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Depressive Disorder ?


i`m always depressed when at home, but when i`m with my friends i`m fine... most of the time, they can make me smile almost always, but as soon as they`re gone i feel worthless, and that no-one cares for me, i sometimes feel this when i`m around my friends, but not all the time.

we learnt about depression at school in health just the other day, i`m worried i might have early signs of depression, because in our little depression booklet there was a little test, and i got 9/9 yes`s and it says if you answer over five yes`s you may have depression, i then took some online tests they said the same thing 'you may have depression' i`m worried because i`m always sad, a almost never smile at home, and i feel worthless, and invisible.
i spend all day in my room by myself, i hardly let anyone in. i like being alone, i rather it then being with people somedays, my mum feels guilty that i`m always sad, but i don`t want to say "i might have depression mum" and get her worried, when i probably don`t.
++ i can`t see a doctor.

what should i do? am i over exaggerating or could i have depression? :/

Do not diagnose yourself & also do not hide it from your mum. I hid my depression from my parents & it broke their hearts when I was hospitalised after my first suicide attempt (& I was 34 & had built my own life). I would absolutely hate for my son to keep that from me. Tell your mum & ask her to take you to the dr.

The problems with the type of test you are taking is that it relies on self reporting rather than someone making an analysis of the big picture. Using myself for example, I feel like I am still suffering a major depressive episode, if I answered all the online tests in the world they would tell me I am, yet my psychiatrist has told me he can see me coming out of the darkness a little bit. So in reality the scores I am getting on these tests do not really reflect how I am actually doing.  (+ info)

What is the difference between Major Depressive Disorder and Dysthymic Disorder?

I'm doing a project on depression and i cant find anything on the difference between Major Depressive Disorder and Dysthymic Disorder. Help!

  (+ info)

How do you get over major depressive disorder?

My doc gave me meds for major depressive disorder does this mean this is what he thinks I have? Can it be cured? Is major depressive disorder clinical depression?

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What is depressive disorder? How cultures influence its symptoms, diagnosis and prognosis?

What is depressive disorder & How cultures influence its symptoms, diagnosis and
How Pakistani depressive patients are differing from the Americans. Comment with logical reasoning.

Depressive Disorder? Are you referring to unipolar depression? Google depression and you will see a plethora of information. Depression is treated with anti depressants and therapy. I find that most antidepressants make you gain weight with the exception of wellbutrin which is weight neutral. Good luck. I wish you the best.  (+ info)

What exactly is Major Depressive Disorder ? I was diagnosed with it but offered no explanation?

I was just wondering what the difference is between regular depression and Major Depressive Disorder is. And just the symptoms and causes and just information. Thanks

Major Depressive Disorder is characterize by:
1. You are depressed almost everyday for most of the day and occur continuously for at least 2 weeks.
2. Symptoms: depressed mood, can't sleep/too much sleep, can't concentrate, can't make decisions, can't feel pleasure, increase/decrease of body weight more than five percent over 1 month.

If you look at it on a horizontal continuum, major depressive disorder people are always below the baseline of "normal". Basically, for normal depression, people recover are return above baseline pretty quick, but for major depressive disorder, they are below the baseline for weeks.  (+ info)

Do I tell a person with depressive disorder that they are self medicating and that its dangerous?

My friend is taking cocaine and alcohol partnering anti depressants and major depressive disorder. I've done my research and found that it is prolonging depression and not doing any favors. Do I tell the person this?

If you and your friend are close then tell them what you think. They may not realise what they are doing.

Just be honest with this person and tell them  (+ info)

Is clinical depression and Major Depressive Disorder the same thing?

Is clinical depression and Major Depressive Disorder the same thing?
I am 21 and have been treated for clinical depression with anti-depressants(prozac) since early this year. Is clinical depression and Major Depressive Disorder the same thing?

no  (+ info)

To have major depressive disorder (major depression) must you have suicidal thoughts?

That's it. To be classified with major depressive disorder must you have suicidal thoughts?

I mean why do you need a classification to be identified by suffering 'Major depression'. What next? Don't give yourself a label, if you aren't going to take ACTION. Seek help!  (+ info)

Is Clinical Depression and Major Depressive Disorder the same?

Is Clinical Depression the same as Major Depressive Disorder?Or is it a different illness?

Hi how is everyone? I am 21 years old and for the last 5 or so months i have been treated for clinical depression with Fluoxetine(Prozac). The dose was recently upped to 40mg by my GP in Glasgow.Thank you for reading.

Yes its the same i 16 and i have exactly the same as you apart from i had an allergic reaction to prozac blah blah blah you don't need to know. I've worked out that in england doctors tend to call it clinical rather than an major depressive disorder. i have no idea why but in america and places like that the tend to call it a major depressive disorder.

If you ever need somebody to talk to I'm here don't be afraid to ask.Its easier to talk to somebody you don't know.  (+ info)

Is Recurrent Depressive Disorder and Unipolar the same thing?

Is Recurrent Depressive Disorder and Unipolar the same thing?
Hi how are you? My 22 year old year old boyfriend was discharged from a psychiatric hopital in Glasgow,Scotland the other day. He was there for 6 days.He is now on 20mg of Citalopram. He was diagnosed with Recurrent Depressive Disorder.I have heard of Unipolar, is my boyfriend Unipolar?Are these the same thing?

"Unipolar" is the opposite of bipolar. It means that your boyfriend is depressed, and doesn't have problems with mania (the opposite of depression). Most depression is "unipolar".

"Recurrent Depressive Disorder" is not a DSM diagnosis, but "Major Depressive Disorder" has some additional clarifiers usually put on it. "Recurrent" is one of these clarifiers, and means that the depression has been an ongoing problem, and is not just one episode of depression. Thus, your boyfriend most likely was diagnosed either "Major Depressive Disorder, recurrent, moderate" or "Major Depressive Disorder, recurrent, severe, without psychotic features". Those would be the actual DSM diagnoses.  (+ info)

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