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How to cure diplopia associated with brain injury?

When I was 14 years old I had a stroke since then I have been living with diplopia (double vision)
now I am 19 years old
I am desperate
please help me

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does the person that have diplopia get their eyes tired easily?

i have physiological diplopia then my eyes get easily tired? it is normal?

Physiological diplopia is a natural occurance and so would not tire your eyes. Nearly all people have physiological diplopia and it causes no symptoms at all  (+ info)

I have an autoimmune sensitivity to cold and to heat. I have vertical diplopia. What can be done?

I would like my vision restored. There have been days that I can see one image clearly, but not lately. I think this is a muscle problem from what I've read on the internet. Autoimmune illnesses are like allergies. Immune reactions can be called off, but I don't want to take antihistamines; they cause my immune reactions to become frequent and more intense.

Does anyone have an answer to this problem? I do not want to take medications. I'd rather the problem be solved than the symptoms temporarily abated.

  (+ info)

Where should I go to find out if I have diplopia?

Anywhere specific? I am noticing double vision with my new contacts.
I also notice it somewhat with my contacts out, kind of hard to tell because my eyes are so blurry. I also told my doctor about my double vision and he switched me to torics ( I have astigmatism) but the double vision is still there sometimes. I just want to know where I can go to see if I have diplopia at all.

you can go to your regular eye doctor. They may send you to a vision therapist, or change your contacts, or in a some cases will send someone with diplopia to surgeon but i don't think it sounds like you need a surgeon. It sounds like the power in your contacts is off  (+ info)

How dangerous is diplopia (or double vision)?

I think I have these double visions on certain occasions like when I'm very tired. For some reason now I can voluntarily make myself see in double vision. When I squint, I can see in double vision, especially at night. I have learned that if I have my eyes a little more open, I can avoid double vision.

double vision can be normal, like for instance hold a pen up and focus on the pen, you will notice everything behind it is double, now focus something behind the pen, the pen will be double.

Double when you are tired can be many reasons, your eyes are going different direction. you can do some vision therapy to help this.

Are you doing lots of near work when you see double?

Visit your optometrist and they should be able to help check your vision and provide vision therapy that can help you.  (+ info)

what does medical term intemmittent diplopia mean?

Went to opthalmologist and he said that is probably what is wrong with my eye.

It means double vision that comes and goes.  (+ info)

how can i cure my physiological diplopia?

recently i ask a question here and someone answers me that i have this! So my question now how can i cure this?

Physiological diplopia is a natural occurrence and everybody experiences this. It is a sign that the eyes are working as they should do. It is not an abnormal condition adn so it is not something that needs to be cured.  (+ info)

what is causing my monocular diplopia?

Ok, I have monocular diplopia in my left eye. It is a split second second image only when i shift my eye out of the left. It it more pronounced on highly lighted/contrasted object. For example, If I look only out of my left eye and look at a white line on a chalk board, i will see a quick flash of a second image before i see the first one. It's almost like im getting some weird reflection; its driving me crazy! Anyone have any idea?

Some causes of monocular diplopia are astigmatism and cataracts. You will need to see an eye doctor to figure this out.  (+ info)

Am suffering from physiological diplopia.Any one here suffering.How it can be cured?

Physiological diplopia means single object appears double when not in focus. Any 1 suffering 4m this plz help.

I suffer from it on occasion but it is due mostly to my bi-focal lenses. The problem is correctable with surgery or prism lenses.  (+ info)

what is the treatment for diplopia resulting due to orbital fracture?

what is the treatment modalities for strabismus occuring due to trauma

Double vision

Treatment for double vision will depend on the cause.

Squints causing double vision can be corrected by wearing prescription glasses, eye exercises, surgery, or a combination of the three. For most children with double vision caused by squint, the outlook is excellent if the condition is detected and treated early.

It is much more difficult to correct double vision caused by a squint if it continues into adult life. By then your brain may have learnt to see independently with each eye and may no longer be able to fuse the two pictures into one. In this case, your brain normally copes with the problem by suppressing, or forgetting, one of the two images. The result is that your double vision does disappear, but your ability to judge depth in what you see will be badly affected.

How long your double vision lasts will depend on its cause. For example, over time cataracts may begin to cause double vision, but can be corrected immediately with surgery.

Diabetes can cause double vision by damaging the nerves that control eye movement. However, the damaged nerves often re-grow after several months and as they do, your double vision will gradually disappear.

People with astigmatism can wear special contact lenses that correct the double vision immediately.

A squint (strabismus) is a condition of the eye that causes one of the eyes to turn inwards (converge), outwards (diverge) or sometimes upwards, while the other eye looks forward.

The cause, severity, and direction of a squint varies from person to person. It is usually spotted in childhood, sometimes within weeks of a baby being born, and affects 5-8% of children (1-2 in every 30).

A squint is a condition that should be treated as soon as possible after it is detected. Treatment is most effective in very young children. A squint will not disappear as the child gets older, and in fact the sight in the affected eye will gradually get worse.

There are several types of treatment available:

* If your child is long-sighted, glasses may be prescribed which can often correct the long sight and the squint.
* Alternatively, a patch may need to be worn over the good eye, to encourage the eye with the squint to work harder and become trained to work properly.
* In some cases, the squint can be treated with special eye drops, or with eye exercises.

If none of these treatments help, then surgery may be required. Surgery for a squint involves moving the muscles attached to the outside of the eye to a new position. It may sometimes be necessary to operate on both eyes in order to 'balance' them effectively, even if the squint is only in one eye.

There is no chance of the child's eyesight being damaged by this operation, as the surgery does not touch the focussing part of the eye. When your child has returned home, they will need to use eye drops for a short time. The nurse will show you how to do this before you leave the hospital.  (+ info)

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