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What are the requirements for diaphragmatic breathing to be most effective?


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Do you know a baby that has been born with a diaphragmatic hernia?

Were they born C-section? Did they recover? Are they living a normal life and developing as they should?

My friend's daughter had one, she was born via c-section but that was due to placental abruption (hernia not known before birth--not sure if this something that can be diagnosed before birth). She is now a happy, healthy, intelligent almost 6 year old.

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What are some nursing interventions for umbilical and diaphragmatic hernias?

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What are the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing?


Diaphragmatic breathing has many benefits. It first of all allows more air into the lungs which means there is more oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange. This means more energy and less fatigue within the body.

Also, the diaphragm massages all the abdominal organs beneath it when it is correctly used. This helps with digestion, liver cleansing, and other important vital functions.

Most people today breath shallowly in their chest which creates many health problems such as heart disease to anxiety.

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Are there any "side effects" to first practicing diaphragmatic breathing?

I'm trying to sing better and have just recently started practicing diaphragmatic breathing...is my chest feeling exhausted, almost like its deflated and making it hard to sing just my muscles getting used to the new technique?

That's all it is is, just muscles adjusting them selves to accommodate.  (+ info)

What are the Nursing and Medical Management of Diaphragmatic Hernia?

Don't eat anything spicy, sleep on an incline, take prilosec.  (+ info)

diaphragmatic hernia without mention of obstruction or gangrene?

I had an egd today and I was diagnosed with "diaphragmatic hernia".. was wondering, what is this?

This is when there is an opening in the diaphragm (muscle that is involved in breathing located beneath the lungs separating the chest and abdomem) which causes the intestines to move into the chest cavity. Without obstruction or gangrene is good news as this means there is no blockage of the intestines which can happen as a result of a hernia.
Here is more info from a great medical site:

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My baby was born with congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Her operation was successful.?

Her left lung is still underdevelop. She came off the ventilator for about 2days and was breathing with oxygen assist. She is now back on the ventilator. What is this process and how long might it last?

wow, I just want to let you know that I'm glad that shes ok! I can only imagine how stressful that was for you and your family!

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I was diagnos with a diaphragmatic hernia the only thing i have read about it is they find this out in babys?

I am 35 years old can someone tell me more about this hernia please I also have a hiatal hernia

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What are the Nursing and Medical Management of patient having Diaphragmatic Hernia?

There are surgeries to correct this or basic symptomatic treatments. Most people with severe hiatal hernias have surgery.
Otherwise, you can manage by eating smaller meals, sitting upright after a meal for an hour or so, and putting blocks under the legs of your bed on the head end to keep yourself from laying completely flat. There are many more ways to treat this, but there wouldn't be room here to write them all. Check with Web MD....  (+ info)

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