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How to cope with gestational diabetes in a pregnant woman? Is there any ayurvedic medicine for that?

A pregnant woman discovers her affected by gestational diabetes during the 4th month. Apart from the changing diatery habits and light exercise, she is on daily dose of insulin before food thrice a day. Her present BS is 165. Is there any safe ayurvedic medicine by which she can cut down on insulin and also reduce blood sugar?

Please reconsider. Insulin has no side affects for the baby and is a "natural" remedy because it's a hormone. It's been in use for over 50 years. In contrast, many oral medications have either not been tested for pregnancy, or they have seen them cause birth defects in mice.

It's vital that she keep those blood sugars under 130 after eating, and a slight increase in her insulin would easily take care of that 165.

Meanwhile, the consequences of uncontrolled blood sugars are serious: birth defects, increased risk of miscarriage, deterioration of the placenta, weight gain in the baby, and the baby having a blood sugar crash when born (removing the mom's high blood sugar causes the baby to crash). You don't want a baby that has to be in the hospital simply because it's inconvenient to take an insulin shot.  (+ info)

How soon can gestational diabetes be detected in pregnancy?

I am barely 6 weeks pregnant and had a blood glucose test done last week, the results came back high at 220. Does anyone know if that is too early for gestational diabetes, or do you think I had diabetes before the pregnancy and just didn't know about it?
The reason they tested so early is because my younger sister has diabetes; however, it's juvenile diabetes (Type 1). This is my first pregnancy, so I've never had the problem before.

I would say that you already had it, my daughter is 25w3d and they are testing her for that next month. They said that gestational diabetes starts around 28 weeks.
Diabetes and pregnancy together are rough so please be careful.
Congrats on the little one.  (+ info)

What are the warning signs of gestational diabetes?

I am 27 weeks pregnant, I go in for my glucose test in 3 weeks. I was just wondering if there are any warning signs that I may have gestational diabetes. This is my second pregnancy, I didn't have any problems with my first pregnancy nor do I have a history of diabetes or high blood pressure or anything like that. I have just been feeling really sick the past few days. Every time I eat I feel very nauseous and sometimes even have stomach pain. Does anyone know if this is normal? Thanks.

increased thirst and urination
swelling of hand and feet
nausia and dizzyness
feeling shaky before meals
same as if you had high blood sugar.
also the baby may show to be large in size on an ultrasound. as far as your symptomes thats just pregnancy in general.  (+ info)

How many Grams of Carbs should someone with type 2 diabetes, or gestational diabetes intake a day?

I am waiting for my second round of blood work to come back with the results as to whether or not i have gestational diabetes. My OB said she is pretty sure it will come back positive so while im waiting for the final results i want to make sure im not ingesting to many carbs. What is the suggested intake of carbs for someone with gestational diabetes and/or Type 2 diabetes?

Hello, The amount of carbohydrate foods (carbs) recommended for a person with diabetes varies with nutrient needs, physical activity, weight goals, and other lifestyle measures. For someone maintaining a healthy weight on1400 calories, he or she may eat around 45-60 grams per meal, with 3 meals each day. Physical activity, work/school schedules, and medications may influence the amount of carbs recommended and how the carbs are distributed throughout the day. Additional carbs may be required for intensive physical activity levels. Consistency and portion control are key for blood glucose control. The goal is to achieve and maintain target blood glucose (sugar) levels throughout the day  (+ info)

What if my gestational diabetes is just under control?

Hi i am currently 28 weeks pregnant and i got gestational diabetes and now i have to follow a proper diet and regular exercise and after all this my sugar level is controlled but sometimes its just under the required level, i mean sometimes it comes 6.9 or 7.0mmol/l after meal and 5.4 (fasting). So i was just wondering if its still not good for me and baby or there is nothing to worry on that?

I had gestational diabetes with my fourth baby and was borderline with second and third. it is okay if you are just off by a bit but they will want you to lower it into the average range. I did great with diet and exercise but it still got away from me a little bit so i did go onto the insulin pill to help. The exercise and dieting is important to help keep that down but with pregnancy they told be no matter if you are doing everything right it can change at any time due to the pregnancy. it did get a little harder at the end. Now 9 months later I have low blood sugars so I have to eat more often now with higher amount of carbs. My little ava still came out tiny from it but she is healthy.  (+ info)

What week are you tested for gestational diabetes?

