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What's the difference between eczema and dermatitis?

Also there's seborrhoeaic dermatitis and seborrhaeic eczema....are they the same thing?
What do you mean ' a form of'....what are other forms? How can you tell which is which?

First, dermatitis simply means inflammation of the skin, with ailments like the different types of eczema and psoriasis being variations of different types of dermatitis or skin inflammation. I'll cut and paste a little information from the health-cares.net website to give you a brief overview of some of the differences between the main types of eczema and skin ailments you mention above then will add a little information of my own at the end:

"Atopic eczema (atopic dermatitis) - This type of eczema comes and goes repeatedly, and usually occurs in people who have a genetic
(inherited) tendency to have allergies. In about 70 percent of cases, either the patient or a family member has allergic asthma, hay fever or food allergies. Atopic eczema appears early in life, usually in babies between 2 months and 18 months old. In babies, atopic eczema primarily affects the face, neck, ears and torso. It also appears on the tops of feet or the outside surface of elbows. Atopic eczema also is seen in older children, teen-agers and adults, where it usually involves the skin inside the creases of the inward bend of the elbow, knee, ankle, or wrist joints, the hands, or the upper eyelids.

Contact dermatitis - When irritants touch the skin, they can produce two types of contact dermatitis. Irritant contact dermatitis is direct irritation of the skin. The problem is called allergic contact dermatitis when an allergic reaction occurs in the skin. Irritant contact dermatitis can be caused by prolonged contact with mild irritants such as bubble bath, soap, sweat, saliva, urine and even water. Allergic contact dermatitis only occurs in people who have an allergy to a specific substance. Each year, about 70 percent of people in the United States are affected by some type of skin allergy. The most common allergens are poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. Other common substances that trigger skin allergies include construction materials used to build homes and offices, cleaning products, deodorants, cosmetics and medications. Dermatitis of the earlobes can be caused by an allergy to earrings that contain nickel. Chemicals in fragrances, skin cream and lotions, shampoos and shoes or clothing also can cause allergic reactions.

Hand eczema - This form of chronic eczema is limited to the hands. It can be related to atopic eczema or it can occur because of repeated hand washing or exposure to strong detergents. Occasionally, hand eczema is caused by an allergy, such as a latex allergy.

Seborrheic dermatitis (seborrhea) - Some doctors consider seborrhea to be a type of eczema, although it creates a greasier rash than is usual for eczema conditions. This scaly dermatitis commonly appears on the scalp as "cradle cap" in infants or dandruff in adults. It commonly affects the face or neck around the nose and at the scalp line. It probably is triggered by the skin fungus Pityrosporum ovale."

The different types of eczema generally have a different look to them (Wikipedia lists some good descriptions) but for most types, resolution requires a two pronged approach: inner/nutrition and outer/natural moisturizing skin care products.

If you are looking for input on dealing with eczema, I really encourage you to try some dietary changes. A lot of my clients (I'm a holistic nutritionist) find that going totally off dairy and/or grains helps their eczema a lot. Or, if there is a yeast overgrowth component, then moving to an anti-Candida dietary plan can be very helpful. Lastly there are often nutritional deficiencies such as omega 3 and omega 6 deficiencies. Those would all be worth taking a look at.

Finally, if you have eczema, some of the products you are using may be making things worse. If they have synthetic chemicals (i.e. parabens), the ingredients can provoke a response in the skin or make the skin drier. You may want to check EWG's Skin Deep Data Base and check your products out on their rating system to see if maybe switching to a natural or certified organic product for sensitive skin might help. Good luck!  (+ info)

Can someone send me a picture of there seborrheic dermatitis?

I need some seborrheic dermatitis pictures for a project I am working on. The subjects do not need a picture of there face. I want to publish them on a website. It can be of the scalp or face or neck or arms. Try not to let the flash wreck the photo. The closer the better.

google it. there are many pictures already on line without getting personal with someones else's plight.  (+ info)

My newborn has Atopic Dermatitis any suggestion on how to help him?

I just had a son hes about 2 months old and he is suffering from Atopic Dermatitis.I have taken him to several doctors and they have prescribed creams that have not worked thus far. I would like to get suggestions from parents that have dealt with the same situation. What has helped your child? Are there more natural approaches that I am not aware of. I look forward to your response as I am getting very scared for my baby.Thank you.

