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Color or urine in fluid deprivation test for diabetes insipidus?

In a fluid deprivation test for diabetes insipidus should the urine be of a certain color? and if so, what color? For example, in normal healthy people they would have yellow urine when deprived fluids for 10 hours. If anyone kjnows I'd appreciate some input, Thanks!


I have diabetes insipidus and most of the time my urine is water clear even if i am deprived without water for about 3 - 6 hours, then it gets light yellow. But by that time if you have diabetes insipidus your gonna want some water.  (+ info)

Diabetes insipidus? What does it mean to not have sweet urine?

Does it mean that my urine doesn't taste sweet?

Any Med Experts fill me in please. i would really appreciate it?

Diabetes insipidus is caused by a lack of regulation of ADH or antidiuretic hormone. This allows for excessive amounts of urine to leave the body. This is known as polyuria. Diabetes mellitus also has this symptom but it is related to a different mechanism than diabetes insipidus (excess glucose attracts water and leads to excessive urine leaving the body)

Polyuria related to diabetes mellitus sometimes has glucose, a type of sugar, present in the urine. That is where the term "sweet urine" comes from.

In diabetes insipidus, however, there is no glucose in the urine, thus no "sweet urine"  (+ info)

What urinalysis tests can diagnose diabetes (mellitus and insipidus) and jaundice?

Urinalysis can detect Diabetes Mellitus using the urine strip. Urine chemical examination is a screening test for Diabetes and Proteinuria. Not jaundice.

Jaundice may be caused by Hepatis virus or Liver disease.

You can find out the reasons of jaundice with laboratory exams such as Hepatitis B surface antigen, SGPT, Bilirubin.  (+ info)

Expected mothers who are carriers of diabetes insipidus?

I was wondering if there is any soon to be mommys out there who are carriers of diabetes inspidus and how they plan on testing the baby when its born?
Mothers who are carriers of diaebetes inspidus can carry the actual diaebetes inspidus to their sons while their girls may become carriers like I am. It's a rare genetic disorder where I was tested positive and educated on it

  (+ info)

Can you go on a US military deployment with Diabetes Insipidus?

I am about to deploy to Afghanistan and have been diagnosed with DI. The doctor told me she wasnt sure if I could deploy..Different people keep giving me different answers but I cant find anything..Is there any risks of going if I have all the medicine and am I actually allowed to go? Thanks

I would be very surprised if you were deployed. If you were deployed the military would have to choose a 'safe' location in the event that you required emergent medical care. I am in fact surprised that the military has not suggested a medical discharge. Having said that I do not know your medical history so I do not know how much of a problem the diabetes insipidus has been for you. I am not surprised that you have received conflicting answers. I have a son in the Army and the military can certainly be capricious. The best advice that you will receive is either from a military physician or your Commanding Officer.  (+ info)

Explain the fluid imbalance of a person with diabetes insipidus?

It could be quite difficult to explain to any degree that might satisfy you, so I've included some websites for you to take a look at below.

Basically, the hypothalamus produces a hormone called antidiuretic hormone (ADH), which is stored in the pituitary gland. This hormone tells your kidneys when and how to control the production of urine. Unfortunately, something goes wrong with the process (you'll need to look at the second url for a fuller explanation of the different types of diabetes insipidus) so your kidneys produce lots of dilute urine. To keep doing this, your body needs to take in a lot of fluid, hence lots of fluid intake, and lots of fluid output. This gives rise to the sometimes misdiagnosis, by the lay person, that the sufferer has diabetes mellitus. The two conditions are NOT the same.  (+ info)

I think I might have insipidus diabetes?

I want to test for Insipidus diabetes, but I am really shy about telling my mom I think I have it, because I have broken many bones, and my knees are bad so they always get hurt, but she always thinks I am overreacting when I am not. How do I break it to my mom. Plus: I have done research and am almost positive Insipidus Diabetes could be the answer

Katie j! You have to tell your mom. Just say that you need to get tested. go for a test and then the test will decide whether you are overreacting or not. But in both cases dont worry at all.
The typical symptoms of diabetes insipidus are that it causes frequent urination. The large volume of urine is diluted, mostly water. To make up for lost water, you may feel the need to drink large amounts. You are likely to urinate frequently, even at night, which can disrupt sleep or, on occasion, cause bedwetting. Because of the excretion of abnormally large volumes of dilute urine, you may quickly become dehydrated if you do not drink enough water. Children with DI may be irritable or listless and may have fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. In its clinically significant forms, DI is a rare disease.

For more information visit my free website
http://www.reddiabetes.com  (+ info)

What herbs help treat diabetes insipidus?

Does anyone know about herbs that would help treat diabetes insipidus? Please Help

Not strictly herbal, but:

Chromium.  (+ info)

Why is it called diabetes insipidus if it has nothing to do with blood sugar?

Thank you for your help!!!

"Insipidus" means "having no flavour in Latin".
Diabetes insipidus was named because years ago diabetes was diagnosed by tasting the urine (sweet urine would signify glucose in it and thus would signify DM). As similar symptoms are shared between the two disorders, the condition without sweet urine was named diabetes insipidus.  (+ info)

Does having diabetes insipidus make me prone to a kidney infection or kidney disease?

there isn't so much info on DI as there is on the other types.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diabetes_insipidus  (+ info)

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