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What are the complications of gestational diabetes and high BP for growing foetus?

The biggest risk for baby when mom had GD is baby may be too big causing shoulder dysplasia(may be spelt wrong) at birth, and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) after birth. the risk for hypertension is more for the mother. You can have seizures, stroke, or coma from BP too high. They may induce early because the only cure for mom is delivery (it's called preeclampsia) which depending on how far along you are, you may have a premature baby which in itself has multiple risks.  (+ info)

What are the complications in pregnancy and childbirth for someone with type 1 diabetes?

Talk to your Ob/gyn about a referral to a perinatal group. These doctors deal with high risk pregnancies.You need to be seen well before you even get pregnant.

Good luck.  (+ info)

do you have problems not understanding or caring about diabetes and complications?

my mother and family flatly refuse to believe that falling sugar levels affect your judgement and amke you irritable which is especially hilarious given that she always complained bitterly about my father's lack fo sympathy to her health problems.
the worse one are the ones who think they know but are unaware about haow extensive and complicated diabetes is.

is she the one with the diabetes or are you? If it is you and she doesn't believe you, then have her talk to your doctor. My daughter was diagnosed with type one when she was 10 and I definitely understand what you are talking about. Also, if it is you with the falling levels, you have to start realizing when it is starting and taking measures to help yourself. Sometime you can do things when you are too low (like ignore it) which can hurt you badly.
Good Luck!!  (+ info)

What are some possible health complications associated with diabetes?

I presumed you mean Diabetes Mellitus?not Insipidus?well,there are several complications associated with Diabetes Mellitus.like secondary hypertension, nephropathy,neuropathy,retinopathy,  (+ info)

Is there complications on immigration with diabetes?

I am a German Citizen and married a US citizen. We have filed our paperwork so far and I just have been approved for my application for a visa. Now the second half of the papers has me to go through a physical examination. I have type 1 diabetes and was wondering if that will slow down the process in any way or even not grant me the ability to receive a green card.

only contagious illnesses can affect your getting a green card, diabetes is not contagious, therefore it is not a factor.  (+ info)

What complications could diabetes bring about? And all are they all connected to poor blood circulation?

Diabetes can lead to blood vessels becoming very damaged, which means that it can lead to a lack of blood circulation to parts of the body. So, depending on where the blood stops flowing, any number of things can happen. For example, one could become blind if blood stops going to the eyes. Another common end result is amputation of extremities after they no longer have a blood supply. This is done so that they don't rot, which is very dangerous.

Edit: Sorry Sue, but although nerve damage does happen, the symptoms are mostly due to poor blood circulation.
http://www.fda.gov/DIABETES/related.html  (+ info)

Does good control of diabetes prevent the onset of eye complications?

My aunt controlled her diabetes with insulin injections for many years, but then one day she smashed her thumb with a hammer, foolishly took aspirin for the pain, which thins the blood, got a hemmorhage in her eye, and lost the eye. Please have a long discussion with your doctor related to what you need to avoid. If you take extra good care of yourself and know what to avoid, you'll save yourself a LOT of heartache.  (+ info)

How high is the likely hood of somebody who has type 2 diabetes eventually dieing from it or its complications?

  (+ info)

How can one with diabetes take care of him/herself to avoid complications?

Long short term and long term complications

Regular and frequent blood sugar testing, stick to the diet given by the doctor/nutritionist and eat regular meals - no skipping meals, take any meds as scheduled, if taking insulin- make sure it is being properly administered, pay close attention to any wounds- especially on the feet, go for regular physical exams.  (+ info)

Does anyone have experience with NLD complications from diabetes?

I personally do not, but I have known people who had them. It is a bother to have these and they are slow to resolve. Keep working with the people at the county health office and they can help you with your concerns.  (+ info)

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