It is my understanding that this is a temporary thing in babies. Lots of babies have really sensitive skin, so they develop rashes that vary in severity.
Have you thought that it might be an allergic reaction to something? Could be the formula (if you're using it), the brand of diapers, the laundry detergent you're using, the deodorant you wear, anything really. Some babies are super sensitive. I would take a close look at what you think could be causing it. As he gets older he will most likely grow out of it, but it's hard to say how long that will take.
Sorry I don't know any natural remedies for it I would just say use the creams your doctor gives you and try to eliminate any allergens.  (+ info)

I was diagnosed with Seborrheic dermatitis now its still itchy?

OKay so my doctor told me i have Seborrheic dermatitis so i was prescribed ketoconazale shampoo i use it everyday and leave it in for 5 minutes. Everything was good for awhile but now my hair is no longer oily but is still extremely itchy and bleeds. I was wondering good home remedies or something. I am making a doctors appt but wont be able to go in for a few weeks would like a temporary fix.

Hi, you can try one of the natural treatments available on the Internet. Some of them do actually work. For my seb. dermatitis on scalp I use psoriasis herbal cream by Champori quite successfully. It takes just a couple of weeks to clear the spots and they then stay clear for months on end.
Try it: Champori is available online without prescription and comes with money back guarantee so if it doesn't work for you - it's free.
Antje  (+ info)

My boyfriend has had bad dermatitis since June. Does anyone have a good remedy?

He has been unsuccessfully treated with cortisone meds cream since june. He is taking fish oil and evening primrose oil and he uses a moisturiser on his body. Funny thing is he used to be a chronic hayfever sufferer but this seems to be replaced by the dermatitis. Maybe unrelated but in May he was on a strong set of antibiotics following a bad lung infection. He also was freezing all of winter which is really unusual as he is usually hot and sweaty. The doctors have not been able to help and the itch is sending us both crazy so any thoughts would be appreciated.

Try an oatmeal bath. They sell it at the drug store and it's a good treatment for just such malidies. It should stop the itch and perhaps offer a phycosematic type cure, sort of like a placebo.  (+ info)

How to get rid of dermatitis?

I am on a medicine called minocycline. I went to the tanning bed and now my face is swelled and red and I have blisters. My doctor said I have dermatitis, but what kind? How long will it take for this to go away?

Minocycline clearly states to avoid sun exposure. Make sure you never do that again. Did your dr. tell you what to do? It depends on your body how fast it will heal.  (+ info)

How to get rid of contact dermatitis?

I am allergic to the metal in all belts, which is a bad thing cause I have to wear one, so I have contact dermatitis on my stomach. I have tried different things such as tucking in an under shirt and using band aids (which I am also allergic to :( ) but it wont seem to go away. I would rather not go to the doctor again for it so can anyone tell me a good way to get rid of it?

you can use a bit of cortisone for the inflamation. Have you tried clear nail polish painted on all the metal parts?  (+ info)

How do you get rid of contact dermatitis?

i play soccer and when i wear my shinguards but i get this narly rash that the doctor says is contact dermatitis. it is red and bumpy and itchy and i want to get rid of it?! help!

  (+ info)

How long will it take till my seborrheic dermatitis to go away?

I went to see my dermatologist last week and was told i had seborrheic dermatitis around my nose and was told to use Hydrocortisone 1% and its been a week now and i barely notice a difference.......how long does it usually take till it completely goes away? Its very disappointing to have to put on this cream and wakeup and notice nothings changed....it hasn't gotten worse but it also hasn't gotten better. What's the time frame when it comes to this?

For everybody it is different. Steroids did not work at all for my SD. I've found anti-eczema herbal remedies at serenaskin.com that works very well for me. Cream and spray cleared the skin and now i just take anti-eczema extract to prevent future flare-ups. I'm pleased with the results.  (+ info)

Any recommendations for a dermatologist in the Chicago area that specializes in eczema and dermatitis?

Trying to find a dermatologist who is patient and dedicated to working with me to resolve eczema/dermatitis issues.

I am not familiar with dermatologists in this area, but I can tell you that in majority of the cases doctors prescribe steroid creams and other awful stuff for relieving eczema. I recommend you start treating your condition with natural methods right from the start to cure the cause of eczema not the symptoms.

A great article to start with can be found here:


I hope this helps. I have yet to hear from a case where eczema was eliminated once and for all only with prescribed medications.  (+ info)

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