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Do people suffer from diffuse axonal injury can recover his health?

Is there a chance to regain strenght or health for those people suffer from axonal injury?

Hi, I advise you to check this with health professionals. Here is what I recommend you to try to get qualified advice on axonal injury: http://www.myhealth-forum.com/  (+ info)

How long does it take to recover speech and hearing after a Diffuse Axonal brain injury?

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diffuse axonal injury?

what are the chances of waking up from a coma when a person has diffuse axonal injury?
one of my best friends is in a coma right now...the doctors say he will probably never wake up
i am just wondering if any of you know cases where people did wake up from comas or specifically from diffuse axonal injury?
i just want to regain my hope..
please help me

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Most forms of focal brain infury or diffuse axonal injury are associated with increased...?

is it intracranial pressure or cerbral blood flow?

Nobody wants to do their homework anymore! They result in increased intracranial pressure.  (+ info)

In nerve damage from an injury, what exactly is axonal loss?

You have axons in your nerve cells, and what happens is the brain sends messages to the rest of the body and it uses the axons in the body to do this. They act like a fiber optic cable carrying outgoing messages to the body. When they are damaged the messages get lost or not sent at all. You can also experience loss of sensation in that part of the body. But sometimes depending on the amount of damage the nerves can repair themselves. Talk to a Neurologist.  (+ info)


The other day I was swimming underwater and i hit my head on the side of the pool.

I have a cut and a pretty big bump.

Should I do something about this??

Keep the cut clean with Hydrogen Peroxide,
put an ice bag on the bump and check your
vision. If your vision is blurry, even a little bit,
then get to a doctor. If your head still hurts from
the day you were injured then you may want to go to the doctor and get checked out.  (+ info)


have u ever broken a bone (what bone and age) in ur life time i have broke my arm fractured my wrist and ankel

3 yrs old and my arm! i was throwing a fit and i put my elbow in the crib adn it got stuck adn then i jumped out! and i spriand my ankle pretty bad!  (+ info)

How to diffuse hair with a diffuser attachment?

How do you diffuse hair to make it curly? What is a good brand of mousse?

hi there

I think it may be helful to know what diffuse mean ,and I belive that may be helpful in understanding  (+ info)

What is diffuse erythema plus and diffuse gastritis?

I have an endoscopy result with following results
diffuse erythema+ and final impression says diffuse gastritis.
Can anybody explain what does they mean?

Diffuse means scattered and erythema is redness. Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach lining. You have redness and inflammation in your stomach, spread around rather than in just one place. With this result your doctor should be able to prescribe medicine to help.  (+ info)

What is Mild diffuse spondylitic changes of the Thoracic Spine?

I recently had spinal x-rays taken, and was wondering what the report means.
Is the diffuse spondylitic changes permanent, are they fixable with conservative treatment, or even with surgery?

The results mean that there is mild inflammation in your vertebrae at various places throughout the chest region of your spine. Spondylitic changes at first appear as swelling, and it is entirely reversible at early stages if it is not caused by rheumatoid arthritis. If the problems persist for years, inflammation eventually causes calcium deposits (bone spurs) to form between the vertebrae and this generally requires surgery. When its caused by rheumatoid arthritis, the problem is more difficult to control.

Stretching exercises and antiinflammatory drugs might be all you need at this point. Ask the doc to write up an order for a few visits with a physical therapist to teach you exercises to stop this problem from progressing.  (+ info)

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