I'll be 23 weeks on Monday and I have an appointment with my OB then. I thought she said I'd have to do the glucose test at that time, but she may have meant later. I wondered when you're typically tested for gestational diabetes in pregnancy?

Also, I've noticed I am so thirsty lately. I know this can be a sign of diabetes. But I wondered if dry mouth/thirst is also just a symptom that some pregnant women deal with (who DON'T have diabetes)?


This is usually done between the 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy.  (+ info)

What complications have you had with gestational diabetes?

I have just found out that I have gestational diabetes and I am over 37 weeks pregnant. It has gone undiagnosed and we have found out that I why my baby is so large. She is already 8 pounds 12 ounces based on the ultra sound. They won't let us induce until at least 39 weeks. I have been eating healthy but not healthy for someone with gestational diabetes. My concerns are now with my baby and I want her to be healthy. Any personal expieriences would be great!

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy. The only real difficulty was a very long labor due to a large baby. A large baby is probably all you will have to deal with. If the baby is too large you may end up with a C-section so prepare for that. Don't worry, you will probably both be fine.  (+ info)

When did gestational diabetes become a diagnosis?

I am trying to find out more about the history of gestational diabetes. I am finding plenty of articles about people having a personal or family history of it, but what I am looking for is when the medical community starting using the phrase "gestational diabetes" rather than only talking about diabetes and pregnancy. I found an article from 1986 in a medical journal that mentions it, but nothing before that.

Does anybody know where there might be more information about this?

Ouch! I found some very dry, boring information, *but* the answer seems to be 1979:

"A Short History of Gestational Diabetes as a Clinical Entity

GD as a clinical entity officially began in 1979 when the National Diabetes Data Group (NDDG) issued an updated classification of diabetes types, including one that was present only during pregnancy. In 1979, the First International Workshop-Conference on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus also met, essentially declared GD a disease, finding it a significant health risk that needed treatment. Instead of the more neutral “Carbohydrate Intolerance of Pregnancy”, the term “Gestational Diabetes Mellitus” was used (often shortened in various resources to Gestational Diabetes, GD, or GDM). Authorities felt that if the term ‘diabetes’ was used, women would be more likely to take the diagnosis seriously and insurance companies would be much more likely to cover treatment for it."

  (+ info)

Can gestational diabetes contribute to fatigue and moodiness?

I just found out I have gestational diabetes. This is my 3rd pregnancy, but the first time that I've had this. I have been a lot more tired and irritated during this pregnancy than the others. Could the gestational diabetes have anything to do with that?

Absolutely. Fluctuations in blood sugar can effect mood and energy levels.

Once you start your gestational diabetes diet, you should begin to feel better.

However, also remember that every pregnancy presents itself differently, so hormones could be the culprit of your lack of energy and moodiness and nothing but delivering will solve this.

Good luck :o)  (+ info)

What now pregnant with gestational diabetes and may have a big baby?

Well i am now pregnant with my second little one, or shall i say big one, last one born by c-section because of baby head position and induction, i have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and am extremely worried i wont be able to deliver vaginally once again because the baby may be too big, i am 35 weeks pregnant and measuring 2 cm bigger for the last 3 apptments and the have only had one ultrasound .. i am scared about going into labor early or they may want to induce ... what should i do ?

I would not worry about the size of your baby. Many women with gestational diabetes are able to deliver vaginally with no problems. Keep in mind that ultrasounds and estimates about your baby's size are just that....estimates. Ultrasounds are often wrong. They are sometimes off by a pound or more. They even get the sex of the baby wrong sometimes!

There's no way any doctor can tell you with any certainty the size of your baby. And weight doesn't really matter anyway. It has more to do with head circumference, the shape of your pelvis and the way the baby presents during labor.

I would not let them force you into induction or c-section if you're not comfortable with it. Why don't you just wait and let nature take it's course? It's rare that mother nature makes a baby which can't come through the mother's birth canal given a little bit of time and patience.

Please just try to relax and enjoy these last few weeks of your pregnancy.  (+ info)

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