that quickly?

First of all, just because none of your exes had abnormal paps does not mean she didn't get it from you. In most people HPV produces no symptoms. If you've had several partners, I'm willing to bet you do have HPV in some form. Most sexually active people do.

Secondly, mild dysplasia is pretty common. That doesn't seem like a "rapid" progression to me. She went from being fine to having a slight abnormality. Sometimes women go from a normal pap to severe dysplasia at their next exam. Even severe dysplasia is pretty easy to treat . . . though treatment involves removing part of the cervix. It takes more than 10 years usually (if left untreated) to pregress to cancer.

Something like 90% of mild dysplasia will go away on it's own. Just make sure she keeps her appointments.  (+ info)

If my boyfriend and I both have HPV, will having unprotected sex prevent my low grade dysplasia from healing?

We've both been tested and don't have any other STD's (and I'm on the pill), but I have a white patch on my cervix that has been identified as low grade dysplasia by my obgyn. If we have unprotected sex, will the chances of the white patch healing reduce?

Most likely...  (+ info)

What is the thickness of enamel and dentin in decidiousand permanent teeth?

It varies considerably depending on what particular tooth you are talking about. There are many dental anatomy books that contain this specific information.  (+ info)

I have some dentin exposed and it is worn down some.Will a cavitronwear it more?Will sanding with baking soda?

Please let me know which method is best to avoid further wear.A cavitron or one of those devices that blast baking soda on the teeth.Or are both ok?

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Question about mild cervical dysplasia and common hand warts?

I recently had an abnormal pap result. I just completed a colposcopy and I am waiting for the results. I also just found out that my boyfriend has a common hand wart - he just went and had it removed. Is it possible that I developed the dysplasia from his hand wart? We have not had sexual intercourse but there has been some "petting."

hi i had C.I.N. 3 with severe displasya. Hand warts and H.P.V. are two different things you get this precancer from two things one is the H.P.V. and the other way is hereditary   (+ info)

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