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What tests are given to diagnose developmental disorders?

What tests are given to diagnose different types of developmental disorders and who does the testing?

Hi I am in the UK my daughter has just go through a full assessment. these are done by a number of different please. including a paediatric consultant physiotherapist psychologist, speech-therapist a specialist nursery teacher and a few others. I could not really tell that they was doing the tests we went to a play centre (children's development centre) for one afternoon for 5 weeks. They know how to spot things that you would never have thought about. like who a child draws a picture, how they play with toys weather they use their imagination. with the speech therapist its more what they understand. so they play games like put the banana next to the cup then in the cup and under the cup etc etc. they also used a book that she had to pick out the right picture to what the women was asking. hope that this all helps. If you have a child that's going through all of this please don't worry to much they don't notice whats going on to them its just a game. take care good luck  (+ info)

What should I expect at a speech and developmental evaluation?

My 29 month old son's intake was this morning and his appointment is being scheduled. It will be specifically with both the speech and the developmental therapist with an occupational therapist also being present.

It sounded like the speech and developmental therapists are always there but his service coordinator has made a point to choose a center that also has the occupational.

my daughter went through this for early intervention services. she was evaluated in a separate room from me. and they did things like building blocks matching patterns asking questions to see what she can say and what she knew.

problem with that is sometimes if the children are in a new setting sometimes they don't preform up to their abilities. when I came in the room they asked me if she knew her colors... she knew all of them at the time but they couldn't get her to say them... and when they asked what color her shirt was she said pink (it was a kind of purple-pink... so it was a bad question)

but when services started sometimes they'd be like well she's alredy met all my goals...

but other things they do is see how well they walk run take stairs.

  (+ info)

What are some good websites with equipment for people with disabilities?

I am looking for some sites that sell disability equipment to people in New York with physical disabilities such as reaching devices or any other devices that will assist in every day basic living. If you know of some, let me know. Thanks!

It is better if you buy locally, that way the device can be returned if it isn't suitable. Larger equipment should have a ocupational therapist's opinion.  (+ info)

Where can I get information about mental disabilities?

I have to write a paper on mental disabilities. I know what they are and everything cuz i lived with someone who had a mental disability when i was younger but my english class just got done reading of mice and men and I'm looking for information about this disability for my paper could someone please help?

The link below gives many avenues for further reading, good luck with your paper...;  (+ info)

What diseases and disabilities are linked to chromosome 17? I need a full list please.?

Can someone please make a list of all the diseases, disabilities and conditions linked to chromosome 17?

Genetics Home Reference includes these conditions related to genes on chromosome 17:

Alexander disease
Amish lethal microcephaly
Andersen-Tawil syndrome
Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome
bladder cancer
breast cancer
campomelic dysplasia
Canavan disease
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
epidermolysis bullosa simplex
familial atrial fibrillation
hereditary folate malabsorption
hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies
hyperkalemic periodic paralysis
hypokalemic periodic paralysis
Job syndrome
Li-Fraumeni syndrome
N-acetylglutamate synthase deficiency
neurofibromatosis type 1
nonsyndromic deafness
osteogenesis imperfecta
pachyonychia congenita
paramyotonia congenita
Pompe disease
potassium-aggravated myotonia
pyridoxal 5'-phosphate-dependent epilepsy
short QT syndrome
Smith-Magenis syndrome
tetra-amelia syndrome
Usher syndrome
very long-chain acyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase deficiency
Chromosome Trisomy 17 p 11.2- Down's Syndrome

GeneCards provides a table of genes on chromosome 17 and disorders related to those genes.  (+ info)

Do kids with developmental delay who are held back a year catch up or will they always be behind?

I have a son who is 4 now and is developmentally delayed. Since he is one of the youngest in his special needs preschool class, we are thinking of having him repeat preschool again next year (obviously we're going to talk this over with his teachers to see what they would recommend) so he can catch up to his non-special needs peers. But will kids with delays eventually catch up and be on track with normally developing kids, or will kids with developmental delays always be behind their peers?

Some catch up and some don't. But a lot of kids do catch up. It really depends on the individual child and the reason they are delayed. If there is some sort of physical reason then they may be less likely to catch up. I would ask your son's doctor if he thinks he'll catch up. I think that at age 4 this will be the best time to hold him back a year.  (+ info)

Maggie gave birth 2 a premature infant.What can the nurse tell her about the associated developmental outcomes?

a. socioeconomic status is unrelated to developmental outcomes
b. premature infants are not considered high risk infants
c. the more premature babies weigh and the closer to term they are born, the less risk of negative outcomes
d. premature babies with no visible problems are at equal risk as premature babies with visible problems

C - I think it's C because doctors try to get the baby to stay in the mom for as long as possible....the longer the baby stays in utero the better chance of being healthy and less risks it has in the world.  (+ info)

Need some examples of developmental plans for Infants?

I'm setting up a weekly developmental plan for infants and I need activities for Social/Emotional, Language, Fine Motor, Large Motor, and intellectual growth. I need two more ideas for Social Emotional, Two More for Language, three for Fine Motor, two more for Large Motor and I need about 5 more for intellectual growth. I've tried looking online for ideas and can't find a whole lot. Thanks!
This is for a school project.

what? infants don't need a "developmental plan" by any means. do one can teach them nearly as well as they teach themselves, just being submersed in daily life.

sorry, can't help you, but do you really need these? is this for school or something?  (+ info)

If you had two children with disabilities would you ever try to have another baby?

I have seen parents with children severe disabilities planning to have more kids. I would just think that would be soo difficult. Who will take care of the kids as the enter adulthood? Especially if the parents ever become ill.
I was wondering if you would risk having another child with dissabilities? I understand that they are still human.( I didn't mean to terminate the pregnancy) I meant would you plan for another?

I would be very anxious and possibly not want to have another child. I have 2 kids with autism (my boys) but my middle child is a girl and she does not have autism. The age gap between my 1st and my last child is 13 years. I was a bit anxious with my last pregnancy (not excessively though) and did wonder. It is not fair though is it? I have also been told that parents of special needs children are special parents. I find this insulting and bloody offensive as I am the common or garden variety parent myself. I love my kids dearly but it is very hard work and I would think twice before having another child for all the reasons you gave. Maybe these parents have something that I do not - good luck to them. We live in a society that is supposed to care but it is not always the case. My kids will always need support within the community and I do worry about their future.  (+ info)

Of children with disabilities, approximately what percent have multiple disorders?

This is about learning/mental disabilities, NOT physical disabilities

Please please please help me find this out. 10 pts to best answer fast!

As a person with LD's and as the mother of three girls with various LD's I have to tell you that it's very rare to find someone with LD's who only has one. So I would say that 95 percent of people with LD's as at least two if not more. I have 15 people in my immediate and extended family who have LD's and there isn't one of us who only has one. In fact talking to my cousin and brother who are special education teachers they don't' have any students with only one disability. Even my middle daughter who has the mildest case of dyslexia also deals with fine motor skill issues which made it hard to learn to write. My youngest daughter who has the severest form of dyslexia has three other LD's. So most of the people who have LD's have at least two.  (+ info)

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