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What are the developmental differences in children ?

What are the developmental differences in children ?
basically what are the developmental differences in the stages of childhood development from 0-16.

Um that a huge question, there are many developmental changes that take place the first 16 years.  (+ info)

What do I do if my insurance doesn't cover developmental pediatricians?

I was told to take my four year old daughter who has PDDNOS to a developmental pediatrician but I was told by the insurance they don't cover that. I can't even find a therapist who specializes in young children. Help me please!

I have never heard of either of these but perhpas you are in the UK. Meantime get out the old checkbook and write some checks for the bill.  (+ info)

Which of the following statements about hearing disabilities is false?

A.Over time, noise damages parts of the inner ear.
B.The most common cause of hearing problems in children is tinnitus.
C.Medicines can cause hearing problems.
D.Hearing disabilities can be treated with hearing aids or cochlear implants.

B  (+ info)

I just watched many documentaries about kids with disabilities and i felt bad. What can i do to help locally?

What can i do to help my community? To help kids with disabilities and loss of parents. I dont have money but want to help.

Thank you.

visit them at a hospital or help center and that would mean so much more to them than to buy them something because what they really need is a companion that they can have a conversation with not a toy that will get boring after a week with it.  (+ info)

what mental health disorders such as bi polar are considered disabilities?

Can anyone tell me which mental illnesses are considered disabilities in Texas. If anyone has one of these can you inform me of something my husband got an assault charge on him for committing an assault on a disabled person, but he did not see any signs of them being disabled (nor did he really assualt them) but what kind of disabilities would this include. We assume it was a mental disability because the person making the accusations were certainly not physically disabled.

A diagnoses of any mental disorder does not prove disability.

Disability is determined by a person's individual symptoms and how these symptoms prevent the person from getting or keeping gainful employment.

I know people with severe, chronic schizophrenia who work full time. I know people in wheelchairs who work full time.

It's not the diagnoses it's the severity of the symptoms.

There isn't any one diagnoses of any mental disorder that automatically designates one as disabled.

There are many disabled people who have unseen disabilities that is they are not obviously disabled to the average person by sight alone.

HIV infection is one, cancer is another, and many more.

The only time it's ok to assault another is in self defense or defense of another. So if your husband was charged with assault he wasn't defending himself or another.  (+ info)

Would it be hard to start a business for people with disabilities only need apply?

I was thinking of starting a business for people with disabilities? How well do you think this would go? Any supporters? Were and How to start


I don't doubt that your intentions are good but my gut reaction is that most people with disabilities won't like the idea. Most people with disabilities don't want special treatment or to singled out as different. It is a kind of deliberate segregation. They would be working there specifically because they are disabled, not for the skills they bring. I could of course be completely wrong but I would suggest that you raise the idea with disability groups who could give you a much more reliable idea of what the response would be.

I also suspect that it would be illegal. Discrimination laws probably wouldn't allow hiring with this kind of criteria. It would actually be legally akin to opening a company where disabled people couldn't apply. In this case it would be discrimination against non-disabled people. I'm sure you get the idea.   (+ info)

Do you think its ok to abort babies who will have disabilities?

Do you think it is ok for women to choose to abort babies who may be born with serious disabilities that would cause them not to have a normal life? My mother was pregnant recently and got an amnio with chromosomal analysis because she's over a certain age. The doctor said the baby would have Down Syndrome and she got an abortion. My parents are sort of Nazis and one of the things they believe is that babies with serious disabilities should not be brought into the world and serve no purpose.

that situation that happened to my parents also but my mom did not get an abortion she had the baby and he was born perfectly fine. and my answer to this question is no because no one is anyone to take someones life away even because of a disability. its the twenty first century and there are many things that are out there especially for kids with disabilities  (+ info)

Do any of the children on Jon and Kate Plus 8 have physical or mental disabilities?

I have just started watching the show, and really enjoy how honest the parents are about their experiences. I haven't been watching for long enough to know much about the individual children, but one or two of them have facial features that resemble children with Downs Syndrome. Is this coincidence or do any of these children struggle with disabilities?

One boy (Joel) has hearing aids, and another (Aden) wears glasses. Thats it as far as I know.

Downs syndrome used to be called mongoloid syndrome, the features of a downs child were thought to resemble that of Asian or Mongolian features. Since Jon is 1/2 Korean his kids all have varying degrees of Asian features, some with more Asian eyes than others.  (+ info)

How many children with disabilities have in united state?

Well, really what I looking is for Navajo children (from New Mexico) with disabilities

3 out of five  (+ info)

Where (online) can I find a milestone/ developmental checklist for a toddler?

I would like to find a developmental/ milestone checklist online that I can print and hang on my wall to record when my toddler (now 16 month old) begins to do things. Or a downloadable program for my Palm that I can easily record milestones. Right now I write them on the calendar but find that I am forgetting to write down things or am writing them down twice. Any ideas? Thanks!

i use babycenter.com...they cover milestones for kids and stages of pregnancy.  (+ info)

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