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Where can I find a parent to parent mentoring program to talk to parents w/ children with disabilities in MO?

I want to be a mentor to other parents who have children with disabilities who would like support and information on where to get help. Also I have a support group of 20 members and I would like to expand. I live in Lee's Summit, MO.

I used Copernic Agent Professional to research your question. Although I didn't find a specific mentoring program, I did find The Family Resource Center (2nd link) which is supported by the United Way of Greater St. Louis. Even though they deal primarily with child abuse and neglect, they may be able to assist you in finding a mentoring program. I hope this helps.  (+ info)

Side Effects of CT Scan for 7 Month Infant - Radiation and Learning Disabilities?

My son recently had a CT scan after falling down. Since then I have read literature from around 2002 - 2004 regarding a Swedish experiment that found that infants (less than 18 months) who were exposed to radiation in the brain at levels similar to a CT scan developed learning disabilities.

Does anyone know more information about this?

Thank you.

Hi, I am a CT tech working in Florida. Pediatric CT is one of my main concerns as a technologist, so I have researched the heck out of it because I am administering it.

The main problem with pediatric CT is the amount of radiation. It is quite a lot. That is why it must be prescribed by a doctor who has decided the possible injury to your son from his fall was worse than the possible damage from the CT.

When ionizing radiation (the kind in a CT) passes through the body, some of it stays inside the body and interacts with cells. The reason we are more concerned with radiation to children is because their cells are growing and developing more rapidly than an adult. There is more possibility for the cells that interacted with the radiation to...grow abnormally.

I am not particularly familiar with the risk of learning disability. I am, however, familiar with the risk of cancer development. There is one study that is a cause of a lot of conversation in the medical community on this - it estimates that 1 in 220 kids who receive a CT of their head will die from the cancer that grew as a direct result from the radiation in that single CT exam.

I do not tell you this to scare you. It is a means of education on the subject. The fact of the matter is that if your son had an injury like a skull fracture or bleeding in the brain from his fall, his chances of being very ill or even dying were much greater than 1 in 220, especially if it was not diagnosed because of fear of radiation.

CT radiation is not to be feared; it is, however, necessary to respect the risk and not scan children who do not have a real reason to be scanned. This is a doctor's call to make. I just wish there was a way to inform parents without scaring them. But that is my problem to figure out...

I hope this helped and didn't harm.  (+ info)

What other developmental domain may be postively influenced by this activity?

Having texture boards like construction paper, fabric, and plastic and the infants can feel all three of them.

will you please stop asking this question!! And do your own homework!

Infants will chew on these.  (+ info)

Did anyone have a baby born roughly 5 weeks early and did the baby have any developmental problems? Mine may.

He is only 4 months old (not adjusted-that's his actual age, so he is more like 3 months. His head control isn't the greatest. He smiles and coos and things, but the doctor said he will send him to a developmental agency. Is this something they usually overcome? I am just worried.

It is early intervention and it is wonderful!
We get a lot of children in my school who have had it- and they go to your home in our state.
I have a child in my class who's sibling was born 4 weeks early and has developmental delays. The child is in Early Childhood Intervention and it has done wonders. She is nearly 2 and catching up ( I knew this family when I had the older child in my class 2 years ago) It's amazing to see the progression.

Good luck to you!  (+ info)

What medication can cause learning disabilities if overdosed?

About 15 years ago, while on vacation, I took my infant son to a doctor for congestion and a bad cough. The doctor gave me a sample of a perscription med and told me the dose should be 3 drops every 4 hours. He then cautioned me that overdosing could cause a thickening of a membrain in the brain and create learning disabilities or even death. He also said that this med was not normally used for this kind of problem but, because we were going to be flying he felt this med was a better option. On the bottle he hand wrote .3 ccm. When I returned from the doctor's office my wife informed me that there had been a death in my family and I had to leave. My wife took over the treatment of our child. Some how the doctor's warning and the written instructions did not get properly conveyed to my wife and she dosed 3 cm every 4 hours. About a year later I found the bottle while cleaning out the medicine cabinet. I noticed that the name of the medicine was somthing I'd never heard of and began discussing the trip to the Doctor with my wife. During that conversation we realized the dosage error. We concluded that our son seemed alright and discarded the remaining medicine. Once our son started school it became apparent that he had very serious learning disabilities. I often wonder if the medicine is the cause of the problem. I also think that maybe, if we knew the medicine, it might suggest a treatment that could help our son.

If at all possible, track down the doctor and tell him what you've told us. You need to know the med before you can do any more research. The connection may or may not be there.  (+ info)

What developmental blocks did your children reach by 6 months?

My child just started to be able to feed herself out of her bottle. She can't crawl yet (frustrating for her, I can see her kicking her feet against the floor trying to move).
She can roll over in both directions.
She babbles (for the past two months) and smiles.
She laughs when you make funny faces and when you laugh first.

What can I expect next?

I would say that she will be pulling herself up to sit soon and maybe putting together words like da da and ma ma. That was the progression of things with my son at least.

I found myself asking "what's next?" quite a bit and what really helped was the book "What to Expect the First Year." In the beginning of each section there is a milestones check list. I always had fun highlighting what my boy could do! Have fun with your growing baby! It only gets better.  (+ info)

Can anyone recommend a developmental pediatrician in Austin?

We have a 2 year old who needs to be seen by a developmental pediatrician and we have had absolutely no luck in our area getting him into one. Can anyone recommend a great one in Austin? This is the closest city to us where I think would have the best to choose from. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH in advance for any information you may have!!!!

Pediatric Associates of Austin Pa
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(512) 458-5323

1500 W 38th St, Ste 20, Austin, TX
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"... to other medical specialists. And, because childrens welfare...education about healthful..."

they are suppose to be great hope this helps
  (+ info)

What are the developmental social stages of preteen girls?

I am asking because I have an 11 year old and lately she is showing a lot of attutude and selfishness. Is this normal?

I have a 10 yr old daughter who recently started her period. For approx. 1 yr. BEFORE she started she went thru so many changes; physically, mentally and emotionally that I couldn't possibly list them all. However, the major things were:
Breasts started to develop
Under arm and pubic hair started to grow
VERY emotional... happy one minute, crying the next
Moodiness very similar to PMS
Mouthy... testing her limits as to what she could say to me and get away with. This was all the time... not just once a month. Once her period started, she started getting normal PMS symptoms only once a month, so it does get better...Good Luck  (+ info)

What are some developmental toys I can get for my 15 month old daughter for Christmas?

My mother in law keeps threatening to buy one of those popping toys. Trust me, it will find its way back to her house!

the fischer price A to Z learning zoo comes highly recommended by parent reviews. they are sold out everywhere, but you can get it for $43 on the fisherprice website... a play kitchen maybe, i also like the person's above about toys for a kid to use their imagination. talking dolls kinda creep me out.  (+ info)

How far along a pregnancy can be terminated if a developmental abnormality is detected?

I thought you can elect to end the pregnancy until 22 weeks, if there are abnormalities in fetal development. Is that so?

You can elect to end a pregnancy at any time during the pregnancy if there is an abnormality (in most states). Certain procedures to end the pregnancy might be prohibited after a certain point in the pregnancy.  (+ info)

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